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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

So, this is what I am saying.... The GODS LOVE to be LOVED!
On way we do this in Voo Doo is to offer tobacco and alcohol to the gods we are working with.
I find that imbibing with the Gods is a way to establish a connection.
I LOVE my corn cob pipe. I love my champagne and wine.

Now, does this mean I am a chain smoking alcoholic who has no business messing with the astral planes?

I am not an alcoholic, I have never been addicted to anything. I quit biting my nails when I found The Craft.. It was one way to have control over myself and my thoughts.
Thats when I KNEW that I had power.. that and training horses at 12 gave me a lot of confidence.

There is a wide belief out there amongst the spiritual and metaphysical community that one needs to be clean of body, clean of heart and clear of mind to even begin to understand the flow of the spiritual energies that surround us.

Well lets just say that for a Layman.. one who is beginning to understand such things, that they should start out with some cleansing tea and make sure that they have no addiction issues.

The reason for this, is that if you are not strong enough to handle a unwarranted spirit, you "could" end up being possessed by nasty little bugger of an entity that just wants to feel drunk and high all the time.

You see, a novice should never venture into working with spirit on their own, they should always have a teacher, one who can read their energy and get them set up correctly to have to connection experience with the spirit world.

With that being said.. the Gods I work with are offered tobacco, they are offered alcohol, and as I am working energy manipulations, I also take in the smoke and drink. Then we all sit around like old friends and shoot the shit about which client needs what and why.. and if a darker entitiy is visiting our little "coffee clutch", and was invited, then I will dispatch him to have some fun with a person who needs a lesson or two.. but then he is asked to return home when his task is finished, if he ever wants to be invited again.

We are talking about elemental spirits and ones that are attached to the human condition. They can be found in all histories of religion....
We have Freya and Loki, we have Thor too, We have Pomba Gira and Exu, We have also Oshun and Elegua, there are many, male and female gods and goddesses, and some are consorts and some aren't.

So you see, it all depends on the area of study. If you look deep, you will see that offerings were left to them all. Some were blood offerings, some were food, some were plants, some were comforts and clothes as well.

So, be clean if you are new! If you are a wiccan who views things in purity go that route also, but be open to the older traditions, the ones who know how to make a great offering, and know how to commune with the gods in the house of the body as well as the house that is dwelt in.

This is me about to go to another "Therapy" Session.. note brand new Durafork Ray bought me for Yule... I keep the mud boots in the back of the wagon.. so I really wasn't completely dressed.. but I was showing off my new tool! YAY! Picking Horse Shit is better than a shrink, I will say it till the day I die.

Stupid Facts about me...

#1 I am fascinated and a huge FAN of Classic Country Western Music.. here in Carson City, I listen to 93.5 Classic Country. The people that listen to this station would hate me! A psychic spell caster with a twist.. a commy, socialist freak from California, a horrible LIBERAL! OMG! If they could have the Clan here, they would probably burn a cross on my lawn and then lynch me. No one else who rides in my car like it, so it is my alone time ritual to crank up Old Hank!

I love George Jones, Charley Pride, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Chris LeDoux, the whole lot of them.. Old George Strait, new George Strait.. any sexxy awesomely hot, but cannot act, even in his own movie, George Strait.

#2 I sing AWESOME karaoke... mostly Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy Cline, Trisha Yearwood.. anything I can match my voice to... I would LOVE to sing some Allison Krouse.. but she is a literal ANGEL.. so I don't think I can get there...

#3 I belly Dance, but my belly is waayy too flabby right now.. I even had some one on youtube make a comment on my rolls.. so they can all suck it, because I disabled all comments.. they can keep theeir nastyness to themselves! HA!

#4 I got 5 kids under my roof and half the time I wanna hang myself.

#5 I LOVE heliotrope Oil! YAY! I just ordered some more.

#6 My Favorite color is Rainbow.. I like ALL colors.. so I cannot just pin one down..

#7 I have a hot tub that doesn't work well, just sitting in my backyard. I secretly want to blow it up and have it just vanish so I'll never have to move it again.

#8 I turned 35 on October 9th this year of 2009.. John Lennon was born on the same day.. I guess we are just megalomaniacs at heart.. but we have a social sense as well.. gotta love being a libra.

#9 And with turning 35, my hormones are insane.. nuff said... I know why " Cougars" Exist! Why the have "Boy Chew Toys".. LOL

#10 Here is one for you.. laugh if you want or think I am nuts.. but I wash Ray's work clothes in Dawn. It's a degreaser! Hello! It's better than ANY laundry detergent.

#11 I actually hate the holidays... but I do it for everyone else.. one day, i am just going to run away to the beach and they can all have the holidays on their own.. they can call me selfish all they want.. but I gotta be me!

#12 my real hair color is light brown even though my eyeborws are pretty dark..

#13 I am half Italian.. I DO get a mustache! I mean I have never let it grow.. but I have to tweeze 3 times a week to keep those nasty whiskers away.

#14 I think I may be close to a D cup because of the nursing... so thats interesting.. when I quit, I'll be back to a C.

#15 I used to bite my nails.. then I discovered witchcraft and have never gone back. It was the only addiction I EVER had.

#16 I smoke a corn cob pipe.

#17 I drink Champagne when I perform Spell Work..

#18 When invoking Pomba Gira.. I sometimes get turned on.. well she IS a sex goddess!

#19 I once outran a train while horseback.. someday I will tell that story.

#20 My neighbors are afraid of me.. they know what I do... and for some reason, I moved into a neighborhood of fanatics!

Life sure is strange!

Frickin Snow! We had like 2 big storms hit in a week, and being inside for long amount of times is beginning to take it's toll.
I mean I go out almost everyday and break ice with Lorie, she is the owner of the place where I keep Juju.

I take Ju Ju to the other paddocks and turn her loose so she thinks she is a different place and exercises by running along the fence line and acting really herd bound to the other horses.. but it's good for her. After that, I usually jump on her bareback and go for a short ride.

There is only so much you can do when the weather is this nasty and that damn white stuff doesn't melt away fast enough.

This week however, it's going to be in the 40's and thats awesome!

The kids have done me a great favor by going through 2 to three outfits a day and leaving wet pants, socks, shoes and jackets all over the entry hall. I want to kill all of them for this.

We had Ember's second Bday Party and that was ElmoLishious! Let me tell you! Walmart cake and all!

Thanks to Jessa, and her help with Maddy's Fund, I got my kittens spade and neutered. It was just in time as Rupert has been trying to hump Esmeralda!

OMG! Here is my BIG news.. I was sooooo pissed off at this!

For 2 years now I have been giving money to TheWaterProject.Org. They help provide wells to people in Africa and South East Asia. At first I was doing $10 a month and then this year I upped it to $20. It comes right out of my Paypal account.

Well, I was elated to find them on Ebay.. so I could donate when my listings sold. I even donated a whole 30 Minute phone reading which is $39.99 to them.. well.... They reviewed their donors and cancelled ALL of my listings because they did not approve of what I sold.

I mean it was psychic readings and maybe a spell or 2. I mean MONEY IS MONEY people! I was soooo mad! I mean, I know we are struggling this year and all as well, but ya know, if I can help I will.

So I cancelled all of the subscriptions for The Water Project and have begun giving to the Human Society of America and to The Forest Project. Hopefully some fear based thoughts will not stop me from donating money to them as well. I love trees and we need more!

In fact I think Patrick Swayze was doing reforestation projects too.. I totally dig that! And we all know how the pet industry is.. we gotta do something! So I have my rescue horse and my rescue cats and well, thats gotta be all for now, cause there is only so much shit I can pick up everyday! I mean Come ON!

Mush blessings! Erin Renee

In This Picture.. we have World Majick Circle! We were a weekly meet up group that we held at our home every Monday night and this stump was out altar. We used in many, many rituals.
We will use first names only.. Left to Right:
Allan, Jessa, James, Sean and Ember, Liz, Ray, Erin, Krystee, Jerry, and Debbie.

Once again, We went to the food bank.. I was really, really hoping that this year we would be able to leave the food supply to the truly needy. But what I did not understand is that we are the truly needy as well at times.
Jessa just got bread and watched Emmy while I hauled a LOT of food to my car. Everyone was really happy here! We ate well! And we hope others who may need it do not feel prideful and will get their kids some food if they need it. Hopefully this will be the only time this year we have to visit the food bank in Carson City, NV.

Ray got laid off from his job. We had made rent and now I have to decide if I need to sell poor JuJu and get her a good home with some kids, because she has become the BEST kids horse ever!

But then we just may make it!
This year I did not let my family get adopted by a bank, nor are we going to Toys For Tots.
We CAN do this and we are going to.

Ray just turned 40 and Ember will be 2 on Saturday.
So we had some Birthdays to do as well.

Ebay has been going well and I have decided to stop selling myself short and actually raise my reading prices.
It's stupid for me to charge $20 for a 3 question reading on my website and then get screwed on Ebay for $8.00 for the same reading to stay in the running. So I am going to monopolize as much as I can with all of my accounts and raise the prices.

I mean, I just don't want to be seen as the person who isn't decently priced so they think they are no good.
I have been doing this for most of my life!

Now.. once again, I was struggling to get back on here to keep you all updated.. but then with all the emails and stuff it's rought o get time to pop right on over here.

Other updates...
I bought 2 pairs of jeans at the thrift store.. not sure when I have bought new clothes.. it's been a long time..
this having 5 kids will really bust your ass!
I think I've either gained weight.. or I just hate tight jeans.. so I know I can fit in a 10.. but an 11 or 12 is very comfy.. so I am opting for comfy and I want to be an 8 by summer. It's damn cold here! It's like 18 degrees at night and 48 during the day.. and it's just gonn get colder.. so FAT is good especially when you are outside several hours a day cleaning poo!

I went to the stable where my horse is and because the owner was down with the flu.. Dusty (one of the brood) and I cleaned horse shit for an hour and half straight with a wobbly wheel barrow.. it was fun! ( It's actually therapeutic! Horse shit may even be better than a shrink!) And I got poo down my mudboots.. normally I try to help and I pick Juju's pen out.. but this time the whole place needed to be cleaned..

I now have 4 ebay accounts.. and one just for my readings.

Ember is very very into Elmo, Dora, and Cookie Monster!

I am still breast feeding and yeah my kid is 2... go figure.. I gather since Lorelei, my 9 year old is not on the breast, I am sure Emmy will fall off of it at some point as well...

Ok, thats my update!

Take care all!
Happy Holidays, I am sure I will be back soon!
Erin Renee

~I Am God And So Are You!~
By Erin Renee
copywright 2008

You As The Creator:
Page 9

We say that you can create anything, the way The Source does. You are the same as God. Not just a piece of The Source, not smaller than The Source, not like The Source. Listen People! You are The Source. This is a fact, it has not been truly recognized in any of your societies. Many of your self-help books and audios will help you to realize how you can become closer to Source Energy, how you can be Christ-like or like the Buddha, or one with Allah. We wish this in our heart of hearts for you to know that you are God.

Please absorb these words, please feel it in your presence, you are not just having the God-Head in you, in your Spirit. YOU ARE GOD. YOU ARE THE SOURCE! This book is not about getting closer or realizing you are a point of light. This book is about realizing, believing and being The Universe. The “leaders” of the world you live in, taught your ancestors over and over again that they are but one small speck in a mass sea of faces. The truth of “All There Is” says that the Pope is no greater than the beggar down the street from the Vatican. People in body have created a false world in order for ego to grow stronger, and whole caste systems of people are not living in the truth of the soul.

Most every society now and in all human histories, have been living and operating under an illusion of authority, thus provoking one revolution after another. On the smaller scale of everyday life, this truth is why some people cannot keep a day job or will find small ways to not work while at work. Realize you are one in the same with each other.

Page 10 We understand that you must exist in the world you are in, we understand that you must make money to feed your family, you must pay your bills and deal with unsavory personalities. We as guiding entities also know that you can choose the path of least resistance, you can be and do anything in your thoughts and the more you think about what you want to do and be, the closer it will come to be on earth.

Thoughts are REAL, they have substance matter, they are palpable by psychically sensitive people and we in Spirit. We can see what you are thinking, we feel the good, positive, light thoughts. Joy, happiness, love, ecstatic glee, comfort and best of all creativity; and they are beautiful! We also see what fear, anger, jealousy, hate, depression, self-loathing, and sadness look like. We wish you could see them too, so you would know that it does no-body a lick of good, neither Spirit nor people in the physical realm.

The Powers:
The power of thought is a wondrous thing to behold! To manifest anything on the earth plane, the ethers need a blue print to build on, and that my friends are what your thoughts are. For good or bad, for better or worse your thoughts are your earthly reality. Be careful what you think about always. By controlling what you think about, you control what comes to you in the near or far off future.

Page 11

Lets have a look at what you as a creator have created in your life. At some point you said “I want to do something with my life.” Now, whether you were in a good place or a negative place in your world view at the time put a specific “Flavor” on where you went next with that statement. Creating begins with a statement, you declare an intent to The Universe and sort of unconsciously let go and in time these things will appear. It is that simple and then it is not at the same time. What you think about will come to you, whether positive or negative.

Remember when we say that you are The Universe that you have that same power of manifestation. If you are constantly in fear of something and you obsess on your fear it will come. This is real Power people. Get on with this idea and watch your world change before your very eyes! It’s been happening all of your life and you really haven’t noticed it on a grand scale.

The power of expectation is a big idea. We say to you that with the same truth that tells you that if you plant tomato seeds and do everything needed to keep those seeds nurtured, and you totally expect them to sprout and take joy in their living; they will give you grand tomatoes at harvest time. That same truth of expectation is what keeps you inspired as a creator, thus bringing your thoughts to manifestation.

When Erin was a little girl of 5 going on 6, she loved horses. Little Erin loved horses so much, that everything she did with art had horses involved. In her first grade class, she drew horses, wrote sentences about horses, went home and acted like a horse. On her sixth birthday, Erin’s father bought her a hard headed white Shetland pony. The absolute joy of receiving this gift still brings her to tears

Page 12

nowadays. Erin’s parents, seeing her passion and love for nature and animals found themselves with the perfect opportunity to bring a pony into the life of their daughter. A child expects that which they love to come into their lives, so too can you. Expect a miracle, expect that which you are passionate about to come to you, and honor your true feelings, honor your passions, and respect The Law of Attraction, and watch in awe as you receive.

The power of staying positive in the negative essence of the world is truly a feat in itself; we have faith that you can do it though. Choice is what it all comes down to. If you want to experience better health, more prosperity, enhanced love, peace and comfort in your current life; you must change how you choose to live. We understand that you came into body with certain family drama, you ended up going to school to deal with teachers and fellow students, then there was the workplace atmosphere to survive. These aspects of life helped you become who you are today.

If you had learned as a young child that you could choose to react or not react to a siblings constant taunts, then you would have really had one of the first of life’s coping skills. How many of you heard your mother say “ignore him, he’ll go away.”? That was a sure fire way to non-react to be sure, but this was said by the same woman who “blew a fuse” because Dad left a drink on the antique sewing machine. To be told one thing but witness another is very confusing for a child.

Very few of you were born with a saintly sense of peace, you came into families that fought a lot, and were not shown the tolerance and patience for your fellow man, woman or child. Friends, you can choose to not react to the drama of your world. You can choose peace over all the chaos that is thrown your way. You can

Page 13

smile with sweet satisfaction when a child, spouse, parent, sibling or coworker tries to get a rise out of you. Why? Because you chose the path to awakening. By your choice, you are also teaching by example. The human condition can be over come and ego can be told to “GO TO BED”. Stay positive for peace of mind. The power of receiving is going to feel a little awkward to some of you dear people. Many of you have been taught to give of yourself completely to others.

We are happy that in recent years many books have been written on the worthiness of self and that it is far better to give yourself the respect and rest so that you can be of aid to others in the future. We say to you to graciously receive all that comes to you. Do not feel you do not deserve the good things that are on their way. Ask and it will be given. Fear not the feeling of being greedy, if you are feeling guilty about your wants then you are truly not greedy. Believe that there is plenty to go around, for there truly is.

There is enough prosperity, enough abundance for everyone on the Earth Plane. There is enough money, food, love, acceptance, health and happiness. Receive all that is coming with love in your heart, give what you do not need to others who do. Feel GOOD, do what feels good, act in a way of good. For only good can come from feeling, acting, being and doing good. Just as you are a creator because you are of The Creator, you can do all things. You are not a piece of, but the whole, in walking, eating, drinking and living in body form of All There Is. One drop of water is the whole ocean, it’s all how you look at it, we are many but also of one, so being all of one.

Page 14

So what we are saying is this, You are The Universe, you are The Source, you are a creator, you make thoughts manifest, you can do what you have always believed a higher intelligence has always done. The only thing standing in the way of your complete realization is eons of “put downs” by the societies you reside in. Your leaders whether elected or self installed, stay above you because you believe you need to be led. You are your own God, your own leader, your own judge and jury, and only you can be responsible for who and what you are. You cannot turn over your power to another (no matter what they may tell you), no one can steal your essence, no one can live your life for you. This is your life and your classroom so make it one hell of a ride!

New Eyes
We wish you to take the words from the previous chapter to heart. So to say, if you realize that you alone are the creator of your existence, you cannot blame or say that anybody has made you believe, feel, or do something you did not want to do. It’s really hard for you all to believe this statement at your very core. Remember that the world you perceive yourself in has been created by the ego of Man, and so you have been taught to act on earth in a certain way. Well acting on illusion my friends is what has gotten you into your troubles in the first place. Let go of how

Page 15

you used to be and remember that your thoughts create the matter, situations and circumstances in your world. The greatness that flows through you is astounding and most of you have no idea of the power you hold in your beings. Look at the everyday miracles that can easily be missed because of over work and desensitizing. If you were removed from the earth plane for two years of existence, and then you came back; you would see everything in a new light. The flowers would be more colorful, the trees more green, the sky a brilliant blue, everything would be perceived at a higher sense of vibration. Remember to live in a state of gratitude. Be grateful for all that is around you. There are miracles in the potentiality of a seed, in the probable outcome of a fruit bearing plant, in the fertility of a bee hive. The light and beauty in an infant’s face will remind you of simpler times. Make your times now simple. Start clearing out the mental clutter, trash the negatives from the past and start rebuilding your life the way you truly want it.

It’s been drilled into you over and over again, yet you still seem to need reminders. Be grateful that you can walk, run, swim, eat, play, feel, love. That you have a roof over your head, food in your belly, noisy children, needy pets, dust on your furniture. Look at it all in a positive light, reverse the negative. Ask yourselves how you can flip the coin and bring positives out of negatives. Remember that the place where you came from has no negatives, so in real reality you are only positive. You are only choosing to believe in the negativity of the human existence. Everything is a learning experience. We have heard you say, “enough with the learning experiences, how many times does

Page 16

this situation have to keep showing up?!” Well, lets look at the real “why”, you are the “why”, and you are the reason your reoccurring situations come back. Sometimes it takes a while to get the meaning of a lesson, take heart loved ones, you will get it. Repetition equals learning, you all did it in grade school and so you shall and have been doing it in the University of Life.

The sun rises everyday. The sun is the most revered object your world has ever known. All of your prophets and great leaders were viewed with the same admiration that the sun was. Most spiritual teachers in the human history were called “The Light”. At those times the most prominent thing in the sky was the sun and the only true light still on your earth today. Every Native American holy man will still to this day, greet the rising sun and be grateful for the warmth and life giving rays. How many of you so called modern people even give the sun it’s true praise? You all understand how important it is, you all know that if the sun did not rise tomorrow; all of you would not be in a short time. So you see how ego has changed the ancient perceptions of your world. We are not saying that the ancients had all the answers either, but they knew about gratitude, and we ask that you look to the old ways to help yourselves remember.

We ask you to view the moon in all of her stages, she is the Mother, the Daughter, the Sister, the Grandmother. She stands for all things feminine and

Page 17

wonderful. She is in her sky at all times looking down on the earth, moving the waters, moving the cycles, and giving comfort to all. The moon can move the energies of man, she can open up avenues for chaos, she can stir the amore of people, and she can bring seeds laid out under her to a more fertile stage ready for planting. So as your sun warms and grows, your moon readies and moves your energies. Be grateful for all of your heavenly bodies! You world is an amazing place and so too dear loved ones are you.

Remember that you are our “Rock Stars”! When you glow with gratitude and love for all you have been given, you grow All There Is. The Universe becomes a place of absolute radiance when you live in all that is good and feels good, and we wish you to understand and remember that. Live in the joy of now, and ready yourself for your manifested Heaven on Earth. Build your thoughts high and live in perfection. Understand your Earth Mother, respect and love her and wallow in her glory. Be one with the earth, lay upon her breast and feel her heartbeat, feel her grasses beneath your feet.

Ground yourself in her loving embrace so that you can cope in the man made world around you. Understand that she will always be and will exist after man will be gone. The earth moves and changes, she does not mind changing her skin, almost like putting on make-up. She can change her appearance and then she can change back. Look at your Earth Mother and know her love for you. When you are ill as nations, your Earth Mother will be ill also. Just as your thoughts are connected to The Ethers so too are they connected to the Earth Mother.

Be thankful for the earth, do something each day to show your respect. Everything is connected, everything is Page 18related. All people, all animals, all plants, the sun and moon. All are your relations. There is no “they” only a “we”. Animal, mineral, vegetable, all are family members and are the whole of The Universe. Even a tree chose where it would grow in the time beyond it’s beginning. So too, you have chosen how you would grow in this life. Be grateful dear ones, be open and receive, for the Law has to obey, and you will know your true power.
Use your time wisely friends, as you have seen already time does fly. We on our side, have no time, no permanent cycles of day or night that are set. If we choose to live in a glorious field of daisies that is where we will be.

The teachers and guides come close to you so we can learn from you and give you inspiration and guidance. We come through to you via your authors, painters, architects, health care practitioners, and inventors. We have great scientific minds helping your scientist today. We give input, we visit in dreams, we inspire your young ones and play with them often. We talk to you in times of your quiet, and give support always. Some of you have many guides around you, some have non at all. You chose this in the time before your incarnation. Some of you choose to struggle and some of you are learning the high road is easiest. This time in your earth plane is the time to learn about creating. That is why we chose to speak to you about your greatness.

This is a big idea. Many of you have read about this idea, it is mentioned in several publications, but from our view it still has not grabbed hold. We chose to come through in a channel because we feel that to be spoken to by US you would Page 19actually consider what WE say as truth and not just ideas taken from other authors.

We feel that if the same message comes through and you read it enough times in enough different places; then you would graft on to this idea and feel the love for yourselves that we feel for you, and you would know how to change your world. We feel that if you can see the results on a small scale in your creations then you will know how to move the minds of men on a larger scale.

You can and will bring greatness to your world, you will diminish negative feelings and events. Enough of you will learn the art of creating, enough of you will know your divinity, and the energies will shift to the positive. Turn off you TVs, turn off your radios and focus on the betterment of human kind.

Release the ties of old stagnant organized religion, we understand that there are many great messages but that there severely needs a revamping for modern times . Understand that you are greater than your leaders think they are. No one is above you or below you. You are one with each other. Know this fact and treat others accordingly, your infant knows as much as you do on the scale of Spirit knowledge. Give of yourself and watch as what you give comes back.

The Law is love, give it, receive it, and be aware of it.

OMG! Sooo.. I guess I just have to BE like her.. cause I aint getting on THAT show before it closes on 9/11/11...

Well things are alive and kickin! I have had some really bad ebay issues..
I was just thinking the other day, that I was sooo lucky I haven't had to deal with the blatantly craziness of some ebay customers!
And THEN BAAAMMMM! I get hit on one of our accounts.. just with some bizarre stuff...
This girl said I was "chicken feces" That I "wore a wig" that I was " A fake and a fraud" and that I was "playing a game".. what was really strange is the outward hatred. No wonder her boyfriend ran away and changed his phone number.. she even blames ME for her being postal! Interesting?!

Yeah, I was blown away.. but I am over it.. because this is for a group of practitioners.. and she was attacking me. Boy! And Ebay keeps saying the Customer is Always Right!

So I have come to the realization.. if I charge very low prices, I may just get very LOW customers!
It's a thought..

Well, Ebay is just a way station anyway.. just waiting for a book deal!
Guess, I better get finishing up the books! Then there is always ~"I am God And So ARE You!~

Maybe, I'll put a few pages on here.. so you all can see how I write.. and channel spirits!

Blessings! Erin Renee

Howdy all! I am soo not sure how many people read my little bloggy now.. so one way I will find out is to open the floor.

I need some ideas for new listings on Ebay. Ya see The whole Xmas/Yule Time is upon us and I need some great ideas on spell work, manifestation energy manipulation and Readings.

What would ya'll like to see in my listings?

What I will do is give you great consideration on your ideas.. and will name the work after you! Seriously!

Email me!

Erin Renee

Give me some ideas....

maybe something like.. "NO MORE LONELY HOLIDAYS spell"... A love spell to bring some excitement to your Holiday Season!

So give me your ideas! If I like it.. I will name the spell after you.. tell the story of how I got the idea.. Make you FAMOUS on Spell World Ebay!

Thanks guys for following me!

Erin Renee

I know, I am disgustingly negligent! Not really.. I opened another ebay personality and I have been swamped! I have everything on 3 day auctions, so it's a complete cycle every 3 days.

I went to the Clinton Anderson Wahl DownUnder Horsemanship Tour.
I learned a lot, saw all kinds of people I recognized from our small horse community and realized that even with the Big Time Horse Training Clinicians, it'a all about the Dollar.. and it's all about Marketing! With a CAPITAL M!

The Guy is a good trainer.. he has his method down pat.. it's just that he has great pushers.. and I really envy him!
I saw what I will have to do when I finally get up there on that stage.. I am gonna have to sell the crap out of myself! I know that sounds bad... ya know the Ugly American.. but hey! It's gonna be a jungle out there!

JuJu, my 3 years old Solid Color Paint Filly.. decided to kick a fence, break a board in two, and get her leg all swollen. So we have been doing the big leg soaks and walking walking walking... today I got so tired of the paddock, that we actually went out on the trail and I walked her like a dog, over two bridges and down to a nearby pond. That horse is Golden! She will follow me anywhere.

Business has been good... I've been working the groove. I have a lot of stuff on sale and a lot of auctions starting at about $7.99... a lot of those listings are for my normal priced stuff of $39.99.. talk about a hell of a deal!

So check it all out!

Other than that.. stuff has been fun with the spirits.. like my emails erasing themselves.. this posting, tried to publish it'self with out me clicking on anything. My batteries keep draining in my camara... and it aint even on.

Lots of light bubbles.. or sight orbs.. Lots of blue and silver flashes of lights around me. Oh yeah and the Spirit Touches.. where they play with my hair and stroke my cheek.. very sweet stuff.

I had a dream last night that I was sitting with another Psychic Reader. She was dressed like a Gypsy, and she had misshapen hands.. but she made the Client "Cross Her Palm with Silver" Before she read a damn thing for them.. and they were happy to do so.. (Wierd Hands and ALL) She smiled and began her reading. So I take this to mean that I should be happy about taking money from clients, because I know I always DELIVER! And my clients generally know this and are HAPPY to pay me.. so I think maybe I am crossing some more lines that I have in my head.

Ok, I will be back in a day or so! I hope!

Blessings, to all! Erin Renee

Erin and Ray after a Ghost Hunt in Virginia City, Nevada. I love my Djembe!

Here is the link for the Psychic Fair put on by The Reno Psychic Institute.

This is that annual Fall Fair put on by Laura Peppard. She is sort of a Megalomaniac like Yours Truly. I mean her name is on everything. Magazines, The Institute , and she is a Teacher, etc...

At first I didn't want to pay the $10.00 to get in. In years past I paid $5.00 and I am a cheap ass. Pardon my language, but this is my blog and I can say what I want. Like I said folks!

Delightfully Abrasive! Thats the best way to describe me.

Now before Ray and I went in, I heard this in my head: "Go In, you will be happy with what you find and what you learn." So I did.

Now I almost never go to a psychic fair to have a reading. This is because I am a Psychic Medium. A lot of the readers at this fair are returnees and some were new.

I met a wonderful man by the name of Alan Hardman. He has a website that is just fabulous. It is He is a Toltec Teacher.. his main Motto here is "Live Passionately Without Attachment To The Outcome!" I really jived with his energy and he gave me some great pointers about my small business adventures. So I hope I get to explore his website a little more and maybe some day.. money and time permitting I'll get to do one of his Mexico trips.

So as I was saying above. There were beautiful souls there and it was neat to see the truly glowing people there!

But there were also the burnouts. Yes folks.. shoot me if I ever get like this.. a person of any age.. They have this washed out look.. they sit and wait and wait for a client to read for. They do not smile, they stare right through you. They have outdated signs and they charge $2.00 a minute, they have timers and just look hollow. I sooooo never want to be like that.

At a psychic fair it is Dog Eat Dog. You need to outshine the others. You talk and sell yourself. You have to be like a Peacock! The bigger and brighter your sign the better, you have boards showing all of your media fan fare. You are either the best local pet psychic, or the best local Medium, or you are the best in the west coast because you have a big pink stage and your own Tarot deck that you made and published with your own money. And despite all the looks of success you have all around you.. the truth is you are at a psychic fair in Reno Nevada.

I know it's a great Venue... but

There is just something that has always turned me off about doing the fair there. Each year I think maybe I out to try it out.. but then I think of the cost to get a table.. and how you may get cut a deal with Laura IF you volunteer.. or even a better deal if you were one of her students.

I'm not being too negative.. it's just the way it IS. This is the Reno, Carson, Minden/ Gardnerville Area.. We have one Psychic Institute run by one entity. It sort of over shadows us people who are self made. We didn't need classes to understand our abilities. We didn't need someone to tell us how to be psychic.

On To Brighter and Beautiful Things.... now lets talk about Isabelle Choiniere-Correa! I loved meeting her. She is an intuitive consultant who works one on one with clients as well as businesses. She gave me a numerology self assessment test and I loved talking with her. She has a beautiful smile and gorgeous way about her. She works in the Bay Area, Her website is Check her out. I really enjoyed getting to know her.

The last person I talked to about business and thier gift was Tom Feutsch. An Intuitive Life Coach here in the Minden area just south of Carson City. Nice enough guy. Seems he was a long time student of Laura's at the Psychic Institute and went on to write a book and record a CD. He took the time out to talk with me even thought I did not purchase a reading. He is a personal coach as well as a business coach. Tom does what I do and is a Success Coach.. it's nice to know another worker locally.

Ok, here it Is in a nutshell. I love the pychic fair AS a patron, it brings all sorts of readers and local merchants together. As a client, if I needed a reading and didn't have a personal psychic, I would go there. I would enjoy myself.

As a reader myself I picked up a lot of desperation of trying to do better than break even after all fees are said and done. I feel the unfairness of some having to pay full fees while others got a break for being local and giving back to the psychic institute, either by blood and sweat or by association because they spent big funds thier as a student.

You see what I'm saying? Maybe it's like that all over and I am just ignorant.. who knows. I tell it like I see it.

A lot of the pictures I have all over the net have been taken by my trusty ole Laptop's webcam. This is a Dell from 2006 I think. I got it on sale at Best Buy and so far I have written two books on it, got my internet business going, made numerous signs for my events and answered thousands of emails.

I wanted also to share my good news with! I can just barely type in my name or part of my business name and I pop right up.. both websites and ebay listings as well! I think thats Damn Cool!

So anyhoo... back to my webcam. I am just in bad light I think.. this is one I took today just farting around.. but the beige blinds behind me and the overhead lighting is just all wrong.

Today Jessa and I went to Divine Wines for lunch, it was great! Add PMS to good food and you have a real good time, not to mention the great wine they serve. I heard though the grapevine that they will be closing soon, and we wanted to get there to try their lunch specials! I really wish I had gone there before they were closing! Dern!

To all those calls I missed today, I am sorry, but I needed a few hours off.. I know you guys understand, friends and clients as well.

Well enjoy my ick picture with minimal makeup and greasy hair!

Good times! Good times!

Erin Renee

The Kids At The Pumpkin Patch in Washoe Valley Northern Nevada!
So, I have the new website going on and I have it all going into the search engines. I wonder if I should stalk them and keep adding them in. Do you know there are online businesses selling the service of search engine submittal? Um.. You CAN do that stuff yourself.. and not spend any money. I know there are busy people, but ya know? Maybe spending that extra energy to put it out there on your own is what you really need to push it a bit farther.

Anyhoo, Um, I have been doing a whole lot of readings lately and have completely moved all sorts of wording around on Ebay.

So basically I have revamped everything... and am bettering everything, and just mainstreaming what I do so that the average American can pick up what I'm laying down. If you get into the deep Metaphysics it's really hard to figure out all the Jargon. I mean most people would pick up a book on Anthropomorphic Thought and just as soon use it for toilet paper than try to understand it.

Ok, so thats whats been going on. Me an Ole Blavstsky haven been hanging out and I think she is ok with me.. I'm not hearing the hammer hit the chisel so much right now, so that means my guidance has backed off and now I just wait for THE CALL!

Blessings, Erin Renee

Ok, I have a new Website! I spent all day building it.. now I have to go to the pumpkin patch LOL! Since I am ignoring everyone!
It won't be fully functional till tomorrow it WILL be at
but for now because I was trying out, it is at

But you guys can see what I have been up to.
Tomorrow will be the search engine day!
Since I am all over the internet anyway, this should be relatively easy since everything is all linked up anyway.

If you put in Psychic Erin Renee into any search engine, you will see a lot of the stuff I have done. Including local events and drum circles. I was amazed to see where I was all over the internet.
I am proud of what Jessa has done for me and for herself as well as all the hours we have both out in on our various projects.
Much love to all!
Erin Renee

So I was lying awake, with Emmy snoring on my arm and I had a great idea. Well really this all came about last night as I was doing an Energy Manipulation for a client. Sometimes as I am finishing up a work, I slip in some of my own wants and needs, or I focus on my future, or ask and receive the right kind of guidance for whatever project I am working on.

Last night I asked specifically for Madam Blavatsky. She is one of my historical heroes, but to my dearest friend Shirley Airhart and I, she is a real entity that comes to professionals like us to guide us, laugh at us and tell us to dump people in our lives so we can move on.. She's a bit of a meanie, but we love her for it. She is wise, strong and in charge, and she resonates with people who are attempting to carry on the same work she was doing.

Madam Blavatsky along with some others started the Theosophists Society and wrote "The Secret Doctrine", but her best work was "Isis Unveiled". She is a true founder of thought as change in our mostly modern world as well as Charles Haanel who wrote "The Master Key System" I read an excerpt from that book daily.

Since the project as of now for the past 3 years is about really pushing the messages that come through me to National Level. Mainstreaming Manifestation and building up the world en masse, I always figured I would hit the lecture circuit but now I see I can get to more people quicker with TV.

I mean maybe that's what the reality TV contacts where trying to tell me, that I was gonna be on TV.. I just didn't know how. I kept thinking guest appearances and stuff.

But now it's MOVE OVER DR. PHIL and OPRAH!

Here comes "Erin Renee and Make It HAPPEN!"

I came up with an idea for a show.. hosted by me a Professional Psychic Medium, and what we will do is have people on who really want to change their lives. What I will do is a public reading on them, we will discuss how they got to the position they are in and discuss their dreams. We will invite other Manifesting Professionals on to vary out my coaching on the Manifestation Practices that will bring about the guest of the shows wants and dreams. I will let each guest go with a parting reading and ways to focus on their dreams. We will also have the basic principles of manifesting on the screen as the show closes.

But you see as it is going on.. I get to be me.. I can talk all about my insane life and relate to the guests as well, we can laugh and make light of life.. We can discuss how really it's all an illusion anyway and that we are hear to have fun with our creativity.

I would put out there that life is just a big canvas waiting for us to paint a picture on it. And that we can change that picture several times throughout our lives. Is there a Blue Print? Yep there sure is, BUT we can paint the scenery for that Blue Print, we can put in the trees and a house and a million dollar bank account and great love too, all along our routes of life.

So you see, there will be NO end to the subjects of this show, because it is about real people and real human condition issues. We will take ideas from the public like other talk shows, but we mostly we will have 2 or 3 sets of guests that are looking to change their lives.
I feel this will be best as an hour show.

This is the way I feel about it. I have been getting the prompts to keep pushing forward. I have been receiving messages about getting on TV.
I was hoping to get ON Oprah at some point, but now I think I may end up LIKE Oprah which is great too. I think I may start out with a blog talk radio, but I have to stand out from the other Manifestation people.. The Secret Radio Shows.. about implementing the book's teachings... What makes me different is I am a Psychic and I can SEE what will happen when people try and either fail or try and succeed as manifesters and I can help them get on the right path for them.. it's a personal mission and coaching is the best way to go about it.

So that's my idea.. I had to hurry down here and write it while Emmy is still passed out.

So it's 8:36 on Wednesday October 14th, 2009

5 days ago I turned 35.

Welcome to my Dream, Welcome to my Future!

Blessings, Erin Renee

Ok.. so I had this idea.. and then I looked it up..
You know, when you get something in your head and then you research the key words to see who already has used it?

Well I found the "Institute FOR Creation" already in existence... but then that's a Christ based thing and that's so NOT what I am about... so here was my idea.

The Institute of Creation is about people learning how to Create the lives they want. If we do not understand that we can create the way the proverbial God or "Creator" does, then we understand that we have no power.

There is a thought that I had read about in the first Ramtha book. And in that book, Ramtha spoke of how we are the true Gods of Earth and that we were the founding spirits that put our world into existence. Only to come on back and forget all that we ever were. We actually got sucked into our own creation. As does a film maker or a painter. And in living our creation have forgotten that we created it in the first place.

Did you know that in the after world.. or the Other Side.. we can actually become a part of classes that specifically look at how to manipulate the growth of plant life to make it more perfect? I mean look at the perfection and design of nature all around us. Oh yes "some" intelligent force put design behind everything on earth.. and we as a Mass God put it all into swing. We got it going.

You know.. a lot of our literature says we are in the image of a God, or we are a part of God.. or a piece of God is within us.. but in truth... and Quantum thought.. to be a part of the creative force.. is to really BE the creative force.

If we all understood that perfectly; we would not be able to control one another... we would all live in Harmonious Anarchy because there would be no reason for rules. We would sort of all just "Get It"!

So in my wonderful insanely wealthy future, I would love to start an Institute Of Creation. A school of thought destined to change the human thought of "I can't.." to " Why the hell not! I CAN CREATE! Therefore I am a God of The God.. and I am in control of my mind, my world and my JOY!".

Move over General Metaphysics! Lets mainstream the strength and Competence of the human condition and make it truly AWESOME!

Blessings, Erin Renee

~This is Jessa Marie and Erin Renee, Witch and Psychic Medium~
I want to tell the story about how Jessa and I went to the food bank last year.

You see, Ray, my husband was laid off and Jessa was a divorced single mother trying to make her way working online through Ebay.

This was before my adventures on Ebay. I had had a baby, the kids were in school, and we were being adopted by the local Credit Union as an adopt a family for the Holidays. So we got a Turkey and a basket that year.. and I was making plans with the Credit Union as to what the kids needed for the upcoming year. They needed clothes, hats, gloves and jackets.

So yeah.. I was poor.. nitty gritty poor. We paid $1200 a month in rent on a house that was just big enough for all of us. We were saving on the uitilities with space heaters and the wood stove insert.

Jessa was in a 2 bedroom apartment. She gave the kids the bedrooms and was sleeping in the living room.. I have soooo much more to tell you all about this... LOL! It's hilarious that me and my 3 kids moved in with Jessa and her 2 kids, in that 2 bedroom apartment for 3 months! Can you imagine...?

Anyhoo... The Credit Union was setting us up with a cord of wood as well. So our average electric bill for the winter last year was $118.00. Not bad for a snow covered, high desert, extreme weather area. Gotta love Northern Nevada!

So we walk into this food bank here in Carson City. We were feeling pretty low, but it was a needed thing to feed all of our 7 kids. I was suprised when I saw their faces after I told them I had 5 kids. It's like they hurried me on through and made sure we got what we needed. Unfortunately a lot of what they gave us were cakes and cookies and baked good.. Now the kids were really happy and when you are hungry I guess you really do not think about nutrition. So we just let those kids have at it!

Boy as we were driving home, Jessa and I had the biggest smiles on our faces! It's like you could hear the war cry coming out of us! Like we just brought down the biggest damn buffalo and we were going home to the village to deliver the plunder of our hunt to our family in need. The woops and hollers were hilarious.. but it made us so damn happy to feed our families. So in a way this is a big shout out to the food bank here in Carson City.

Jessa and I give back all we can in donations to the thrift store that makes money for the bank and shelter for the homeless.

I just wanted to show that I may be a psychic medium awaiting my fame and fortune. And that I have a lot of messages just sitting on a shelf awaiting a new stage to put it all out on.. To let the public ponder it's own divinity.. to show the world that we are individuals are as powerful as any God. That we are the true creaters of this world.

Yep.. little ole me.. horse trainer, counselor, Manifestation Mistress, Psychic Medium, Ghost Hunter, and Energy Manipulator, and once poor mother of 5 kids, who had to go to the food bank to feed her babies.

I think sharing the hard times helps others see I am just as effected by the world's financial upheavals and that I roll with the punches just like the rest of you.

The only difference is "I see dead people..." while I'm doing it!

Hey all... Well what has changed since my last update...tap tap tap.. let me see...


Well, I found out, I don't mind it so much when I am not in touch with people and my friends have seemed to just go off with their own lives. I am completely unavailable to family or friends when I am in horse mode.

My clients are getting a lot of attention though and thats always good. It's not the money, I just figure people find me because they need help and I am there for them..

My family? I honestly don't think any of them really believe in what I do. I think they have a bit of an idea about what I am about, but I just don't think they are impressed. I guess I'll always be the sullen kid who hated all the others kids and ran off to be alone.. I preferred animals over people a lot growning up. I think maybe it was because animals didn't lie and they didn't throw all their wierd issues on me.

Think about it.. how many people had the odd cousins who would like to beat up on them and make them cry.. I see it now as a cry for themselves I guess. I can sit here and be the victim.. but really they all were insecure and would bully me to feel that they had power.

Since we have been adults, I have had apologies for the rotten kid behavior that was inflicted on me. I get it.. but it still is a stigma with the fam I think. Maybe they just all think I am really wierd. I also think they might think I am involved with a cult or something, which is really dumb.. cause if thats the case.. I am running said cult.. so I guess I am a cult leader LOL!!!!!

I got that same response from the office chicks at a car dealership I used to work at.. I lost a lot of weight and they assumed I was doing drugs. We started World Majick Circle and they thought I was in a cult... I'm sorry, I hope at some point those office girls read some of this stuff.

Not only am I living my dream, they did me a great favor by getting me fired, I am self made and they were just plain bitches.. you heard me.. bitches! People fear what they do not understand. All during the time I worked there my spirit Guide Taraho gave me a daily "Ass Handing". I was told I was soo above the issues of my work place and it was ridiculous to let base people have power over me.. that I had to remember who I really was and I needed to get out of there. So the Universe forced my stagnant butt and from what I have heard.. those girls got what their energy levels attrcted to them.. and it wasn't fun and games for a year after I left.

Basically.. if those who don't understand you give you flack.. then just walk away.. it's soooo not worth the energy to make yourself stay in an unhealthy situation.

Well this became a look behind not a look at now or the future...

So lets see, I am losing my friends.. or not, I just am not available right now.

the kids are crazy, but whats new. Oh! My mentor in Las Vegas got a call from CBS.. so yeah, she is manifesting her getting on with a killer production company.

I have not heard from Tarragon Productions... they are the Reality TV Horse Show people... but I did re-email my bio and clips to them again.. I guess they lost the first one.

I have watched the first 2 episodes of TrueBlood... I am almost on the last book.. Love my Sookie Stackhouse!

I rode Ju Ju.. she is my Perfect Princess! I LOVE her, I soooo am gonna spoil that girl.. just a PERFECT FILLY!

Dusty.. the other horse I am riding...well we finally got in a groove and he didn't trip and kill me in a fast gallop.. Jeez he is big.. 16 hander,,, I like smaller horses, he is getting over his gate sour ways.. I have a means to get into his mind and it has been working. I can't stand a tripper.. I swear horses who trip are far more dangerous than a horse that bucks.. you have a warning with a bucker.. a tripper will kill you in a second flat, you never will see it coming.

This saddle I bought off Ebay is a P O S!!! So I have had to really enforce it so it won't fall apart on me.. Thanks Mexico! You make GREAT saddles! Not!!!!!

Buyer be warned on ebay and you get what you pay for.. so much for my $100 NEW saddle... oh well, I'll use it till it falls apart.

Blessings! You know, this whole horse thing, is just to keep my mind off going on TV.. because really, when you think of it.. the life change that is coming, really scares the hell out of me.

Now you know my little secret.. I know it's coming and it's scaring me to death.


Really, Really Green Font this time around!

Here's hoping we get noticed. If you click on the Title above, the link will take you straight to the You Tube Channel.. or This will show you the four clips we took of the filly "Ju Ju". We named her that as she is our "Ju Ju Queen".. a real sweety who moves out great and works very well with me whenever I can get out there to give her the time.. So far it's only been twice a week, but on the 3oth she will be moved into our Ranch down the hill from us. That way I can see her everyday and suppliment her feed to make sure she grows into her head!

So Jessa and I got out there and I told the previous owner that we were going to be filming and why we were trying for the Reality TV show on training horses.. She thought that was a gas! She looks more like a trainer than I do..

With all the other filming I have done, talking about my Psychic Work, Manifesting work and Spirit Work, this was my most nervous moment. Animals will frequently turn people into liars. Well Ju Ju was pretty bad in the first clip of working her, she needed to burn off steam and work herself out a bit. She had been fed beet pulp everyday since they brought her in and thats like extra sugar on her.. but it's good carbs to help build on her weight and energy levels.

So anyhoo.. around she went in the round pen, burning off her energy and not paying attention to me.. it took 10 minutes of steady movement to get her into the Monty Robert's Join Up mode and she gave me all the queues perfectly.

By the time the third clip was started she had joined up and was doing well.

And by the 4th clip she had her bridle on and was giving easily to the pressure of te bit and reins while I worked her.

In a nutshell, Ju Ju did great.. It looked good on film and I had a hell of a spare tire going on!

I SOOOOOO am going to make sure I wear the right clothes the next time. It was just too hot for a sweater to cover up my belly.. that is all from the baby folks.. Even if I lost several more pounds, I'd still have baggy skin going on...

I have not heard anything back yet and I still need to film some footage of me working " Dusty" , the other Breeding Stock Paint I am riding. I am using his picture above.

Thanks for reading and I will keep you all updated!

Mean while work is going well.. I just need a bit more to pay for the board and I will be covered! Well and half our rent as well.. but I think we are gonna do well there too..

I hit a tack sale and I think I spent $42.00 total and got jumping boots, bell boots, a bridle with a nice low port copper walking bit, a saddle pad. A Surcingle, another halter, and two western cinches. Talk about a hell of a deal!


Thats our term... " Ooooooh Nice Manifestation! Awesome! Sweet!"

You wanna learn my technique? Shoot me an email and set up some coaching sessions!

Erin Renee

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