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Murphy's Law as defined in the cosmos

Sometimes, stuff just happens. If you're concerned that the cosmos had it in for you recently, check the table below to see if Mercury might have been retrograde.

Retrograde Mercury is the most commonly known astrological signature for Murphy's Law ("If something can go wrong, it will"), and is one of the first features intermediate astrology students learn about. Say it to a seasoned astrologer and you'll likely get an amused smile and some delightful stories about how things can get quite unexpectedly unhinged.

Computers crash, software develops unexpected glitches, traffic jams ensue, telephone service snarls up, letters get lost on the mail, machinery breaks down, new projects fail. Ah, yes, the trickster Mercury is up to his old pranks again. In fact, at least three times a year for about three weeks each time Mercury has his way with us.

First let's look at what Mercury retrograde is, and then look at what can be done about it.

Those of a keen astronomical bent actually watch the planets each night as they travel through the zodiac. Mercury, which is only visible just before sunrise or just after sunset travels in a forward direction most of the time.

But three or four times a year, if you care to watch carefully, it appears to turn around and go backwards for about three weeks! Now Mercury really isn't going backwards. It's just an optical illusion based on the relative speeds and orbits of the Earth and Mercury around the Sun.

Here's an easy example. Think of riding in a fast car on an expressway which is passing a slower-moving car. The slower moving car appears to be moving backward, but it isn't really. It's just the relative speed and direction of the two cars gives that illusion. Retrograde Mercury is similar to that.

The apparent backward motion of Mercury is called retrograde, and it has been known and studied in western astrology for thousands of years.

In general the effect of Mercury retrograde is annoyance. Little things get snarled up and a low-grade frustration emerges. Anything involving communications, verbal activity, technology, short trips and journeys, primary education, and siblings can be affected.

While Mercury retrograde usually is in the minor irritant category, every now and then a colossal screw-up can take place.

For instance, the stock market crash of October, 2008, took place while Mercury was retrograde, although in all fairness a large number of other much stronger astrological indicators were also present pointing to a major financial failure. Retrograde Mercury was more like the astrological straw which broke the camel's back.

However, consider the Bush-Gore 2000 American presidential election in Florida. Now there's a classic colossal screw-up, and we can point our finger directly at Mercury retrograde.

For reasons best known to the Americans, they chose to have their 2000 presidential election on the exact day when Mercury retrograde energy peaked, called stationary direct. Oh, my goodness. In the end, after weeks of wrangling and legal battles, George W. Bush was declared the winner. History now records what a mess he made of virtually everything he did for the next eight years, a classic Mercury retrograde presidency.

(FWIW, astrologers, too, learned much from that Florida election. For instance, prior to the Florida election I had always thought a dimpled Chad was a good-looking man.)

One might think that after eight years of George W. Bush, the Americans might show a bit of respect for what Mercury retrograde can do to an election. But, no, apparently the Americans didn't get that message in their 2000 presidential election. Now please recall that the law of karma says if you don't get the message the first time, the lesson keeps coming back until you do get it. So, the Americans are going to get their noses rubbed in the Mercury retrograde lesson again.

The next American presidential election is scheduled to be held on Nov. 6, 2012, the exact day when Mercury is stationary retrograde. Here we go, people, instant replay.

Note two differences between the 2012 and the 2000 elections. The first is that in the 2000 election the Mercury retrograde was at the station which ended the retrograde, and in the 2012 election the Mercury retrograde will be at the station which begins the retrograde. Having made that distinction (which astrologers will relish thoroughly), for the rest of us just understand that both stations can snarl things up enormously. The beginning and ending stations are when the retrograde is the strongest.

The other difference is that in 2000 there was no incumbent running for re-election. It was anyone's race. In 2012 we can count on President Obama running for re-election. He's a Leo and Leos love the imperial limelight. But at this early date we can only speculate about who he might be running against. But we do know this. Whoever his opponent might be, that person will help significantly to define the electoral snarl up.

So, how does one say this politely? Oh boy. Anyone for another US presidential election that ends up looking like dog's breakfast? You read it here first.

Anyway, getting back to your life, with only a small amount foresight here are the precautions you can take to prevent colossal screw-ups in your life during the next Mercury retrograde:

If at all possible, avoid signing legal documents.

If at all possible, finish projects which involve communication before the retrograde.

If at all possible, avoid closing big deals during the retrograde

If at all possible, avoid launching new projects during the retrograde

If at all possible, avoid scheduling meetings to make a big decision

Allow extra time when travelling

Backup your hard drive before the retrograde

If at all possible, avoid installing new computer software during the retrograde

Do needed repairs on machinery before the retrograde

Do not hold an election during the retrograde.

This is not to say Mercury retrograde is always a bad thing. Far from it. It is actually an ideal time to do some other things, like:

Do the follow-ups on a project already started

Wrap up or complete a project already started

Research a new project thoroughly

Catch up on paperwork

Hold an information-sharing meeting

Enjoy someone's wacky sense of humour

To find out how Mercury retrograde might affect you personally usually requires a fair knowledge of astrology (which could take months or years to learn) or a visit to your friendly local astrologer who can check the unique placements in your natal chart and guide you appropriately.

Check the table below for the next few times when Mercury will be retrograde. Note that the retrograde is particularly strong at the very beginning and the very end (as the Americans are learning the hard way). These beginning and ending points are called stations by astrologers.

All listed dates and times are GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, so you will have to do a conversion to your local time zone. A conversion table for standard time zones is listed below as well.

. Upcoming Mercury retrogrades

Begins: (stationary retrograde) Ends: (stationary direct)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

4:01 a.m. GMT Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10:23 p.m. GMT

Friday, August 20, 2010

7:53 p.m. GMT Sunday, September 12, 2010

11:04 p.m. GMT

Saturday, December 10, 2010

11:58 a.m. GMT Thursday, December 30, 2010

7:16 a.m. GMT

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

8:49 p.m. GMT Saturday, April 23, 2011

10:05 a.m. GMT

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3:51 a.m. GMT Friday, August 26, 2011

10:04 p.m. GMT

Thursday, November 24, 2011

7:20 a.m. GMT Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1:44 a.m. GMT

Monday, March 12, 2012

7:50 a.m. GMT Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10:12 a.m. GMT

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2:17 a.m. GMT Wednesday, August 8, 2012

5:41 a.m. GMT

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11:05 p.m. GMT Monday, November 26, 2012

10:49 p.m. GMT

Saturday, February 23, 2013

9:42 a.m. GMT Sunday, March 17, 2013

8:04 p.m. GMT

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1:09 p.m. GMT Saturday, July 20, 2013

6:23 p.m. GMT

Monday, October 21, 2013

10:30 a.m. GMT Sunday, November 10, 2013

9:13 p.m. GMT

Thursday, February 6, 2014

9:44 p.m. GMT Friday, February 28, 2014

2:01 p.m. GMT


You will have to convert the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) listings above to your local time. Check the listing below for your time zone, and you can convert the beginning and end of Mercury retrograde to your local time. The listings below are in standard time and do not take into account daylight (summer) time, which is still irregular in many places. If you are unsure about the time zone conversion, then Click here for the GMT website which can give you today's date, exact current time, and time zone (including daylight time) for your locality.

Western Hemisphere:

Brazil Zone 2 subtract 3 hours

Newfoundland Standard Time subtract 3 1/2 hours

Atlantic Standard Time subtract 4 hours

Eastern Standard Time subtract 5 hours

Central Standard Time subtract 6 hours

Mountain Standard Time subtract 7 hours

Pacific Standard Time subtract 8 hours

Yukon Standard Time subtract 9 hours

Alaska-Hawaii Std Time subtract 10 hours

Hawaiian Standard Time subtract 10-1/2 hours

Bering Standard Time subtract 11 hours

Smoking doesn't kill you stress and being American does...


While this cannot really be considered scientific evidence, it is a fact nevertheless.

The oldest people on Earth are all smokers.

According to the World Health Organization and the statisticians of the anti-tobacco cartel, however, these are (or will be) all premature deaths, for the simple reason that they are smokers. Therefore, these individuals did (or will) add to the smoking-related death epidemic figures that the charlatans of the numerous anti-tobacco organizations keep waving in front of politicians, media, and public.

FORCES wishes to thank Wanda Hamilton for her usual, meticulously accurate work.



(Original compilation by Wanda Hamilton)

Says who that smoking kills? Good habits such as smoking are the secret of good life – In spite of the drumming propaganda, every record of super-longevity belongs to smokers. Here is the case of Zhang Shuqing, a centenarian in Pixian, Sichuan, China, turned 100 on May 7, and who “buried” his own daughter – probably a non smoker! – eight years ago. Jokes aside, one is to think and really ponder on this. Record-setters of longevity are ALL smokers with a lot of other “bad” habits: Zhang also eats like a pig, including a daily bowl of pork fat! A paradox? Hold on: what is a paradox? Something contrary to scientifically established facts, or contrary to BELIEFS passed as scientific facts? Let’s face it: if smoking were such a “bad” habit Zhang and so many like him would not be here to prove the opposite, would they?

The Big 115: another ancient smoker has a birthday party - August 28, 2006 -A reader tipped us off to this story of the ex-smoker, never-drinker who was already six when the U.S. seized Puerto Rico from Spain in 1898. "I never damaged my body with liquor," said Mercado, who quit a 76-year smoking habit when he was 90. Happy birthday, Mr. Mercado del Toro!

The tobacco death toll - February 26, 2003 - Mercilessly, tobacco keeps harvesting an endless number of premature victims. Day after day millions of cigarettes are produced by criminals who KNOW that each and every one of their customers will DIE – and there is no escape, and no more unquestionable truth: if you smoke, you die. This is the case of the late John McMorran, of Lakeland, Florida. He smoked cigars, drank beer and ate greasy food –and now he has paid the dear price for a life turned that stands as an insult to the health crusaders. John was born June 19, 1889, in a log cabin in Michigan, and he was the oldest American living – but he could have lived longer. And that is not all; it is well known that smoking causes blindness and ear problems. In fact, “McMorran's eyesight failed in his final years, and people needed to shout for him to hear them.” What a waste. This is what tobacco does to you. May this epitaph stand as warning to the young, so that they learn to NEVER make John’s mistakes, and turn into statistical deaths.

The Italian Massacre - February 26, 2003 - In the meantime, we get a full dimension of what tobacco does to people in other countries as well. The Italian daily “Libero” has just reported updates on the Tobacco Massacre of Milan last February 6th. Out of a population of 2.2 million in that city, there are 646 people whose lives will, inevitably, be cut short – shortly after they turn 100. Two of them are already 110, five are 109 and 12 are 106. Another 217 are only 100, 167 just turned 101, and 115 are 102. But that’s not over. Over 35,000 Milanese are in the age range between 85 and 94, and another 92,000 are between 75 and 84. You can see them in the polluted Italian city with their dogs, in the typical little bars, indulging in despicable habits such as coffee, grease-filled brioches, alcohol and – worst of all – smoking Tuscan cigars that stink more than any diesel tailpipe, poisoning their peers. Some of them even “do” cigarettes, having indulged in the deadly habit for over 94 years. Imagine how dirty their lungs are. According to the daily, in fact, the overwhelming majority of these people either smokes, drinks, or eats fatty foods. Most even do it all. No wonder the heroic health authorities must intervene to stop the carnage. It’s either now or never!

Tobacco Claims Two More - The Philippines lost one of that country's most prolific and beloved composers and lyricists. Levi Celerio, who wrote the lyrics for more than 4,000 folk, Christmas and love songs, died after a bout of emphysema. Obituaries noted that Mr. Celerio was a chain smoker. He was 91. He is survived by his third wife and the 12 children he managed to father despite the impotence caused by tobacco. From the other side of the world, the United Kingdom morns the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. The mother of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother was a bon vivant who loved horse racing, gin cocktails and, sadly, cigarettes. It was the latter, the beastly coffin nails, that did her in. She was 101 years old.

Television Pioneer's Life Cut Short - "His trademark cigar rarely left his hand. In an interview two years ago, Berle said he'd smoked cigars since he was 12. "I figure if George Burns can smoke 20 cigars a day his whole life and live to be 100, why should I worry if they're bad for me?" We note the passing of Milton Berle with sadness and anger at a creative life cut short by excessive tobacco use. Mr. Berle died Wednesday from colon cancer. He was 93.

Smoking Kills Famous Director - Succumbing to a life time of smoking, Hollywood director Billy Wilder died Wednesday at the age of 95. The 6-time Oscar winner directed such classics as "Some Like It Hot" and "Sunset Boulevard". His 1955 movie "The Seven Year Itch" made a contemporary icon of Marilyn Monroe's pose over a New York subway vent. The premature deaths of these two well-known victims of tobacco give added urgency to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's campaign to eliminate smoking from movies. Once smoking is banished from the silver screen, the focus can be shifted to the people who make and star in the movies the movies. The carnage must be halted.

Television Pioneer's Life Cut Short - "His trademark cigar rarely left his hand. In an interview two years ago, Berle said he'd smoked cigars since he was 12. "I figure if George Burns can smoke 20 cigars a day his whole life and live to be 100, why should I worry if they're bad for me?" We note the passing of Milton Berle with sadness and anger at a creative life cut short by excessive tobacco use. Mr. Berle died Wednesday from colon cancer. He was 93.

Gregorio Fuentes - Cut Down By Tobacco Before His Time - Gregorio Fuentes, who skippered Ernest Hemingway's fabled fishing boat, the Pilar, for more than 20 years and is said to have been the writer's inspiration for the embattled fisherman in "The Old Man and the Sea," has died. He was 104. Fuentes died of cancer Sunday at his home in Cojimar, the quiet Cuban fishing village about 10 miles east of Havana where Hemingway used to dock the Pilar. Smoking until the end, Fuentes is sad proof that tobacco kills.

John Berry - John Berry, a rugged-faced pipe smoker, a stage and movie director, writer and actor who made more than 50 films and, entangled in the blacklist, exiled himself from Hollywood during the anti-Communist inquests of the 1950s, died Nov. 29, 1999 at his home in Paris. He was 82. Another premature, tobacco-related death, no doubt. We are not kidding. Every smoker who dies is logged as a tobacco-related death to beef up mortality statistics and imply that those who don't smoke are either immortal, or live much longer lives. And when they die (…sorry, IF they die) they are not logged as a tobacco-related deaths even if they died of the identical diseases of smokers. … How else do you think that the anti-tobacco cartel builds up its statistical garbage about the "smoking epidemic?"

Isabella Gibson ready to celebrate her 99th - Another smoker approaches one century of life. Gambling, smoking, and enjoying life does not seem to have cut short the life of this person, though she will certainly be logged as yet another "premature, tobacco-related death" by the crooked statistics desing to create numbers proving the Lie of the Century. Isabella seems to be still in good health, notwithstanding osteoporosis (smoking-related, no doubt). Happy birthday, Isabella -- and keep on smokin'!

Wencelao Moreno: another victim bites the dust - It's with extreme sadness that we report the sad demise of Wencelao Moreno of a smoking related illness. Mr. Moreno, better known as "Senor Wences" of the "Ed Sullivan Show" was 103. During the benighted era when ash resided in ash trays rather than dictating policy in Washington, Senor Wences joked, drank and smoked with his puppets on T.V. All his puppets died of secondhand smoke decades ago. Although his premature passing is sad, his death is warning to us all that smoking kills.

Mme Jeanne Calment, who was listed as the world's oldest human whose birth date could be certified, died at 122. She had begun smoking as a young woman. At 117 she quit smoking (by that age she was just smoking two or three cigarettes per day because she was blind and was too proud to ask often for someone to light her cigarettes for her). But she resumed smoking when she was 118 because, as she said, not smoking made her miserable and she was too old to be made miserable. She also said to her doctor: "Once you've lived as long as me, only then can you tell me not to smoke." Good point! [USA Today, "Way to go, champ," 10/18/95].

When Mme. Calment died at 122 in l997, the new longevity champ became 116-year-old Marie-Louise Meilleur, of Canada. Mme. Meilleur had chain-smoked all her adult life (as her grandson said, "She always had a cigarette dangling from her lips as she worked,"--AP, 8/15/97, reported in Miami Herald, p. 2A). She did give up smoking, however, when she was nearly 100.

The world's oldest man is (unless he has died since the last report I have, which is l997) Christian Mortensen, ll4 in l997,who has been a cigar smoker for most of his life--and still smokes them. [San Francisco Chronicle, "114 and Still Smoking," Peter Fimrite, 8/5/97, p.A13].

Britain's oldest man, George Cook, died at 108 in his sleep in September, l997. He "smoked heavily for 85 years before giving up tobacco at the age of 97," ("World Briefs," Houston Chronicle, 9/29/97).

The Scottish Daily Record (12/15/97) reported on Ivy Leighton, 100, who smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 84 years, but cut down somewhat after her 100th birthday. April claimed smoking was the key to her long life.

There are two men who claim to be the world's oldest living humans, but their birth dates cannot be certified. One is Ali Mohammed Hussein, who claimed to be 135, of Lebanon. He "smokes like a chimney," but does not drink alcohol [CNN World News, "Born in l862," Brent Sadler, 5/13/l997].

The title is also claimed by Narayan Chaudhari, a Nepalese man who says he is 141. However, his birth date also cannot be certified. He too is a heavy smoker and says the secret of his longevity is "raw tobacco and no alcohol." [Nando net, Agence France

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