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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

So, this is what I am saying.... The GODS LOVE to be LOVED!
On way we do this in Voo Doo is to offer tobacco and alcohol to the gods we are working with.
I find that imbibing with the Gods is a way to establish a connection.
I LOVE my corn cob pipe. I love my champagne and wine.

Now, does this mean I am a chain smoking alcoholic who has no business messing with the astral planes?

I am not an alcoholic, I have never been addicted to anything. I quit biting my nails when I found The Craft.. It was one way to have control over myself and my thoughts.
Thats when I KNEW that I had power.. that and training horses at 12 gave me a lot of confidence.

There is a wide belief out there amongst the spiritual and metaphysical community that one needs to be clean of body, clean of heart and clear of mind to even begin to understand the flow of the spiritual energies that surround us.

Well lets just say that for a Layman.. one who is beginning to understand such things, that they should start out with some cleansing tea and make sure that they have no addiction issues.

The reason for this, is that if you are not strong enough to handle a unwarranted spirit, you "could" end up being possessed by nasty little bugger of an entity that just wants to feel drunk and high all the time.

You see, a novice should never venture into working with spirit on their own, they should always have a teacher, one who can read their energy and get them set up correctly to have to connection experience with the spirit world.

With that being said.. the Gods I work with are offered tobacco, they are offered alcohol, and as I am working energy manipulations, I also take in the smoke and drink. Then we all sit around like old friends and shoot the shit about which client needs what and why.. and if a darker entitiy is visiting our little "coffee clutch", and was invited, then I will dispatch him to have some fun with a person who needs a lesson or two.. but then he is asked to return home when his task is finished, if he ever wants to be invited again.

We are talking about elemental spirits and ones that are attached to the human condition. They can be found in all histories of religion....
We have Freya and Loki, we have Thor too, We have Pomba Gira and Exu, We have also Oshun and Elegua, there are many, male and female gods and goddesses, and some are consorts and some aren't.

So you see, it all depends on the area of study. If you look deep, you will see that offerings were left to them all. Some were blood offerings, some were food, some were plants, some were comforts and clothes as well.

So, be clean if you are new! If you are a wiccan who views things in purity go that route also, but be open to the older traditions, the ones who know how to make a great offering, and know how to commune with the gods in the house of the body as well as the house that is dwelt in.

This is me about to go to another "Therapy" Session.. note brand new Durafork Ray bought me for Yule... I keep the mud boots in the back of the wagon.. so I really wasn't completely dressed.. but I was showing off my new tool! YAY! Picking Horse Shit is better than a shrink, I will say it till the day I die.

Stupid Facts about me...

#1 I am fascinated and a huge FAN of Classic Country Western Music.. here in Carson City, I listen to 93.5 Classic Country. The people that listen to this station would hate me! A psychic spell caster with a twist.. a commy, socialist freak from California, a horrible LIBERAL! OMG! If they could have the Clan here, they would probably burn a cross on my lawn and then lynch me. No one else who rides in my car like it, so it is my alone time ritual to crank up Old Hank!

I love George Jones, Charley Pride, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Chris LeDoux, the whole lot of them.. Old George Strait, new George Strait.. any sexxy awesomely hot, but cannot act, even in his own movie, George Strait.

#2 I sing AWESOME karaoke... mostly Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy Cline, Trisha Yearwood.. anything I can match my voice to... I would LOVE to sing some Allison Krouse.. but she is a literal ANGEL.. so I don't think I can get there...

#3 I belly Dance, but my belly is waayy too flabby right now.. I even had some one on youtube make a comment on my rolls.. so they can all suck it, because I disabled all comments.. they can keep theeir nastyness to themselves! HA!

#4 I got 5 kids under my roof and half the time I wanna hang myself.

#5 I LOVE heliotrope Oil! YAY! I just ordered some more.

#6 My Favorite color is Rainbow.. I like ALL colors.. so I cannot just pin one down..

#7 I have a hot tub that doesn't work well, just sitting in my backyard. I secretly want to blow it up and have it just vanish so I'll never have to move it again.

#8 I turned 35 on October 9th this year of 2009.. John Lennon was born on the same day.. I guess we are just megalomaniacs at heart.. but we have a social sense as well.. gotta love being a libra.

#9 And with turning 35, my hormones are insane.. nuff said... I know why " Cougars" Exist! Why the have "Boy Chew Toys".. LOL

#10 Here is one for you.. laugh if you want or think I am nuts.. but I wash Ray's work clothes in Dawn. It's a degreaser! Hello! It's better than ANY laundry detergent.

#11 I actually hate the holidays... but I do it for everyone else.. one day, i am just going to run away to the beach and they can all have the holidays on their own.. they can call me selfish all they want.. but I gotta be me!

#12 my real hair color is light brown even though my eyeborws are pretty dark..

#13 I am half Italian.. I DO get a mustache! I mean I have never let it grow.. but I have to tweeze 3 times a week to keep those nasty whiskers away.

#14 I think I may be close to a D cup because of the nursing... so thats interesting.. when I quit, I'll be back to a C.

#15 I used to bite my nails.. then I discovered witchcraft and have never gone back. It was the only addiction I EVER had.

#16 I smoke a corn cob pipe.

#17 I drink Champagne when I perform Spell Work..

#18 When invoking Pomba Gira.. I sometimes get turned on.. well she IS a sex goddess!

#19 I once outran a train while horseback.. someday I will tell that story.

#20 My neighbors are afraid of me.. they know what I do... and for some reason, I moved into a neighborhood of fanatics!

Life sure is strange!

Frickin Snow! We had like 2 big storms hit in a week, and being inside for long amount of times is beginning to take it's toll.
I mean I go out almost everyday and break ice with Lorie, she is the owner of the place where I keep Juju.

I take Ju Ju to the other paddocks and turn her loose so she thinks she is a different place and exercises by running along the fence line and acting really herd bound to the other horses.. but it's good for her. After that, I usually jump on her bareback and go for a short ride.

There is only so much you can do when the weather is this nasty and that damn white stuff doesn't melt away fast enough.

This week however, it's going to be in the 40's and thats awesome!

The kids have done me a great favor by going through 2 to three outfits a day and leaving wet pants, socks, shoes and jackets all over the entry hall. I want to kill all of them for this.

We had Ember's second Bday Party and that was ElmoLishious! Let me tell you! Walmart cake and all!

Thanks to Jessa, and her help with Maddy's Fund, I got my kittens spade and neutered. It was just in time as Rupert has been trying to hump Esmeralda!

OMG! Here is my BIG news.. I was sooooo pissed off at this!

For 2 years now I have been giving money to TheWaterProject.Org. They help provide wells to people in Africa and South East Asia. At first I was doing $10 a month and then this year I upped it to $20. It comes right out of my Paypal account.

Well, I was elated to find them on Ebay.. so I could donate when my listings sold. I even donated a whole 30 Minute phone reading which is $39.99 to them.. well.... They reviewed their donors and cancelled ALL of my listings because they did not approve of what I sold.

I mean it was psychic readings and maybe a spell or 2. I mean MONEY IS MONEY people! I was soooo mad! I mean, I know we are struggling this year and all as well, but ya know, if I can help I will.

So I cancelled all of the subscriptions for The Water Project and have begun giving to the Human Society of America and to The Forest Project. Hopefully some fear based thoughts will not stop me from donating money to them as well. I love trees and we need more!

In fact I think Patrick Swayze was doing reforestation projects too.. I totally dig that! And we all know how the pet industry is.. we gotta do something! So I have my rescue horse and my rescue cats and well, thats gotta be all for now, cause there is only so much shit I can pick up everyday! I mean Come ON!

Mush blessings! Erin Renee

In This Picture.. we have World Majick Circle! We were a weekly meet up group that we held at our home every Monday night and this stump was out altar. We used in many, many rituals.
We will use first names only.. Left to Right:
Allan, Jessa, James, Sean and Ember, Liz, Ray, Erin, Krystee, Jerry, and Debbie.

Once again, We went to the food bank.. I was really, really hoping that this year we would be able to leave the food supply to the truly needy. But what I did not understand is that we are the truly needy as well at times.
Jessa just got bread and watched Emmy while I hauled a LOT of food to my car. Everyone was really happy here! We ate well! And we hope others who may need it do not feel prideful and will get their kids some food if they need it. Hopefully this will be the only time this year we have to visit the food bank in Carson City, NV.

Ray got laid off from his job. We had made rent and now I have to decide if I need to sell poor JuJu and get her a good home with some kids, because she has become the BEST kids horse ever!

But then we just may make it!
This year I did not let my family get adopted by a bank, nor are we going to Toys For Tots.
We CAN do this and we are going to.

Ray just turned 40 and Ember will be 2 on Saturday.
So we had some Birthdays to do as well.

Ebay has been going well and I have decided to stop selling myself short and actually raise my reading prices.
It's stupid for me to charge $20 for a 3 question reading on my website and then get screwed on Ebay for $8.00 for the same reading to stay in the running. So I am going to monopolize as much as I can with all of my accounts and raise the prices.

I mean, I just don't want to be seen as the person who isn't decently priced so they think they are no good.
I have been doing this for most of my life!

Now.. once again, I was struggling to get back on here to keep you all updated.. but then with all the emails and stuff it's rought o get time to pop right on over here.

Other updates...
I bought 2 pairs of jeans at the thrift store.. not sure when I have bought new clothes.. it's been a long time..
this having 5 kids will really bust your ass!
I think I've either gained weight.. or I just hate tight jeans.. so I know I can fit in a 10.. but an 11 or 12 is very comfy.. so I am opting for comfy and I want to be an 8 by summer. It's damn cold here! It's like 18 degrees at night and 48 during the day.. and it's just gonn get colder.. so FAT is good especially when you are outside several hours a day cleaning poo!

I went to the stable where my horse is and because the owner was down with the flu.. Dusty (one of the brood) and I cleaned horse shit for an hour and half straight with a wobbly wheel barrow.. it was fun! ( It's actually therapeutic! Horse shit may even be better than a shrink!) And I got poo down my mudboots.. normally I try to help and I pick Juju's pen out.. but this time the whole place needed to be cleaned..

I now have 4 ebay accounts.. and one just for my readings.

Ember is very very into Elmo, Dora, and Cookie Monster!

I am still breast feeding and yeah my kid is 2... go figure.. I gather since Lorelei, my 9 year old is not on the breast, I am sure Emmy will fall off of it at some point as well...

Ok, thats my update!

Take care all!
Happy Holidays, I am sure I will be back soon!
Erin Renee

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