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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

~This is Jessa Marie and Erin Renee, Witch and Psychic Medium~
I want to tell the story about how Jessa and I went to the food bank last year.

You see, Ray, my husband was laid off and Jessa was a divorced single mother trying to make her way working online through Ebay.

This was before my adventures on Ebay. I had had a baby, the kids were in school, and we were being adopted by the local Credit Union as an adopt a family for the Holidays. So we got a Turkey and a basket that year.. and I was making plans with the Credit Union as to what the kids needed for the upcoming year. They needed clothes, hats, gloves and jackets.

So yeah.. I was poor.. nitty gritty poor. We paid $1200 a month in rent on a house that was just big enough for all of us. We were saving on the uitilities with space heaters and the wood stove insert.

Jessa was in a 2 bedroom apartment. She gave the kids the bedrooms and was sleeping in the living room.. I have soooo much more to tell you all about this... LOL! It's hilarious that me and my 3 kids moved in with Jessa and her 2 kids, in that 2 bedroom apartment for 3 months! Can you imagine...?

Anyhoo... The Credit Union was setting us up with a cord of wood as well. So our average electric bill for the winter last year was $118.00. Not bad for a snow covered, high desert, extreme weather area. Gotta love Northern Nevada!

So we walk into this food bank here in Carson City. We were feeling pretty low, but it was a needed thing to feed all of our 7 kids. I was suprised when I saw their faces after I told them I had 5 kids. It's like they hurried me on through and made sure we got what we needed. Unfortunately a lot of what they gave us were cakes and cookies and baked good.. Now the kids were really happy and when you are hungry I guess you really do not think about nutrition. So we just let those kids have at it!

Boy as we were driving home, Jessa and I had the biggest smiles on our faces! It's like you could hear the war cry coming out of us! Like we just brought down the biggest damn buffalo and we were going home to the village to deliver the plunder of our hunt to our family in need. The woops and hollers were hilarious.. but it made us so damn happy to feed our families. So in a way this is a big shout out to the food bank here in Carson City.

Jessa and I give back all we can in donations to the thrift store that makes money for the bank and shelter for the homeless.

I just wanted to show that I may be a psychic medium awaiting my fame and fortune. And that I have a lot of messages just sitting on a shelf awaiting a new stage to put it all out on.. To let the public ponder it's own divinity.. to show the world that we are individuals are as powerful as any God. That we are the true creaters of this world.

Yep.. little ole me.. horse trainer, counselor, Manifestation Mistress, Psychic Medium, Ghost Hunter, and Energy Manipulator, and once poor mother of 5 kids, who had to go to the food bank to feed her babies.

I think sharing the hard times helps others see I am just as effected by the world's financial upheavals and that I roll with the punches just like the rest of you.

The only difference is "I see dead people..." while I'm doing it!

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