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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

In This Picture.. we have World Majick Circle! We were a weekly meet up group that we held at our home every Monday night and this stump was out altar. We used in many, many rituals.
We will use first names only.. Left to Right:
Allan, Jessa, James, Sean and Ember, Liz, Ray, Erin, Krystee, Jerry, and Debbie.

Once again, We went to the food bank.. I was really, really hoping that this year we would be able to leave the food supply to the truly needy. But what I did not understand is that we are the truly needy as well at times.
Jessa just got bread and watched Emmy while I hauled a LOT of food to my car. Everyone was really happy here! We ate well! And we hope others who may need it do not feel prideful and will get their kids some food if they need it. Hopefully this will be the only time this year we have to visit the food bank in Carson City, NV.

Ray got laid off from his job. We had made rent and now I have to decide if I need to sell poor JuJu and get her a good home with some kids, because she has become the BEST kids horse ever!

But then we just may make it!
This year I did not let my family get adopted by a bank, nor are we going to Toys For Tots.
We CAN do this and we are going to.

Ray just turned 40 and Ember will be 2 on Saturday.
So we had some Birthdays to do as well.

Ebay has been going well and I have decided to stop selling myself short and actually raise my reading prices.
It's stupid for me to charge $20 for a 3 question reading on my website and then get screwed on Ebay for $8.00 for the same reading to stay in the running. So I am going to monopolize as much as I can with all of my accounts and raise the prices.

I mean, I just don't want to be seen as the person who isn't decently priced so they think they are no good.
I have been doing this for most of my life!

Now.. once again, I was struggling to get back on here to keep you all updated.. but then with all the emails and stuff it's rought o get time to pop right on over here.

Other updates...
I bought 2 pairs of jeans at the thrift store.. not sure when I have bought new clothes.. it's been a long time..
this having 5 kids will really bust your ass!
I think I've either gained weight.. or I just hate tight jeans.. so I know I can fit in a 10.. but an 11 or 12 is very comfy.. so I am opting for comfy and I want to be an 8 by summer. It's damn cold here! It's like 18 degrees at night and 48 during the day.. and it's just gonn get colder.. so FAT is good especially when you are outside several hours a day cleaning poo!

I went to the stable where my horse is and because the owner was down with the flu.. Dusty (one of the brood) and I cleaned horse shit for an hour and half straight with a wobbly wheel barrow.. it was fun! ( It's actually therapeutic! Horse shit may even be better than a shrink!) And I got poo down my mudboots.. normally I try to help and I pick Juju's pen out.. but this time the whole place needed to be cleaned..

I now have 4 ebay accounts.. and one just for my readings.

Ember is very very into Elmo, Dora, and Cookie Monster!

I am still breast feeding and yeah my kid is 2... go figure.. I gather since Lorelei, my 9 year old is not on the breast, I am sure Emmy will fall off of it at some point as well...

Ok, thats my update!

Take care all!
Happy Holidays, I am sure I will be back soon!
Erin Renee

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