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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

I know, I am disgustingly negligent! Not really.. I opened another ebay personality and I have been swamped! I have everything on 3 day auctions, so it's a complete cycle every 3 days.

I went to the Clinton Anderson Wahl DownUnder Horsemanship Tour.
I learned a lot, saw all kinds of people I recognized from our small horse community and realized that even with the Big Time Horse Training Clinicians, it'a all about the Dollar.. and it's all about Marketing! With a CAPITAL M!

The Guy is a good trainer.. he has his method down pat.. it's just that he has great pushers.. and I really envy him!
I saw what I will have to do when I finally get up there on that stage.. I am gonna have to sell the crap out of myself! I know that sounds bad... ya know the Ugly American.. but hey! It's gonna be a jungle out there!

JuJu, my 3 years old Solid Color Paint Filly.. decided to kick a fence, break a board in two, and get her leg all swollen. So we have been doing the big leg soaks and walking walking walking... today I got so tired of the paddock, that we actually went out on the trail and I walked her like a dog, over two bridges and down to a nearby pond. That horse is Golden! She will follow me anywhere.

Business has been good... I've been working the groove. I have a lot of stuff on sale and a lot of auctions starting at about $7.99... a lot of those listings are for my normal priced stuff of $39.99.. talk about a hell of a deal!

So check it all out!

Other than that.. stuff has been fun with the spirits.. like my emails erasing themselves.. this posting, tried to publish it'self with out me clicking on anything. My batteries keep draining in my camara... and it aint even on.

Lots of light bubbles.. or sight orbs.. Lots of blue and silver flashes of lights around me. Oh yeah and the Spirit Touches.. where they play with my hair and stroke my cheek.. very sweet stuff.

I had a dream last night that I was sitting with another Psychic Reader. She was dressed like a Gypsy, and she had misshapen hands.. but she made the Client "Cross Her Palm with Silver" Before she read a damn thing for them.. and they were happy to do so.. (Wierd Hands and ALL) She smiled and began her reading. So I take this to mean that I should be happy about taking money from clients, because I know I always DELIVER! And my clients generally know this and are HAPPY to pay me.. so I think maybe I am crossing some more lines that I have in my head.

Ok, I will be back in a day or so! I hope!

Blessings, to all! Erin Renee

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