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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
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Ok.. so I had this idea.. and then I looked it up..
You know, when you get something in your head and then you research the key words to see who already has used it?

Well I found the "Institute FOR Creation" already in existence... but then that's a Christ based thing and that's so NOT what I am about... so here was my idea.

The Institute of Creation is about people learning how to Create the lives they want. If we do not understand that we can create the way the proverbial God or "Creator" does, then we understand that we have no power.

There is a thought that I had read about in the first Ramtha book. And in that book, Ramtha spoke of how we are the true Gods of Earth and that we were the founding spirits that put our world into existence. Only to come on back and forget all that we ever were. We actually got sucked into our own creation. As does a film maker or a painter. And in living our creation have forgotten that we created it in the first place.

Did you know that in the after world.. or the Other Side.. we can actually become a part of classes that specifically look at how to manipulate the growth of plant life to make it more perfect? I mean look at the perfection and design of nature all around us. Oh yes "some" intelligent force put design behind everything on earth.. and we as a Mass God put it all into swing. We got it going.

You know.. a lot of our literature says we are in the image of a God, or we are a part of God.. or a piece of God is within us.. but in truth... and Quantum thought.. to be a part of the creative force.. is to really BE the creative force.

If we all understood that perfectly; we would not be able to control one another... we would all live in Harmonious Anarchy because there would be no reason for rules. We would sort of all just "Get It"!

So in my wonderful insanely wealthy future, I would love to start an Institute Of Creation. A school of thought destined to change the human thought of "I can't.." to " Why the hell not! I CAN CREATE! Therefore I am a God of The God.. and I am in control of my mind, my world and my JOY!".

Move over General Metaphysics! Lets mainstream the strength and Competence of the human condition and make it truly AWESOME!

Blessings, Erin Renee

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