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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
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Hey all... Well what has changed since my last update...tap tap tap.. let me see...


Well, I found out, I don't mind it so much when I am not in touch with people and my friends have seemed to just go off with their own lives. I am completely unavailable to family or friends when I am in horse mode.

My clients are getting a lot of attention though and thats always good. It's not the money, I just figure people find me because they need help and I am there for them..

My family? I honestly don't think any of them really believe in what I do. I think they have a bit of an idea about what I am about, but I just don't think they are impressed. I guess I'll always be the sullen kid who hated all the others kids and ran off to be alone.. I preferred animals over people a lot growning up. I think maybe it was because animals didn't lie and they didn't throw all their wierd issues on me.

Think about it.. how many people had the odd cousins who would like to beat up on them and make them cry.. I see it now as a cry for themselves I guess. I can sit here and be the victim.. but really they all were insecure and would bully me to feel that they had power.

Since we have been adults, I have had apologies for the rotten kid behavior that was inflicted on me. I get it.. but it still is a stigma with the fam I think. Maybe they just all think I am really wierd. I also think they might think I am involved with a cult or something, which is really dumb.. cause if thats the case.. I am running said cult.. so I guess I am a cult leader LOL!!!!!

I got that same response from the office chicks at a car dealership I used to work at.. I lost a lot of weight and they assumed I was doing drugs. We started World Majick Circle and they thought I was in a cult... I'm sorry, I hope at some point those office girls read some of this stuff.

Not only am I living my dream, they did me a great favor by getting me fired, I am self made and they were just plain bitches.. you heard me.. bitches! People fear what they do not understand. All during the time I worked there my spirit Guide Taraho gave me a daily "Ass Handing". I was told I was soo above the issues of my work place and it was ridiculous to let base people have power over me.. that I had to remember who I really was and I needed to get out of there. So the Universe forced my stagnant butt and from what I have heard.. those girls got what their energy levels attrcted to them.. and it wasn't fun and games for a year after I left.

Basically.. if those who don't understand you give you flack.. then just walk away.. it's soooo not worth the energy to make yourself stay in an unhealthy situation.

Well this became a look behind not a look at now or the future...

So lets see, I am losing my friends.. or not, I just am not available right now.

the kids are crazy, but whats new. Oh! My mentor in Las Vegas got a call from CBS.. so yeah, she is manifesting her getting on with a killer production company.

I have not heard from Tarragon Productions... they are the Reality TV Horse Show people... but I did re-email my bio and clips to them again.. I guess they lost the first one.

I have watched the first 2 episodes of TrueBlood... I am almost on the last book.. Love my Sookie Stackhouse!

I rode Ju Ju.. she is my Perfect Princess! I LOVE her, I soooo am gonna spoil that girl.. just a PERFECT FILLY!

Dusty.. the other horse I am riding...well we finally got in a groove and he didn't trip and kill me in a fast gallop.. Jeez he is big.. 16 hander,,, I like smaller horses, he is getting over his gate sour ways.. I have a means to get into his mind and it has been working. I can't stand a tripper.. I swear horses who trip are far more dangerous than a horse that bucks.. you have a warning with a bucker.. a tripper will kill you in a second flat, you never will see it coming.

This saddle I bought off Ebay is a P O S!!! So I have had to really enforce it so it won't fall apart on me.. Thanks Mexico! You make GREAT saddles! Not!!!!!

Buyer be warned on ebay and you get what you pay for.. so much for my $100 NEW saddle... oh well, I'll use it till it falls apart.

Blessings! You know, this whole horse thing, is just to keep my mind off going on TV.. because really, when you think of it.. the life change that is coming, really scares the hell out of me.

Now you know my little secret.. I know it's coming and it's scaring me to death.


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