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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Erin and Ray after a Ghost Hunt in Virginia City, Nevada. I love my Djembe!

Here is the link for the Psychic Fair put on by The Reno Psychic Institute.

This is that annual Fall Fair put on by Laura Peppard. She is sort of a Megalomaniac like Yours Truly. I mean her name is on everything. Magazines, The Institute , and she is a Teacher, etc...

At first I didn't want to pay the $10.00 to get in. In years past I paid $5.00 and I am a cheap ass. Pardon my language, but this is my blog and I can say what I want. Like I said folks!

Delightfully Abrasive! Thats the best way to describe me.

Now before Ray and I went in, I heard this in my head: "Go In, you will be happy with what you find and what you learn." So I did.

Now I almost never go to a psychic fair to have a reading. This is because I am a Psychic Medium. A lot of the readers at this fair are returnees and some were new.

I met a wonderful man by the name of Alan Hardman. He has a website that is just fabulous. It is He is a Toltec Teacher.. his main Motto here is "Live Passionately Without Attachment To The Outcome!" I really jived with his energy and he gave me some great pointers about my small business adventures. So I hope I get to explore his website a little more and maybe some day.. money and time permitting I'll get to do one of his Mexico trips.

So as I was saying above. There were beautiful souls there and it was neat to see the truly glowing people there!

But there were also the burnouts. Yes folks.. shoot me if I ever get like this.. a person of any age.. They have this washed out look.. they sit and wait and wait for a client to read for. They do not smile, they stare right through you. They have outdated signs and they charge $2.00 a minute, they have timers and just look hollow. I sooooo never want to be like that.

At a psychic fair it is Dog Eat Dog. You need to outshine the others. You talk and sell yourself. You have to be like a Peacock! The bigger and brighter your sign the better, you have boards showing all of your media fan fare. You are either the best local pet psychic, or the best local Medium, or you are the best in the west coast because you have a big pink stage and your own Tarot deck that you made and published with your own money. And despite all the looks of success you have all around you.. the truth is you are at a psychic fair in Reno Nevada.

I know it's a great Venue... but

There is just something that has always turned me off about doing the fair there. Each year I think maybe I out to try it out.. but then I think of the cost to get a table.. and how you may get cut a deal with Laura IF you volunteer.. or even a better deal if you were one of her students.

I'm not being too negative.. it's just the way it IS. This is the Reno, Carson, Minden/ Gardnerville Area.. We have one Psychic Institute run by one entity. It sort of over shadows us people who are self made. We didn't need classes to understand our abilities. We didn't need someone to tell us how to be psychic.

On To Brighter and Beautiful Things.... now lets talk about Isabelle Choiniere-Correa! I loved meeting her. She is an intuitive consultant who works one on one with clients as well as businesses. She gave me a numerology self assessment test and I loved talking with her. She has a beautiful smile and gorgeous way about her. She works in the Bay Area, Her website is Check her out. I really enjoyed getting to know her.

The last person I talked to about business and thier gift was Tom Feutsch. An Intuitive Life Coach here in the Minden area just south of Carson City. Nice enough guy. Seems he was a long time student of Laura's at the Psychic Institute and went on to write a book and record a CD. He took the time out to talk with me even thought I did not purchase a reading. He is a personal coach as well as a business coach. Tom does what I do and is a Success Coach.. it's nice to know another worker locally.

Ok, here it Is in a nutshell. I love the pychic fair AS a patron, it brings all sorts of readers and local merchants together. As a client, if I needed a reading and didn't have a personal psychic, I would go there. I would enjoy myself.

As a reader myself I picked up a lot of desperation of trying to do better than break even after all fees are said and done. I feel the unfairness of some having to pay full fees while others got a break for being local and giving back to the psychic institute, either by blood and sweat or by association because they spent big funds thier as a student.

You see what I'm saying? Maybe it's like that all over and I am just ignorant.. who knows. I tell it like I see it.

A lot of the pictures I have all over the net have been taken by my trusty ole Laptop's webcam. This is a Dell from 2006 I think. I got it on sale at Best Buy and so far I have written two books on it, got my internet business going, made numerous signs for my events and answered thousands of emails.

I wanted also to share my good news with! I can just barely type in my name or part of my business name and I pop right up.. both websites and ebay listings as well! I think thats Damn Cool!

So anyhoo... back to my webcam. I am just in bad light I think.. this is one I took today just farting around.. but the beige blinds behind me and the overhead lighting is just all wrong.

Today Jessa and I went to Divine Wines for lunch, it was great! Add PMS to good food and you have a real good time, not to mention the great wine they serve. I heard though the grapevine that they will be closing soon, and we wanted to get there to try their lunch specials! I really wish I had gone there before they were closing! Dern!

To all those calls I missed today, I am sorry, but I needed a few hours off.. I know you guys understand, friends and clients as well.

Well enjoy my ick picture with minimal makeup and greasy hair!

Good times! Good times!

Erin Renee

The Kids At The Pumpkin Patch in Washoe Valley Northern Nevada!
So, I have the new website going on and I have it all going into the search engines. I wonder if I should stalk them and keep adding them in. Do you know there are online businesses selling the service of search engine submittal? Um.. You CAN do that stuff yourself.. and not spend any money. I know there are busy people, but ya know? Maybe spending that extra energy to put it out there on your own is what you really need to push it a bit farther.

Anyhoo, Um, I have been doing a whole lot of readings lately and have completely moved all sorts of wording around on Ebay.

So basically I have revamped everything... and am bettering everything, and just mainstreaming what I do so that the average American can pick up what I'm laying down. If you get into the deep Metaphysics it's really hard to figure out all the Jargon. I mean most people would pick up a book on Anthropomorphic Thought and just as soon use it for toilet paper than try to understand it.

Ok, so thats whats been going on. Me an Ole Blavstsky haven been hanging out and I think she is ok with me.. I'm not hearing the hammer hit the chisel so much right now, so that means my guidance has backed off and now I just wait for THE CALL!

Blessings, Erin Renee

Ok, I have a new Website! I spent all day building it.. now I have to go to the pumpkin patch LOL! Since I am ignoring everyone!
It won't be fully functional till tomorrow it WILL be at
but for now because I was trying out, it is at

But you guys can see what I have been up to.
Tomorrow will be the search engine day!
Since I am all over the internet anyway, this should be relatively easy since everything is all linked up anyway.

If you put in Psychic Erin Renee into any search engine, you will see a lot of the stuff I have done. Including local events and drum circles. I was amazed to see where I was all over the internet.
I am proud of what Jessa has done for me and for herself as well as all the hours we have both out in on our various projects.
Much love to all!
Erin Renee

So I was lying awake, with Emmy snoring on my arm and I had a great idea. Well really this all came about last night as I was doing an Energy Manipulation for a client. Sometimes as I am finishing up a work, I slip in some of my own wants and needs, or I focus on my future, or ask and receive the right kind of guidance for whatever project I am working on.

Last night I asked specifically for Madam Blavatsky. She is one of my historical heroes, but to my dearest friend Shirley Airhart and I, she is a real entity that comes to professionals like us to guide us, laugh at us and tell us to dump people in our lives so we can move on.. She's a bit of a meanie, but we love her for it. She is wise, strong and in charge, and she resonates with people who are attempting to carry on the same work she was doing.

Madam Blavatsky along with some others started the Theosophists Society and wrote "The Secret Doctrine", but her best work was "Isis Unveiled". She is a true founder of thought as change in our mostly modern world as well as Charles Haanel who wrote "The Master Key System" I read an excerpt from that book daily.

Since the project as of now for the past 3 years is about really pushing the messages that come through me to National Level. Mainstreaming Manifestation and building up the world en masse, I always figured I would hit the lecture circuit but now I see I can get to more people quicker with TV.

I mean maybe that's what the reality TV contacts where trying to tell me, that I was gonna be on TV.. I just didn't know how. I kept thinking guest appearances and stuff.

But now it's MOVE OVER DR. PHIL and OPRAH!

Here comes "Erin Renee and Make It HAPPEN!"

I came up with an idea for a show.. hosted by me a Professional Psychic Medium, and what we will do is have people on who really want to change their lives. What I will do is a public reading on them, we will discuss how they got to the position they are in and discuss their dreams. We will invite other Manifesting Professionals on to vary out my coaching on the Manifestation Practices that will bring about the guest of the shows wants and dreams. I will let each guest go with a parting reading and ways to focus on their dreams. We will also have the basic principles of manifesting on the screen as the show closes.

But you see as it is going on.. I get to be me.. I can talk all about my insane life and relate to the guests as well, we can laugh and make light of life.. We can discuss how really it's all an illusion anyway and that we are hear to have fun with our creativity.

I would put out there that life is just a big canvas waiting for us to paint a picture on it. And that we can change that picture several times throughout our lives. Is there a Blue Print? Yep there sure is, BUT we can paint the scenery for that Blue Print, we can put in the trees and a house and a million dollar bank account and great love too, all along our routes of life.

So you see, there will be NO end to the subjects of this show, because it is about real people and real human condition issues. We will take ideas from the public like other talk shows, but we mostly we will have 2 or 3 sets of guests that are looking to change their lives.
I feel this will be best as an hour show.

This is the way I feel about it. I have been getting the prompts to keep pushing forward. I have been receiving messages about getting on TV.
I was hoping to get ON Oprah at some point, but now I think I may end up LIKE Oprah which is great too. I think I may start out with a blog talk radio, but I have to stand out from the other Manifestation people.. The Secret Radio Shows.. about implementing the book's teachings... What makes me different is I am a Psychic and I can SEE what will happen when people try and either fail or try and succeed as manifesters and I can help them get on the right path for them.. it's a personal mission and coaching is the best way to go about it.

So that's my idea.. I had to hurry down here and write it while Emmy is still passed out.

So it's 8:36 on Wednesday October 14th, 2009

5 days ago I turned 35.

Welcome to my Dream, Welcome to my Future!

Blessings, Erin Renee

Ok.. so I had this idea.. and then I looked it up..
You know, when you get something in your head and then you research the key words to see who already has used it?

Well I found the "Institute FOR Creation" already in existence... but then that's a Christ based thing and that's so NOT what I am about... so here was my idea.

The Institute of Creation is about people learning how to Create the lives they want. If we do not understand that we can create the way the proverbial God or "Creator" does, then we understand that we have no power.

There is a thought that I had read about in the first Ramtha book. And in that book, Ramtha spoke of how we are the true Gods of Earth and that we were the founding spirits that put our world into existence. Only to come on back and forget all that we ever were. We actually got sucked into our own creation. As does a film maker or a painter. And in living our creation have forgotten that we created it in the first place.

Did you know that in the after world.. or the Other Side.. we can actually become a part of classes that specifically look at how to manipulate the growth of plant life to make it more perfect? I mean look at the perfection and design of nature all around us. Oh yes "some" intelligent force put design behind everything on earth.. and we as a Mass God put it all into swing. We got it going.

You know.. a lot of our literature says we are in the image of a God, or we are a part of God.. or a piece of God is within us.. but in truth... and Quantum thought.. to be a part of the creative force.. is to really BE the creative force.

If we all understood that perfectly; we would not be able to control one another... we would all live in Harmonious Anarchy because there would be no reason for rules. We would sort of all just "Get It"!

So in my wonderful insanely wealthy future, I would love to start an Institute Of Creation. A school of thought destined to change the human thought of "I can't.." to " Why the hell not! I CAN CREATE! Therefore I am a God of The God.. and I am in control of my mind, my world and my JOY!".

Move over General Metaphysics! Lets mainstream the strength and Competence of the human condition and make it truly AWESOME!

Blessings, Erin Renee

~This is Jessa Marie and Erin Renee, Witch and Psychic Medium~
I want to tell the story about how Jessa and I went to the food bank last year.

You see, Ray, my husband was laid off and Jessa was a divorced single mother trying to make her way working online through Ebay.

This was before my adventures on Ebay. I had had a baby, the kids were in school, and we were being adopted by the local Credit Union as an adopt a family for the Holidays. So we got a Turkey and a basket that year.. and I was making plans with the Credit Union as to what the kids needed for the upcoming year. They needed clothes, hats, gloves and jackets.

So yeah.. I was poor.. nitty gritty poor. We paid $1200 a month in rent on a house that was just big enough for all of us. We were saving on the uitilities with space heaters and the wood stove insert.

Jessa was in a 2 bedroom apartment. She gave the kids the bedrooms and was sleeping in the living room.. I have soooo much more to tell you all about this... LOL! It's hilarious that me and my 3 kids moved in with Jessa and her 2 kids, in that 2 bedroom apartment for 3 months! Can you imagine...?

Anyhoo... The Credit Union was setting us up with a cord of wood as well. So our average electric bill for the winter last year was $118.00. Not bad for a snow covered, high desert, extreme weather area. Gotta love Northern Nevada!

So we walk into this food bank here in Carson City. We were feeling pretty low, but it was a needed thing to feed all of our 7 kids. I was suprised when I saw their faces after I told them I had 5 kids. It's like they hurried me on through and made sure we got what we needed. Unfortunately a lot of what they gave us were cakes and cookies and baked good.. Now the kids were really happy and when you are hungry I guess you really do not think about nutrition. So we just let those kids have at it!

Boy as we were driving home, Jessa and I had the biggest smiles on our faces! It's like you could hear the war cry coming out of us! Like we just brought down the biggest damn buffalo and we were going home to the village to deliver the plunder of our hunt to our family in need. The woops and hollers were hilarious.. but it made us so damn happy to feed our families. So in a way this is a big shout out to the food bank here in Carson City.

Jessa and I give back all we can in donations to the thrift store that makes money for the bank and shelter for the homeless.

I just wanted to show that I may be a psychic medium awaiting my fame and fortune. And that I have a lot of messages just sitting on a shelf awaiting a new stage to put it all out on.. To let the public ponder it's own divinity.. to show the world that we are individuals are as powerful as any God. That we are the true creaters of this world.

Yep.. little ole me.. horse trainer, counselor, Manifestation Mistress, Psychic Medium, Ghost Hunter, and Energy Manipulator, and once poor mother of 5 kids, who had to go to the food bank to feed her babies.

I think sharing the hard times helps others see I am just as effected by the world's financial upheavals and that I roll with the punches just like the rest of you.

The only difference is "I see dead people..." while I'm doing it!

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