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Well, I hit a wall with my gelding horse Mambo... and I sent him to go live with Laura Phelps Bell at Animal Waystation in Silver Springs Nevada.

Sounds like no big deal right? Well, This horse was my love and my downfall at the same time.
I read him so well, I took him from a home that was kinda boring at it's quiet times, and when he was worked with he was pretty banged around and pushed. Saying this means that he was pretty much abused and "cowboyed".  This kind of made him a hit or miss riding horse. He could be great arena horse. Do all you ever asked of him..
Roll backs, near sliding stops, close to flying lead changes, spins.
I took him for walks around the neighborhood. He knew the place well, but maybe going off of my nerves and his explosive nature, we never did well on the trail together alone.
With a group of other horses and riders we did great!

My poor guy tried so hard with me. Tried to do all I ever asked of him and was very emotional while doing it.
When we were good we were great, when we had bad moments, I was lucky to be unscathed.

Mambo is a Nevada Prison Trained Horse. He went through tough and rigorous training in the program. He came out a perfect lunge horse, a good saddle horse, but untrusting of people on his back.

Another issue Mambo and I had was jealousy. He was extremely jealous of me and would abuse any other horse near him that I paid any attention to.

That saying, we came across a pony that needed some nutrition and some care. So we scooped her up and brought her here.
As soon as she was in her litte corral, Mambo decided she had to die.
The terror went on for a week. Laura Bell was the ONLY person that came to my aid when I needed someone to help.

The mustang sanctuaries would not take him because he was a definite problem if he came into contact with other horses.
I have seen Mambo single hoofedly take on a herd of 5 or more horses and make them pee themselves.

After a lot of deliberating and us figuring he did not know his place in a herd, I sent him to go live with some other mustangs who can show him a thing or two about his place in life.

Now don't get me wrong. I did not send him off forever. In fact this is the worst I have been in my whole life where a horse is concerned. I have bought and sold horses since I was 12 years old. Buying them and re working them, trading up or down and making a few bucks for myself.
Riding in gymkhanas, reshowing the horse and moving them on to other folks. But I cannot seem to let go of my Bo.

I cry several times a day because I miss him. I swear he might have been the only true bond I have ever had with a horse. That is after 26 years of riding, showing and training.

Psychically, I told him he was going to Laura's to play with the big boys. That he has crossed the line with wanting to really hurt that sweet little black skinny pony. That he crossed the line by abusing Calypso, our little roan yearling filly.
That he cannot have me all to himself.

I told him that he tried his best and so did I.. and that I loved him over all of them. And he was good. He went with Laura, he did decently while loading in the trailer and I am told he was extraordinarily quiet when he met up with Laura's herd. The only thing was she was not able to watch as she had to run off to another job when she dropped him off. Laura feels that he was given the royal treatment in those first 4 hours.

So, I am healing. No other love has hit me this hard. The only other time I was a wracking total mess like this was when Ember fell at 9 months old and cracked her head. That was BAD..
I did energy work on her.. I prayed, I called to the spirits and the creative spirits to heal her.. and in a half hour she was eating a sandwich with me..
I do not know if it was me.. or her injury was not as bad as everyone thought. All I know is that she healed just fine.

The pain is pretty bad.. and I know this is all kind of not that important to most people, but for me, it is like losing a child, a husband, a lover and a parent all at the same time.

Some people would say he is just a horse. But you see he is my horse and now I most likely will not have him back for about 6 months and I may not be able to have him back if he is going to be so mean and dangerous. I mean I have kids here.
If I was single with no children and stuff then yes. I would be able to keep this horse, volatile moves and all.

Jeez! When he is good he is good! When he is bad, he is the most evil thing!

Bo never meant to hurt me both times he dumped me and the 2 times he dumped my teenager.  He just is highly emotional and highly reactive. Both of these ways in either a person or an animal is never good.

I will heal, maybe find a nice trail horse that we all can enjoy.
I will go visit him as often as I can.
I will continue to work and help other people.
I just miss the guy that helped me out a lot.

My Mustang
"Mambo" Aka
"Hell Dorado",
" Horse of Doom"
"Black Horse From Hell"
and affectionately called

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