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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Hope this finds you all in good health. Getting around on a cane now not so bad. Change is coming but not as most see it people who are ready to embrace it will have little or n trouble. if you look at the mayan calender  it takes up just a little bit of time, the world didn't start there nor will it end. 

We will be going in to the time of enlightenment. When those who are ready will have the ability to access more of there minds. Abilities to use what people sometimes call gifts shall be come everyday ways As long as man teaches the way to use them we will reach a golden age of Peace.

Not everyone will be able to continue to the next step for greed and things like it will keep many from going through the hoop. I have given much thought to this and get to a alter state of mind channeling if you wish to call it. If you wish to go on you must learn to value things that money can't buy. What are these things you might ask. In your heart of hearts we all know, this means you must find balance. We did not get to this place all at once, so it will take time to change. Yes thing are getting warmer and we may have made it happen faster then last time but this is a cycle of the Earth Mother don't go killing your self trying to change it all at once. 

You can not save everything for it has a time and place so do not be come a hoarder. some things must die so others may take there place. think about it no more nuc energy lets use what we have properly. More latter Love Chief

The only thing I would totally require in working with you.. is that you drop the past ideas of nothing working for you.

I have an extremely strong feeling that you built a core belief for yourself that is not helping you move forward.  Now, you could most likely argue with me till we are both blue in the face.. but the fact of any life matter is that WE create our WORLD and our CIRCUMSTANCES.

So when you have spent years and years looking outside of yourself and feeling like you have been let down by all the energies around you, the next place to look for answers is within. And begin to place the blame where it belongs.   I know that sounds harsh. But I had to do it too.. I had to work through my beliefs that came in from life after life.. I even have to work with my asthma because I know it came from a death in a past life and I have to continually talk myself out of the attack with reassurance that this is not from this life.. but an imprint of the other life where I was shot through the lung.

I am not going to make you look at the bad stuff in your life.. but we have to explore why you have created your blocks.. or why you are creating the circumstance that your work is being stolen, or the belief that you are a victim of this life.  That is where it all needs to change.  The very core of all of this.. including the spirit intrusion is that you allow beings to bug you. Like you believe that it is ok for them to be there.. and this has to come from somewhere in your core beliefs where you feel you have no control and you cannot get control.

So your life theme is all about who has control where.. and it seems to be a struggle.  I think if we work on LOVE. The feeling of love and the confidence in love.. there will be a massive healing in you. Because there are just two emotions that drive human beings.. and that is love and fear. Everything we DO is based on love and fear.  So what if we dropped all the other Happy Crap and shot right for the heart of the matter and went for confidence love in the self and walking with the light of home?  If I completely simplify this whole thing, it may go straight there.. and a whole healing will work.

Look, you cannot place the blame of nothing working on yourself. Because the self HAS to drive forward. And When you are the one responsible for your stagnation, the convenient scape goat of the outer beings not helping you will not be there.. only the self can take the blame and the self will have to pick itself up and keep going. 

You are just as special as those angels you look outside of yourself at. You in fact are MORE special than they are.. because they cannot come here and play out these dramas.. they are in wonderment of us, they are jealous of us, if you could call it that.. that is why they stick close.. but they cannot totally open doors for you.. They can show you the handle and guide you there.. but you have to turn the knob. 

So do you see? If you could place the wonderment and awe on yourself as you do the angelic realm, you would know that you could do anything. That you are unstoppable.  When that veil lifts and you truly see the higher you as opposed to the lower being on earth, you would cry at the gloriousness of the self and what you actually have already accomplished on earth and the other side simultaneously.

So basically what I am saying is Lose the the Attitude of Hopelessness.. and realize that as you get up each day and feed that body, you are allowing yourself a new day to find the realization of amazement in you. You Cannot Fail Yourself. So you see, it HAS to WORK!

There is no "yes.. but.." in what I have just stated. You cannot argue with the fact that you will not fail yourself. That idea and reality is completely unavailable to you. 

Take care and be well.. Even if we do nothing.. those words I have just typed come straight from the top of all there is.  This is one of the Pinnacle Universal Truths. God cannot fail God. You cannot fail and you are never alone.

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