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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

This is me about to go to another "Therapy" Session.. note brand new Durafork Ray bought me for Yule... I keep the mud boots in the back of the wagon.. so I really wasn't completely dressed.. but I was showing off my new tool! YAY! Picking Horse Shit is better than a shrink, I will say it till the day I die.

Stupid Facts about me...

#1 I am fascinated and a huge FAN of Classic Country Western Music.. here in Carson City, I listen to 93.5 Classic Country. The people that listen to this station would hate me! A psychic spell caster with a twist.. a commy, socialist freak from California, a horrible LIBERAL! OMG! If they could have the Clan here, they would probably burn a cross on my lawn and then lynch me. No one else who rides in my car like it, so it is my alone time ritual to crank up Old Hank!

I love George Jones, Charley Pride, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Chris LeDoux, the whole lot of them.. Old George Strait, new George Strait.. any sexxy awesomely hot, but cannot act, even in his own movie, George Strait.

#2 I sing AWESOME karaoke... mostly Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy Cline, Trisha Yearwood.. anything I can match my voice to... I would LOVE to sing some Allison Krouse.. but she is a literal ANGEL.. so I don't think I can get there...

#3 I belly Dance, but my belly is waayy too flabby right now.. I even had some one on youtube make a comment on my rolls.. so they can all suck it, because I disabled all comments.. they can keep theeir nastyness to themselves! HA!

#4 I got 5 kids under my roof and half the time I wanna hang myself.

#5 I LOVE heliotrope Oil! YAY! I just ordered some more.

#6 My Favorite color is Rainbow.. I like ALL colors.. so I cannot just pin one down..

#7 I have a hot tub that doesn't work well, just sitting in my backyard. I secretly want to blow it up and have it just vanish so I'll never have to move it again.

#8 I turned 35 on October 9th this year of 2009.. John Lennon was born on the same day.. I guess we are just megalomaniacs at heart.. but we have a social sense as well.. gotta love being a libra.

#9 And with turning 35, my hormones are insane.. nuff said... I know why " Cougars" Exist! Why the have "Boy Chew Toys".. LOL

#10 Here is one for you.. laugh if you want or think I am nuts.. but I wash Ray's work clothes in Dawn. It's a degreaser! Hello! It's better than ANY laundry detergent.

#11 I actually hate the holidays... but I do it for everyone else.. one day, i am just going to run away to the beach and they can all have the holidays on their own.. they can call me selfish all they want.. but I gotta be me!

#12 my real hair color is light brown even though my eyeborws are pretty dark..

#13 I am half Italian.. I DO get a mustache! I mean I have never let it grow.. but I have to tweeze 3 times a week to keep those nasty whiskers away.

#14 I think I may be close to a D cup because of the nursing... so thats interesting.. when I quit, I'll be back to a C.

#15 I used to bite my nails.. then I discovered witchcraft and have never gone back. It was the only addiction I EVER had.

#16 I smoke a corn cob pipe.

#17 I drink Champagne when I perform Spell Work..

#18 When invoking Pomba Gira.. I sometimes get turned on.. well she IS a sex goddess!

#19 I once outran a train while horseback.. someday I will tell that story.

#20 My neighbors are afraid of me.. they know what I do... and for some reason, I moved into a neighborhood of fanatics!

Life sure is strange!

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