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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Dig the double chin YO! I was working in this pic and smoking my pipe... Yeah it's a corn cob Merschaum
I swear I look fatter than I really am! LMFAO! Bed head too! This is the real ME!
And you Guessed it! Big Mama Truck! Read Below~

And you should check yours as well.. for better or worse.. for good and bad..
We bring it all on ourselves!
I have one back in the archives from last year.. so this is my new and expanded list.
From 2010.

* I went straight to readings and still made as much money as direct casting because I was tired of it.. and STILL DID WELL ON EBAY working from home.  I am the Reluctant Witch! I will cast but only if it is really needed and if nothing else has worked.

* I got this huge home after waiting and waiting. I had been saying for years that we needed a bigger house.
We ended up having one kid move out and getting that almost 3000 sq ft house.  So there is a LOT of room now! Thanks CraigsList!

* I moved my horses in and found out what was safe and not safe. So in effect I went through a large change up.. with lots of tears. I got Bo when I asked for a strong mustang that was good on the trails. He was.. just not alone.. he was dangerous alone.. and I got thrown and hurt my hip.. jolted my lower back. So you see watch what you ask for.

* I finally did get that kids horse.. who is awesome for me too.. and that is my Le Brooks. She is from the Brooks Quarter Horse Ranch.. she even has the I Heart brand on her shoulder. She is loving and protective of people. This is what I should asked for in the beginning. But with all great manifestations.. she came with a "but". She was in an accident with barbed wire and this has her gates off at a lope. She can still run those barrels.. but her lead changes are not great and she cross fires a lot. STILL! She is a true gem.. safe and loving and good and I could not be happier with her.

* I manifested a boarder.. a riding buddy who also provides half the hay I need to keep everyone fed and fat and happy. Here is the "but" on that one. We have Harmony. Whom I love.. i really do.. but she is a nervous ninny.. and creates all kind of havoc when she is not comfortable. Like if I take any one horse for a walk.. or one horse gets locked in the back yard. She gets all worked up and sweaty and her eyes white all out.. she is like 16.2 hh too.. huge mare! Huge! Still the good out weighs the bad there.

* We got Ray his job.. This was an awesome feat with the economy the way it is. He works a lot of hours and is getting about $24 an hour. So I do not need to be swamped with work, unless I want it.. like around Festivus and Yule. We needed present monies! This gives me time to think and time to listen to that which is around me.. ie.. spirits and dead people and the FLOW of things.

* Asylum Entertainment wants us. The Real Witches has struck again! They want to see us casting.. see us with our families and collecting materials for spell work. They want to see how crazy it can be around here.. and with Jessa. They want us.. because well, we are real and are not afraid to share ourselves.
I always knew I was gonna be on film.. and I knew I was gonna live in So Cal... which I hate.. but I can ride .. have my animals and still work and make a lot of money. I have no idea how any of this will happen..
I just know it is coming.. and Asylum is the first step.. here it comes! I may be able to quit ebay this year if a network picks us up.  All those fakers on Ebay saying they are International stars. If that was the case they wouldn't be slumming it on Ebay. They would be making bank off their own websites and store fronts.
I can understand the HooDoo people.. because they are selling hand made stuff as well as spells and readings. PapaHoodoo also has the VooDoo Magick shoppe in LA 9 I think that's what it is called).. so he is all over the fricken place. I think he is just smart. He will sell anywhere he can.  I know, I am rambling~ We still have some more building to do on that site.

* I got Big Mama. Big Mama is our 1978 3/4 ton Green Monster Machine Chevy Truck. She is jacked up and large and in charge. She leaks.. she sags.. she sputters. But she has some tunes now.. a new power steering pump, new breaks in the front and an "8 foot bed that never has to be made".  Gotta love Joe Diffy and his "Pick Up Man" song.  Big Mama moved our entire house. She hauls hay for me and she goes to the dump too!
I love Big Mama and she was only a whopping $1850.00 cash.
by the time she is all made over she is gonna be worth at least $4000 or more. I even had some cute cowboy try to buy her off me.. and that is in her current condition.

* We all stayed healthy in 2010.. the only hospital trip was when Willie got shot in the face with a BB gun. It is still lodged under his right eye. They didn't want to remove it for fear of messing with his tear duct.
Good times.. we shall see how he does in a metal detector now. I worked on that with spell work and gratitude..

* We got Arty Farty. Artemis is our Border Collie/Aussie shephard mix. My daughters manifestation. She wanted a dog.. and I bitched and moaned about it.. and then well, I decided we needed something to help round up the chickens.
So I drove to Fallon, NV and brought home Arty at 5 weeks old. I waited for the right ad to come up.. somewhere... whether in the paper or online or where ever.. and I didn't just want any old mutt.
Well I saw an ad for Border collie/Aussie crosses for like really cheap.. I saw both parents and picked a tri colored female with no tail. After missed calls and emails.. she was STILL THERE!  I wanted her.. and looked for her and waited and there she was.
Mixed blessings right! Ok.. I got what I wanted. At 8 weeks old Arty popped 2 chickens with her milk teeth.
She attacked them.. and put them into shock, but they did not die.. I nursed them back over night by the fire and they were fine. So now Arty can't be trusted with the birds alone.. On the flip side. Calypso, my mustang fillie puts the fear into Arty and chases her all over the pasture. So what comes around comes around. After some rough starts with Arty, she is a stinky part of the family. Always gorging herself on horse poo and chicken poo and whatever left overs she can find from the kid's food droppings. She puked something up yesterday that was just horribly fowl. Willie decided to not pick it up and it set in the carpet... good times!

What do I want for 2011?
I might as well put it in writing now.. because I am gonna forget and more will come up as life goes on.. so let's get to it:

I want either good shoes or some good rubber shoes for Brooks so we can get some good riding in for this year. I am afraid of contracted heels on her. Horse people know what I am talking about here.

I want to be on TV. I want us to get picked up by a network. I want the good stuff from being on a Reality TV show. I want sales to pick up from our websites. I want to be a household name and I want the Miller Brewing Company to pick Jessa and I as spokes people for thier High Life brand of beer.
We are The Real Witches ! And we drink Hight Life! Gotta love that High Life Witch.. she is so darned cute!

If we are on TV.. I want the crazy Christians and Uber traditional Witchy people to leave us alone..
Let Tolerance Reign! I know this is wishful thinking.. but I gotta put it out there.

I want to be an advisor to the stars.. why the F not right? I always had this wierd fantasy.
Ok, I do like Christian Slater, but have not really paid attention to his career ever.. but I always use this analogy.. Would I be comfortable walking up to Christian Slater and saying "Waaazzzz AAAUUUUPPP"... I am a witch and a psychic... what have you done lately?" "Nice to meet you and I loved you in Pump Up The Volume, Boy did I love you in that movie...": Droollll

So yeah.. I wanna be at some parties with these people.. Am I thinking they are all going to be great conversationalists? No.. some are gonna be down right bizarre and megalomaniacs.. but in time that could be a very nice stream of income working for these people.
Jeanne Dixon did it.. and she was the first and the best. But I could offer spells and spiritual coaching as well.
It ain't all about readings.. Why not be the next witchy guru to the stars! Why not cross that line? I think I could handle it? Do I wanna be on call to them?? No.. and I know I will have to deal with that.. I already had a taste of it with a business owner in LA.. someone who just thought I was at their disposal all the damned time.. and trust me.. $20 a pop for each time I had to pick up the phone for her was not great. Put a real fee on that and I may do it.. I really might be on call to anyone who needs it.

I want to be on that scene.. AND have a nice ranch north of LA.. so Ray could have a work shop.. the kids could go to a small town school and I can care for rescue animals if need be.. without being an animal horder.. or I may be on another show??? LMFAO!

I want to be able to maybe buy this house.. or at least know for sure if my future does indeed lie in California so that I do not buy it. ??? I am conflicted here.

I want to be in a new tax bracket for the better in 2011.

I want to be out of debt. Completely. One way or the other.. I should most likely file for bankruptcy.. but if I make enough this year, I will have my accountant hash it out with my creditors.. work on some deals and get those accounts closed.  As it is now, we cannot pay rent and bills, and pay on all the debt we have from when Ray was laid off.. ya see what I am saying. I am in the same boat as most Americans. This makes me a good person for advice in how to deal with the emotionally scary shit of being in debt. I have helped hundreds of people out with thier thoughts on this issue.

* I want a Hemi. I want a big ass Dodge truck that will haul anything I want it to haul.. and I want it in white with tinted windows.. and I want men to drool over my big bad ass truck and matching horse trailer. RAM 5500 SLT CHASSIS QUAD CAB® 4X4 164.5" WB~ GRRRRRRR!!!!!
Yeah, that would be awesome. Might as go large right? If I am manifesting/dreaming...

*I want a Ford 9N tractor to clean up my property.. I want it to be vintage so Ray can have fun fixing it up and making it pretty. He loves shit like that.

* I wanna play my bass really well.. But with all my other stuff it is hard to find time to pick on it. I will do it thought if I really get the urge..

* I want to at least be a size 10 this year. That is just 1 to 2 sizes down.. I can do that.. looks like I may have to forego the tractor so I can haul shit loads to the manure pile.. this is my exercise.
I look good as a 10.. anything lower and I look anorexic..  Plus women don't like skinny bitches.
They want to be around people they can relate to and are not in competition with.. this will make me a favorite with the skinny celeb crowd. See there is a method to my chubbiness. :)

* I want a healthy family for 2011. I want to be able to pay all Health Insurance CO Pays in full at the time of service.

* I want no more Bobcat or Coyote attacks on my chickens. They will live happy and strong and give us many good fresh eggs!

* I want Ray to be happy in his work and all of us happy with the money he makes and all of us comfortable and living well with the money I make.. and Boy I want it to be a LOT this year!
I am not greedy, I just like security. I do not buy a lot of stuff..  I just like a FAT savings account.

* I want to be able to afford to send Ember to a pre-school the year so she can learn how to share. LOL! She is a little Hitler that one!

* and Lastly, I want to be the best at what I do. I want to blow away Sylvia Browne and John Edward out of the water. I want to amaze people and make them feel better. I want to be the voice of reason, the voice of inspiritation, the voice of upliftment, The Voice of Spirituality for people who might have lost some of their personal Mojo. I want to be the best coach I can be.. I want Spirit to speak through me. I want love to ooze from me.. and I want to be that cool cat girl who is not too chubby or too thin that people love and want to be around. The mom, the older sister.. the younger sister.. the fatasy lover.. the ego stroker.. anything I can be for people that helps them make it through. Anything I can do to get people to see this life as a better place.. to help them make it a better place.. and to see the future as a better place.


We are cutting a promo with Asylum Entertainment.. they want to do a docu series called My Best Friend The Witch.. and
Looks like they want to follow our family life.. our online and personal connections with our clients..
They want to see us belly dance. Conducting Spell work.. and doing Psychic Readings.
So this is my news. We just got off a conference call...
We will be doing all sorts of stuff..
This was on my manifestation list to do! So it is happening.. one more reason I am a decent manifestation coach.
Blessed Be!

Well, I hit a wall with my gelding horse Mambo... and I sent him to go live with Laura Phelps Bell at Animal Waystation in Silver Springs Nevada.

Sounds like no big deal right? Well, This horse was my love and my downfall at the same time.
I read him so well, I took him from a home that was kinda boring at it's quiet times, and when he was worked with he was pretty banged around and pushed. Saying this means that he was pretty much abused and "cowboyed".  This kind of made him a hit or miss riding horse. He could be great arena horse. Do all you ever asked of him..
Roll backs, near sliding stops, close to flying lead changes, spins.
I took him for walks around the neighborhood. He knew the place well, but maybe going off of my nerves and his explosive nature, we never did well on the trail together alone.
With a group of other horses and riders we did great!

My poor guy tried so hard with me. Tried to do all I ever asked of him and was very emotional while doing it.
When we were good we were great, when we had bad moments, I was lucky to be unscathed.

Mambo is a Nevada Prison Trained Horse. He went through tough and rigorous training in the program. He came out a perfect lunge horse, a good saddle horse, but untrusting of people on his back.

Another issue Mambo and I had was jealousy. He was extremely jealous of me and would abuse any other horse near him that I paid any attention to.

That saying, we came across a pony that needed some nutrition and some care. So we scooped her up and brought her here.
As soon as she was in her litte corral, Mambo decided she had to die.
The terror went on for a week. Laura Bell was the ONLY person that came to my aid when I needed someone to help.

The mustang sanctuaries would not take him because he was a definite problem if he came into contact with other horses.
I have seen Mambo single hoofedly take on a herd of 5 or more horses and make them pee themselves.

After a lot of deliberating and us figuring he did not know his place in a herd, I sent him to go live with some other mustangs who can show him a thing or two about his place in life.

Now don't get me wrong. I did not send him off forever. In fact this is the worst I have been in my whole life where a horse is concerned. I have bought and sold horses since I was 12 years old. Buying them and re working them, trading up or down and making a few bucks for myself.
Riding in gymkhanas, reshowing the horse and moving them on to other folks. But I cannot seem to let go of my Bo.

I cry several times a day because I miss him. I swear he might have been the only true bond I have ever had with a horse. That is after 26 years of riding, showing and training.

Psychically, I told him he was going to Laura's to play with the big boys. That he has crossed the line with wanting to really hurt that sweet little black skinny pony. That he crossed the line by abusing Calypso, our little roan yearling filly.
That he cannot have me all to himself.

I told him that he tried his best and so did I.. and that I loved him over all of them. And he was good. He went with Laura, he did decently while loading in the trailer and I am told he was extraordinarily quiet when he met up with Laura's herd. The only thing was she was not able to watch as she had to run off to another job when she dropped him off. Laura feels that he was given the royal treatment in those first 4 hours.

So, I am healing. No other love has hit me this hard. The only other time I was a wracking total mess like this was when Ember fell at 9 months old and cracked her head. That was BAD..
I did energy work on her.. I prayed, I called to the spirits and the creative spirits to heal her.. and in a half hour she was eating a sandwich with me..
I do not know if it was me.. or her injury was not as bad as everyone thought. All I know is that she healed just fine.

The pain is pretty bad.. and I know this is all kind of not that important to most people, but for me, it is like losing a child, a husband, a lover and a parent all at the same time.

Some people would say he is just a horse. But you see he is my horse and now I most likely will not have him back for about 6 months and I may not be able to have him back if he is going to be so mean and dangerous. I mean I have kids here.
If I was single with no children and stuff then yes. I would be able to keep this horse, volatile moves and all.

Jeez! When he is good he is good! When he is bad, he is the most evil thing!

Bo never meant to hurt me both times he dumped me and the 2 times he dumped my teenager.  He just is highly emotional and highly reactive. Both of these ways in either a person or an animal is never good.

I will heal, maybe find a nice trail horse that we all can enjoy.
I will go visit him as often as I can.
I will continue to work and help other people.
I just miss the guy that helped me out a lot.

My Mustang
"Mambo" Aka
"Hell Dorado",
" Horse of Doom"
"Black Horse From Hell"
and affectionately called

My story ~ Happy Birthday Erin! And remember it only takes one slip of judgment to make a good mom look like the most evil thing on earth.

I almost went to jail yesterday so I am recovering from drama today.My son got caught shop lifting so I stupidly hurried inside and I left my 10 year old and 2 year old in the car.( in front of the store and was in there 3 minutes tops to bail my son out of Walmart Security.... Something I would NEVER DO! that is, leaving them in the car.) someone called the police on me.. and the cop threatened to take me to jail.... said it was felony child neglect.. in case I didn't know. He let me go. I figured it was ok as my oldest was 10 and she was in the car!!!! I mean it's not like I left the baby alone and went in for beer. So the guy wanted to know more about the shop lifting and went in to talk with the other kids and parents in the store. It was a fun day for me!

So that's my story, I ain't in jail.. but I got my can rattled and now my son has no life.. because we took it all away from him... the joy of parenthood!

Ok.. I have no idea if this dream is really going to last. I am afraid I will wake up at any minute.
Ya know how I am always talking about all of our damned kids? Well.. one moved with her mother knocking us down to 4 in the house.
I have been calling and emailing on any houses with horse property that I could find.
Here were my specs. I wanted a place we could afford. One with enough room for all of us.. room for the horses and some chickens. It had to be some what of a fixer upper so I would not feel so bad if the kids wrecked anything.
I know I wanted it to be better if we had to leave it than when we moved into it.
I am also one of those dream tenants that land lords would love to have. I steam clean everything, repaint stuff.. fix the yard up way better than it was.. Thank Ray for that too..
We are good people and we wanted a decent place.
So here we are.. in a house that is 3000 sq ft. An acre and a third. Flat property with a riding arena that we made.. 2 huge stalls for the horses. The house has 5 bedrooms and a huge laundry area.
Jacuzzi Tub! 2 master suits and an office /bedroom.
I mean the list goes on and on.
I also wanted a circular drive way.. we now have one.
The place needed yard work, paint and a carpet cleaning.
I saw a lot of this in my minds eye before I went to bed at night.. and here it IS again!
There is no limit to what your wants and your mind can do.
I seriously think I have blown my own mind away. The last time something THIS PERFECT happened.. was when we magically got the book store.
Now this land lord would love to sell this house to us and if we can get it.. I think we will definitely try for it!



Murphy's Law as defined in the cosmos

Sometimes, stuff just happens. If you're concerned that the cosmos had it in for you recently, check the table below to see if Mercury might have been retrograde.

Retrograde Mercury is the most commonly known astrological signature for Murphy's Law ("If something can go wrong, it will"), and is one of the first features intermediate astrology students learn about. Say it to a seasoned astrologer and you'll likely get an amused smile and some delightful stories about how things can get quite unexpectedly unhinged.

Computers crash, software develops unexpected glitches, traffic jams ensue, telephone service snarls up, letters get lost on the mail, machinery breaks down, new projects fail. Ah, yes, the trickster Mercury is up to his old pranks again. In fact, at least three times a year for about three weeks each time Mercury has his way with us.

First let's look at what Mercury retrograde is, and then look at what can be done about it.

Those of a keen astronomical bent actually watch the planets each night as they travel through the zodiac. Mercury, which is only visible just before sunrise or just after sunset travels in a forward direction most of the time.

But three or four times a year, if you care to watch carefully, it appears to turn around and go backwards for about three weeks! Now Mercury really isn't going backwards. It's just an optical illusion based on the relative speeds and orbits of the Earth and Mercury around the Sun.

Here's an easy example. Think of riding in a fast car on an expressway which is passing a slower-moving car. The slower moving car appears to be moving backward, but it isn't really. It's just the relative speed and direction of the two cars gives that illusion. Retrograde Mercury is similar to that.

The apparent backward motion of Mercury is called retrograde, and it has been known and studied in western astrology for thousands of years.

In general the effect of Mercury retrograde is annoyance. Little things get snarled up and a low-grade frustration emerges. Anything involving communications, verbal activity, technology, short trips and journeys, primary education, and siblings can be affected.

While Mercury retrograde usually is in the minor irritant category, every now and then a colossal screw-up can take place.

For instance, the stock market crash of October, 2008, took place while Mercury was retrograde, although in all fairness a large number of other much stronger astrological indicators were also present pointing to a major financial failure. Retrograde Mercury was more like the astrological straw which broke the camel's back.

However, consider the Bush-Gore 2000 American presidential election in Florida. Now there's a classic colossal screw-up, and we can point our finger directly at Mercury retrograde.

For reasons best known to the Americans, they chose to have their 2000 presidential election on the exact day when Mercury retrograde energy peaked, called stationary direct. Oh, my goodness. In the end, after weeks of wrangling and legal battles, George W. Bush was declared the winner. History now records what a mess he made of virtually everything he did for the next eight years, a classic Mercury retrograde presidency.

(FWIW, astrologers, too, learned much from that Florida election. For instance, prior to the Florida election I had always thought a dimpled Chad was a good-looking man.)

One might think that after eight years of George W. Bush, the Americans might show a bit of respect for what Mercury retrograde can do to an election. But, no, apparently the Americans didn't get that message in their 2000 presidential election. Now please recall that the law of karma says if you don't get the message the first time, the lesson keeps coming back until you do get it. So, the Americans are going to get their noses rubbed in the Mercury retrograde lesson again.

The next American presidential election is scheduled to be held on Nov. 6, 2012, the exact day when Mercury is stationary retrograde. Here we go, people, instant replay.

Note two differences between the 2012 and the 2000 elections. The first is that in the 2000 election the Mercury retrograde was at the station which ended the retrograde, and in the 2012 election the Mercury retrograde will be at the station which begins the retrograde. Having made that distinction (which astrologers will relish thoroughly), for the rest of us just understand that both stations can snarl things up enormously. The beginning and ending stations are when the retrograde is the strongest.

The other difference is that in 2000 there was no incumbent running for re-election. It was anyone's race. In 2012 we can count on President Obama running for re-election. He's a Leo and Leos love the imperial limelight. But at this early date we can only speculate about who he might be running against. But we do know this. Whoever his opponent might be, that person will help significantly to define the electoral snarl up.

So, how does one say this politely? Oh boy. Anyone for another US presidential election that ends up looking like dog's breakfast? You read it here first.

Anyway, getting back to your life, with only a small amount foresight here are the precautions you can take to prevent colossal screw-ups in your life during the next Mercury retrograde:

If at all possible, avoid signing legal documents.

If at all possible, finish projects which involve communication before the retrograde.

If at all possible, avoid closing big deals during the retrograde

If at all possible, avoid launching new projects during the retrograde

If at all possible, avoid scheduling meetings to make a big decision

Allow extra time when travelling

Backup your hard drive before the retrograde

If at all possible, avoid installing new computer software during the retrograde

Do needed repairs on machinery before the retrograde

Do not hold an election during the retrograde.

This is not to say Mercury retrograde is always a bad thing. Far from it. It is actually an ideal time to do some other things, like:

Do the follow-ups on a project already started

Wrap up or complete a project already started

Research a new project thoroughly

Catch up on paperwork

Hold an information-sharing meeting

Enjoy someone's wacky sense of humour

To find out how Mercury retrograde might affect you personally usually requires a fair knowledge of astrology (which could take months or years to learn) or a visit to your friendly local astrologer who can check the unique placements in your natal chart and guide you appropriately.

Check the table below for the next few times when Mercury will be retrograde. Note that the retrograde is particularly strong at the very beginning and the very end (as the Americans are learning the hard way). These beginning and ending points are called stations by astrologers.

All listed dates and times are GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, so you will have to do a conversion to your local time zone. A conversion table for standard time zones is listed below as well.

. Upcoming Mercury retrogrades

Begins: (stationary retrograde) Ends: (stationary direct)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

4:01 a.m. GMT Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10:23 p.m. GMT

Friday, August 20, 2010

7:53 p.m. GMT Sunday, September 12, 2010

11:04 p.m. GMT

Saturday, December 10, 2010

11:58 a.m. GMT Thursday, December 30, 2010

7:16 a.m. GMT

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

8:49 p.m. GMT Saturday, April 23, 2011

10:05 a.m. GMT

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3:51 a.m. GMT Friday, August 26, 2011

10:04 p.m. GMT

Thursday, November 24, 2011

7:20 a.m. GMT Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1:44 a.m. GMT

Monday, March 12, 2012

7:50 a.m. GMT Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10:12 a.m. GMT

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2:17 a.m. GMT Wednesday, August 8, 2012

5:41 a.m. GMT

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11:05 p.m. GMT Monday, November 26, 2012

10:49 p.m. GMT

Saturday, February 23, 2013

9:42 a.m. GMT Sunday, March 17, 2013

8:04 p.m. GMT

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1:09 p.m. GMT Saturday, July 20, 2013

6:23 p.m. GMT

Monday, October 21, 2013

10:30 a.m. GMT Sunday, November 10, 2013

9:13 p.m. GMT

Thursday, February 6, 2014

9:44 p.m. GMT Friday, February 28, 2014

2:01 p.m. GMT


You will have to convert the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) listings above to your local time. Check the listing below for your time zone, and you can convert the beginning and end of Mercury retrograde to your local time. The listings below are in standard time and do not take into account daylight (summer) time, which is still irregular in many places. If you are unsure about the time zone conversion, then Click here for the GMT website which can give you today's date, exact current time, and time zone (including daylight time) for your locality.

Western Hemisphere:

Brazil Zone 2 subtract 3 hours

Newfoundland Standard Time subtract 3 1/2 hours

Atlantic Standard Time subtract 4 hours

Eastern Standard Time subtract 5 hours

Central Standard Time subtract 6 hours

Mountain Standard Time subtract 7 hours

Pacific Standard Time subtract 8 hours

Yukon Standard Time subtract 9 hours

Alaska-Hawaii Std Time subtract 10 hours

Hawaiian Standard Time subtract 10-1/2 hours

Bering Standard Time subtract 11 hours

Smoking doesn't kill you stress and being American does...


While this cannot really be considered scientific evidence, it is a fact nevertheless.

The oldest people on Earth are all smokers.

According to the World Health Organization and the statisticians of the anti-tobacco cartel, however, these are (or will be) all premature deaths, for the simple reason that they are smokers. Therefore, these individuals did (or will) add to the smoking-related death epidemic figures that the charlatans of the numerous anti-tobacco organizations keep waving in front of politicians, media, and public.

FORCES wishes to thank Wanda Hamilton for her usual, meticulously accurate work.



(Original compilation by Wanda Hamilton)

Says who that smoking kills? Good habits such as smoking are the secret of good life – In spite of the drumming propaganda, every record of super-longevity belongs to smokers. Here is the case of Zhang Shuqing, a centenarian in Pixian, Sichuan, China, turned 100 on May 7, and who “buried” his own daughter – probably a non smoker! – eight years ago. Jokes aside, one is to think and really ponder on this. Record-setters of longevity are ALL smokers with a lot of other “bad” habits: Zhang also eats like a pig, including a daily bowl of pork fat! A paradox? Hold on: what is a paradox? Something contrary to scientifically established facts, or contrary to BELIEFS passed as scientific facts? Let’s face it: if smoking were such a “bad” habit Zhang and so many like him would not be here to prove the opposite, would they?

The Big 115: another ancient smoker has a birthday party - August 28, 2006 -A reader tipped us off to this story of the ex-smoker, never-drinker who was already six when the U.S. seized Puerto Rico from Spain in 1898. "I never damaged my body with liquor," said Mercado, who quit a 76-year smoking habit when he was 90. Happy birthday, Mr. Mercado del Toro!

The tobacco death toll - February 26, 2003 - Mercilessly, tobacco keeps harvesting an endless number of premature victims. Day after day millions of cigarettes are produced by criminals who KNOW that each and every one of their customers will DIE – and there is no escape, and no more unquestionable truth: if you smoke, you die. This is the case of the late John McMorran, of Lakeland, Florida. He smoked cigars, drank beer and ate greasy food –and now he has paid the dear price for a life turned that stands as an insult to the health crusaders. John was born June 19, 1889, in a log cabin in Michigan, and he was the oldest American living – but he could have lived longer. And that is not all; it is well known that smoking causes blindness and ear problems. In fact, “McMorran's eyesight failed in his final years, and people needed to shout for him to hear them.” What a waste. This is what tobacco does to you. May this epitaph stand as warning to the young, so that they learn to NEVER make John’s mistakes, and turn into statistical deaths.

The Italian Massacre - February 26, 2003 - In the meantime, we get a full dimension of what tobacco does to people in other countries as well. The Italian daily “Libero” has just reported updates on the Tobacco Massacre of Milan last February 6th. Out of a population of 2.2 million in that city, there are 646 people whose lives will, inevitably, be cut short – shortly after they turn 100. Two of them are already 110, five are 109 and 12 are 106. Another 217 are only 100, 167 just turned 101, and 115 are 102. But that’s not over. Over 35,000 Milanese are in the age range between 85 and 94, and another 92,000 are between 75 and 84. You can see them in the polluted Italian city with their dogs, in the typical little bars, indulging in despicable habits such as coffee, grease-filled brioches, alcohol and – worst of all – smoking Tuscan cigars that stink more than any diesel tailpipe, poisoning their peers. Some of them even “do” cigarettes, having indulged in the deadly habit for over 94 years. Imagine how dirty their lungs are. According to the daily, in fact, the overwhelming majority of these people either smokes, drinks, or eats fatty foods. Most even do it all. No wonder the heroic health authorities must intervene to stop the carnage. It’s either now or never!

Tobacco Claims Two More - The Philippines lost one of that country's most prolific and beloved composers and lyricists. Levi Celerio, who wrote the lyrics for more than 4,000 folk, Christmas and love songs, died after a bout of emphysema. Obituaries noted that Mr. Celerio was a chain smoker. He was 91. He is survived by his third wife and the 12 children he managed to father despite the impotence caused by tobacco. From the other side of the world, the United Kingdom morns the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. The mother of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother was a bon vivant who loved horse racing, gin cocktails and, sadly, cigarettes. It was the latter, the beastly coffin nails, that did her in. She was 101 years old.

Television Pioneer's Life Cut Short - "His trademark cigar rarely left his hand. In an interview two years ago, Berle said he'd smoked cigars since he was 12. "I figure if George Burns can smoke 20 cigars a day his whole life and live to be 100, why should I worry if they're bad for me?" We note the passing of Milton Berle with sadness and anger at a creative life cut short by excessive tobacco use. Mr. Berle died Wednesday from colon cancer. He was 93.

Smoking Kills Famous Director - Succumbing to a life time of smoking, Hollywood director Billy Wilder died Wednesday at the age of 95. The 6-time Oscar winner directed such classics as "Some Like It Hot" and "Sunset Boulevard". His 1955 movie "The Seven Year Itch" made a contemporary icon of Marilyn Monroe's pose over a New York subway vent. The premature deaths of these two well-known victims of tobacco give added urgency to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's campaign to eliminate smoking from movies. Once smoking is banished from the silver screen, the focus can be shifted to the people who make and star in the movies the movies. The carnage must be halted.

Television Pioneer's Life Cut Short - "His trademark cigar rarely left his hand. In an interview two years ago, Berle said he'd smoked cigars since he was 12. "I figure if George Burns can smoke 20 cigars a day his whole life and live to be 100, why should I worry if they're bad for me?" We note the passing of Milton Berle with sadness and anger at a creative life cut short by excessive tobacco use. Mr. Berle died Wednesday from colon cancer. He was 93.

Gregorio Fuentes - Cut Down By Tobacco Before His Time - Gregorio Fuentes, who skippered Ernest Hemingway's fabled fishing boat, the Pilar, for more than 20 years and is said to have been the writer's inspiration for the embattled fisherman in "The Old Man and the Sea," has died. He was 104. Fuentes died of cancer Sunday at his home in Cojimar, the quiet Cuban fishing village about 10 miles east of Havana where Hemingway used to dock the Pilar. Smoking until the end, Fuentes is sad proof that tobacco kills.

John Berry - John Berry, a rugged-faced pipe smoker, a stage and movie director, writer and actor who made more than 50 films and, entangled in the blacklist, exiled himself from Hollywood during the anti-Communist inquests of the 1950s, died Nov. 29, 1999 at his home in Paris. He was 82. Another premature, tobacco-related death, no doubt. We are not kidding. Every smoker who dies is logged as a tobacco-related death to beef up mortality statistics and imply that those who don't smoke are either immortal, or live much longer lives. And when they die (…sorry, IF they die) they are not logged as a tobacco-related deaths even if they died of the identical diseases of smokers. … How else do you think that the anti-tobacco cartel builds up its statistical garbage about the "smoking epidemic?"

Isabella Gibson ready to celebrate her 99th - Another smoker approaches one century of life. Gambling, smoking, and enjoying life does not seem to have cut short the life of this person, though she will certainly be logged as yet another "premature, tobacco-related death" by the crooked statistics desing to create numbers proving the Lie of the Century. Isabella seems to be still in good health, notwithstanding osteoporosis (smoking-related, no doubt). Happy birthday, Isabella -- and keep on smokin'!

Wencelao Moreno: another victim bites the dust - It's with extreme sadness that we report the sad demise of Wencelao Moreno of a smoking related illness. Mr. Moreno, better known as "Senor Wences" of the "Ed Sullivan Show" was 103. During the benighted era when ash resided in ash trays rather than dictating policy in Washington, Senor Wences joked, drank and smoked with his puppets on T.V. All his puppets died of secondhand smoke decades ago. Although his premature passing is sad, his death is warning to us all that smoking kills.

Mme Jeanne Calment, who was listed as the world's oldest human whose birth date could be certified, died at 122. She had begun smoking as a young woman. At 117 she quit smoking (by that age she was just smoking two or three cigarettes per day because she was blind and was too proud to ask often for someone to light her cigarettes for her). But she resumed smoking when she was 118 because, as she said, not smoking made her miserable and she was too old to be made miserable. She also said to her doctor: "Once you've lived as long as me, only then can you tell me not to smoke." Good point! [USA Today, "Way to go, champ," 10/18/95].

When Mme. Calment died at 122 in l997, the new longevity champ became 116-year-old Marie-Louise Meilleur, of Canada. Mme. Meilleur had chain-smoked all her adult life (as her grandson said, "She always had a cigarette dangling from her lips as she worked,"--AP, 8/15/97, reported in Miami Herald, p. 2A). She did give up smoking, however, when she was nearly 100.

The world's oldest man is (unless he has died since the last report I have, which is l997) Christian Mortensen, ll4 in l997,who has been a cigar smoker for most of his life--and still smokes them. [San Francisco Chronicle, "114 and Still Smoking," Peter Fimrite, 8/5/97, p.A13].

Britain's oldest man, George Cook, died at 108 in his sleep in September, l997. He "smoked heavily for 85 years before giving up tobacco at the age of 97," ("World Briefs," Houston Chronicle, 9/29/97).

The Scottish Daily Record (12/15/97) reported on Ivy Leighton, 100, who smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 84 years, but cut down somewhat after her 100th birthday. April claimed smoking was the key to her long life.

There are two men who claim to be the world's oldest living humans, but their birth dates cannot be certified. One is Ali Mohammed Hussein, who claimed to be 135, of Lebanon. He "smokes like a chimney," but does not drink alcohol [CNN World News, "Born in l862," Brent Sadler, 5/13/l997].

The title is also claimed by Narayan Chaudhari, a Nepalese man who says he is 141. However, his birth date also cannot be certified. He too is a heavy smoker and says the secret of his longevity is "raw tobacco and no alcohol." [Nando net, Agence France

Manifestation Stories

This is from a friend and client of mine who was sooooo generous to share his manifestation story with all of us! Thanks Ken!


11/20) I bought a new house ... the entire process was "Like it was meant to be". The house is perfect! 6 months before I did a short exercise where I decided what "MY HOUSE" would look like, where it would be, etc etc etc ... then I just forgot about it ... 1 week after my last vacation my mom said "you need to buy a house". I got smartassed and said .. OK mom ... Which one? She said that a freind of hers had just moved into the old folks home and I should look a the house ... to humor mom I looked at the house ... HOLY SHIT ... it was the house I "Asked for" ... within 24 hours we had a signed deal, and 3 weeks later I was moving in.

Hey Erin,

Here is the story of how I got my house ...

One day I sat down and did an exercise ... it took about a day of thought, and 30 minutes of bringing the thoughts together ... the question was ... "If I moved to another house ... what would it be like? Where would it be? What would it look like? What features would I want? And WHY?

I did the exercise and forgot all about it ... I told no one that I was looking for a house ... because I wasn't ... it was just an exercise ... no need to tell anyone ... Right?

6 months later ... I'd been back from vacation for a week ... my mother comes to me and says "You need to buy a house!" Being a smartass I said "OK Mom ... which house would that be?" ... She just happened to know of a "Perfect" house ... owned by a friend of hers' who had just moved into a Senior's Center.

Mom said that she had some money from her Mother's estate, and she would lend me up to $15,000 for the down payment. I always had a very strong dislike for my grandmother, and didn't want any money that came from her in any way shape or form. In addition I knew that my father would have issues with me accepting the money ... in my family there would be great shame in borrowing money from family for such a venture ... especially after living the free lifestyle of spending all of my money on travel, partiying and adventure ... I asked Mom if she'd discussed this with Dad ... she said she had.

So to humor Mom I went to look at it ... I stood in the front yard and with a "deja vu" moment said "It's MY HOUSE!"

I called the realtor, looked at the complete property ... it was indeed MY HOUSE... within 24 hours of having first looked at MY HOUSE we had a signed deal.

I went to the bank ... Wilma took my mortgage application ... everything looked good ... except that the square footage of the MY HOUSE was smaller than the bank would issue a mortgage for ... I told Wilma that this was MY HOUSE, and asked her to find a way around the rule. Like she was talking to a little kid she says "Ken if you don't get this house there are others, it's not the only house in Wetaskiwin!". I leaned forward, looked Wilma in the eye and said "Wilma, there are other houses in Wetaskiwin, and they don't come into the equation ... this is MY HOUSE, and if you won't make this mortgage happen I know another bank will. You should know that whoever holds my mortgage also holds all of my other accounts as well. She promised she would see what she could do.

In the meantime Dad is making no bones about is displeasure over this deal ... he is pissed that I would accept charity after 3 years of wasting my money traveling the world and partying ...

Two days later Wilma phoned ... the mortgage was approved ... I went to the bank to sign the papers ... Wilma asked how long ago I'd sold my last house ... it was 4 1/2 years ago ... She smiled and announced that because I sold my last house more than 4 years ago, I was eligible for a "1st time homebuyers program" that the government was offering ... I could borrow money from myself (from my retirement account), and pay it back (interest, tax, and penalty free) to my account over 15 years.

I signed the papers and told her which account the money was coming from ... she made it happen.

So now I have MY HOUSE, the money for the downpayment "appeared" not once but twice ... and the paperwork is off to the lawyers .

I told Mom about the grant. I thanked her for the offer, but I didn't need to borrow any money ... the house deal was going through with out it. I also thanked her because if she had not told me about the house I never would have looked at it. Mom had a look on her face that was pleased not to have to part with the money (Mom is VERY frugal), but even more because she could tell my father some version of "I told you so."

Mom told me that I shouldn't spend my entire Retirement Account on the house, so I told her ... "Mom ... I've got $80,000 in my Retirement Account ... it's just all locked in until I'm 55 years old." Now the "I told you so" look she had for Dad was growing and I was actually feeling sorry for Dad ... he was going to have to eat some crow on this one.

OK ... back to the house ... 3 weeks after I first looked at MY HOUSE, I moved in ... MY HOUSE is perfect ... a month later I am still discovering cool features I didn't know about when I bought it ...and there were NO unpleasant suprises.

Everyday I walk around my house singing ... "My house ... my pretty pretty little house...." If you can imagine this 48 year old guy doing that.

For the 1st time ever I am living in a house that feels like it's mine ... it's a house and a home ... I've lived in many houses ... but this one is my first "home".

The biggest bonus is that my Dad has come around ... there is a new respect ... or at least acceptance.

From the moment I decided that it was MY HOUSE ... I set that as my intention ... I let nothing get in the way ...


My dislike of my late grandmother and her money,

The Banks' lending policy,

Even my Dad's disdain (which normally would have made me fold).

Once I decided it was MY HOUSE it was ... and it all started with a few hour exercise one afternoon 7 months ago.

So Erin, this is the story of how I manifested MY HOUSE ... I guess Watching "The Secret" and listening to the teachings of Abraham planted seeds that did take root ... I didn't intentionally manifest it ... "Just did a silly little exercise one day", and as a result ... I now have a home.

I decided to do the same exercise for a spouse ... trouble is ... even after many days of thought ... I have no idea what I want in a spouse ... LOL ... is it any wonder I don't have one ...

I forgot to mention ... at the time I did the exercise of what my house would look like ... I had no reasonable expectation that I would be able to swing it financially ... in fact ... with my lifestyle choices, and unwillingness to change them ... I would have thought it to be impossible.

I made no changes in my behavior, or savings patterns, or anything else ... IT JUST HAPPENED!!!!

Bo Sleeping in the sun
Welllll.... summer hit and I got slammed like EVERYDAY! In this economy busy is good.. so I am learning to not complain.. since I am the only one working in my household right now.

So I would appreciate any and all positive thoughts sent our way for Ray to get a job soon. He is applying all over the place and went for a few interviews. One was all the way in Vegas. This week he went to Sparks, NV to talk with some people around cleaning oil from soil.. so these people need a plant mechanic for their filtering system, I think..

I have been teaching a lot of classes and this is a big shout out to all of my students.. I have having a great time with the classes because the energy with them flows so much more easier than doing readings.  You see when you read for a love obsessed client and they want good news, want good news, want good news...

 And they keep buying readings to talk about the same love situation.. it can really get you down energetically and it is frustrating because people get obsessed with finding out about the love target that they have in mind.  Often times this stalking of the person whether psychically or physically just has bad results.. Most people do not understand that by throwing too much thought at a love interest, you chase them away..  Whether they see it on the ouside in the physical realm or not.

So, I think after Ray gets some work going here, I am going to expand my work with more of a metaphysical store in mind. On my worldmagick account on Ebay I offer a LOT of metaphysical books.. stones, crystals, sage, Offering bags for the gods and Spirit Contact bags.. built custom for people.  I offer classes on metaphysics in general. I have a Tarot Class, Manifestation Class, Mediumship Class, Spirit Guide Contact Class, Life coaching Courses. Mojo Self Empowerment Courses.. this is where my true goal is with people, to teach them how to live better and achieve the results psychically that they want.
Here in the next few months, I am going to lessen readings and maybe up the prices or just go with phone readings.. because the email stuff is fun and cheap for people.. but it can be draining for me in general.

All my links go though this site, if you want to hook up with my ebay accounts..

Basically, I have some big decisions to make.  The kids are fine.. school is out, everyone is home.. they are eating like pigs and making messes where ever they go. We have one in summer school and then she needs a job too..

Mambo the Mustang is great. I make time for him and Juju everyday. Yesterday I worked on getting Juju more supple again.. I love the girl I sold her to.. but now the horse needs "12 year old girl" worked out of her. We have some bit issues.. some rearing.. some fighting and head throwing. So that was fun.. be she actually is collecting more.. to non horse people this means she looks great with a rider.. good head tuck and all.. small sweet jog.. very very pretty.

So that's the news here..  I gotta get back to those email readings I just blew off to update the blog. Don't get me wrong, my energy is good.. better today at least. Somedays I live on Lithia water and b-12 vitamins to make myself happy. I need to start getting paid what I am really worth..

Here is another big update! I am sending a bunch of my business cards to one of the owners of The Griddle Cafe in West Hollywood CA.. This is the breakfast place of the stars! Most people who live in LA know about The Griddle. Jack Black has been seen there enjoying some breakfast chow.. and many other bed headed celebs go there for some awesome breakfast food! So here is hoping I get some great clientelle out of LA! Thanks so much to the owner who is a good friend of mine!

Namaste.. many blessings and may we al live more in peace!
Erin Renee

This is me doing a Spirit Social at Comma Coffee in Carson City... I manifested this.. I needed to learn to do mediumship readings to the public.. I mean, I was suprised at how well the wisdom flowed.
In the sense of the Spiritualist, I gave addresses to 10 plus people everytime we did a session.
Ok, I am back.. sorry.  LOL. Business got slow today, so I will get back to working with Mr. Haanel's book, The Master Key System. The first set of 7 principles are 2 or 3 postes below this one.

#8 "The world without is a reflection of the world within. What appears without is what has been found within. In the world within may be found infinite Wisdom, infinite Power, infinite Supply of all that is necessary, waiting for unfoldment, development and expression. If we recognise these potentialities in the world within they will take form in the world without."

*** So basically the old magickal teaching of "As above So Below" applies here as well.. what we think within will develop on the outside as well. The are a million fakers out there.. They have all this prestige.. fast car, nice home, blah blah blah.. the American dream. But many of us look at this person with a smirk.. we know that a Yogi sitting on a mountain top is the richest man in the world because he knows himself.. he knows himself as a god as well as a man on a mountain. He does not need excess to prove it. So in a way, when we see someone with TOO MUCH STUFF.. it shows that they have very little intestinal fortitude inside.  So either way, if we think strong happy, complete, and at peace.. and truly feel those things, they will manifest on the ouside for all to see and appreciate.
I know we are talking about manifesting all that we want.. but we have to truly think about what it is we really want. Do we really want that huge mansion? I mean.. it's a nightmare! Too many rooms, not enough people to take care of it.. it becomes a money pit and does not give you peace. All us entities in a human body just want peace.. so we have to figure how to truly go about it. So what Charles is saying here is that We have to understand that there are no limit to our thoughts.. and if there are no limit to our thoughts, then there is really no limit to our realities either.

#9 " Harmony in the world within will be reflected on the world without by harmonious conditions, agreeable surroundings, the best of everything. It is the foundation of health and a necessary essential to all greatness, all power, all attainment, all achievement and all success."

**** What is being said here.. is that if we find our own greatness and revel in it.. all situations will manifest to reflect that wonderment.  I feel great! I wake up and say I am going to have a day a peace and yet excitement as well. Things begin to unfold well. I got on the computer and all of my clients are happy and chatty.. the kids all come home from school and help watch Ember so I can go to the Barn. Once at the barn.. we all help in cleaning stalls. Then we ride in the arena.. I find that my horse loves to go English, and he behaves well, then I decide to go for a ride off the property.. I walk him out because I know he is nuerotic about the bridge.. so we walk a quarter mile out with no fighting, I get on him and we ride through the desert. We get back to the barn and there is just a good warm feeling..
I get home.. Ray has dinner made, and we watch a movie.
This was a great day. I asked for peace.. I asked for easiness.. I decreed it so, and my Mustang didn't kill me on the trail! Anyday I come home alive from a trail ride is a good day!

#10 " Harmony in the world within means the ability to control our thoughts, and to determine for ourselves how any experience is to effect us."

*** That's an easy one. Like I said before. Think it out.. put the peace into things and accept nothing less!  If something were to go bad in your day.. put it off to where you can expereince this new occurance in a better light and do not react to it right away, until you are in the right mind to do so. Basically this is about slapping your inner child around and telling it to get a hold of it'self! Because all stress does is hurt you.
Here is a good example.. I will use yesterday again. I had a great day.. but in the course of that day, I found out that a saddle I was selling was not a G. S. Garcia made saddle. I found it had the name Garcia in it.. it was branded with the brand from the U Diamond Ranch and made by a maker called Garoia.. which LOOKED like Garcia. I was bummed. But I decided to change it all up.. this is on my world magick Ebay account.. and I am billing it as a unique piece of americana.. vintage and antique, and I still want $400 for it! Even if it is not a Garcia Saddle.. So you see.. We just have to make lemonade!
And think nothing of it.. in a way, I fixed this. I wanted it to be rare and awesome.. and the saddle IS.. it's just not made by the Garcia's.

#11 " Harmony in the world within results in optimism and affluence, affluence within results in affluence without."

*** Lets talk about the american big wig. The Corporate Executive. He got to his station by making distinct decisions and not taking any flack for it, and no apology. Let's hope he did not kiss any butts to get there either. Those men that are intimidating to talk with, because they ooze power. These men, most likely came from families that understood and knew about power. This is not always the case.. but they could have. They have been taught that they are affluent people, and if their fathers and mothers where worth their salt, they made these kids work for anything they wanted to instill that work ethic.
They understood the power of a dollar at a young age.. they understood saving, they understood what is was to make the dollar, to save it and to make it grow. These people are FERTILE! They excelled in college.. got excited about learning, got excited about expansion, growth.  Every situation is different.. this is kind of a fictitious man I made up.. but some of it is based on a man I know who owned his own sandwich company. He always had a harmony within because he just refused to be moved by Other People's Drama. I call this OPD.
He had no empathy for other people.. yet he was kind and generous. He did not take in OPD.. he worked because he loved to work. He hired only people that reflected his same values.. and in return, he had a thriving wonderful business and changed the lives of many of his employees, by helping with schooling, helping with families, by helping and being involved in his business.. being single mindedly a hard worker, employing hard workers, and being helpful. He became an affluent man in Oakland California.
He did not have too much in his house. He had a nice house, but it was not too large.  He had some nice things, but never too much of anything. He had one nice car, and one nice car for his wife. He had two small dogs and a quiet home life. He was at peace. He had harmony and he exuded affluence.

#12 "The world without reflects circumstances and the conditions of the consciousness within."

*** I think we may have already touched upon this one. Being a stable individual inside the body, will most likely yeild a stable condition on the outside. Like a Mama. Here ya go.. A Mom, is home to many. She is the hearth, she is comfort, she is home. A mom is stable because she has to be for her children. Children are gonna mess up, many often do on into their adulthood.. and MANY of thse kids go home to Mama, because Mama is stable.. she is stable for them and she has also learned to be stable for herself.  She is like a rock.

Ok, I think I am done for the day. The sun is shining and calling my name.. I only have one phone reading today and then I have FREEDOM!
I will be back and we will continue.. there is 45 principles in Part one of The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel.
WHEW! I am gonna be busy!
Erin Renee

Ember was tired of me drumming and was sitting on me trying to get me to stop.
These are some  guys there drumming.. the long haired guy is AWESOME! I don't know his name. And this is my daughter Lorelie with the hoop.. she is so small for 10 but she can get that thing whipping around!

Ok.. yesterday was Reno Nevada's Earth Day 2010~ It was FUN! I love seeing old friends at the drum circle.. I love perusing tie dyed clothes and hanging out with stinky hippies! Shout out! Ya'll know who you are! We had people from SF come on out to drum, we had some great dancers, we had local vendors and people from all over .

I will tell you, to be in the moment is the most beautiful thing. To drum is being in the moment. You have to listen to the other drummers. You have to keep the rhythm. You close your eyes, you feel the cone of power, you feel the other people getting in groove. The dancers are dancing faster and faster. The Hippie Hoops are twirling and if a drum is not being played, we will always share. Because in a circle there is nothing but Joy! I love to keep a bass line for the Soloist to pick up on.. and we can groove together. I am in my element in a drum circle. I have no fear. Let the fat rolls show! The more to shimmy I say! Let it all go! So above I am putting some pictures in.
It is my full awareness of happiness in that moment that I wish to pass to everyone if I can.

At some point, I wish all of you could understand the love in a circle. The sharing in the circle. How everyone is family, how we are all Sister's and Brother's! How it's ok to smoke! It's ok to stink! It's ok to dance, it's ok to BE. 

We had a didgery doo. Some one was playing a piano flute. We had conga's, and various rainbow instruments. We had a gong. We had Djembe's of VARIOUS shapes, sizes, colors. Djembe's made out of metal, gourd, wood, plastic, resins, and stumps. I mean.. it's the first festival in a big way for our area, and I enjoyed the love, the fun, the food, and the baby train for Ember.

Here is a link to my favorite Yogi. This is Yogi Bhajan. I found a book at a yard sale for .50 cents. As soon as I read the first line I was in love~  He made me laugh, he made me think, he made me spread his wisdom as soon as I read it. I think I even woke Ray up once to tell him what I had just read..   There is nothing but love and good thinking with this man. I will be off to Ebay in a bit to see if I can score another book. The one I read is "The Experience of Consciousness" (1977) . I think I will read it again.. because I JUST LOVE HIM!

So I am contemplating the vast strangeness of Erin Renee Psychic and Medium and Wisdom Teacher.. blah blah blah~

I love to hang out with old men. I mean we jive. I was a Military Police Officer in the US Army stationed at Camp Zama Japan.

I can talk old cowbow talk with anyone. I mean, I understand the old ways of training horses versus the new ways. I have been kicked, stomped, bitten, had my tooth knocked out and drug with horses. I have been there done that.  But it isn't all nice and sweetness. When you have a mustang that wants you DEAD.. then you are gonna have to get rough back! Thats all they know. The minute you sit and watch a horse herd interact, you will know. There is herd dynamics... just like human family dynamics. The first time you are too nice.. someone is gonna run rough shod over you.. so you HAVE assert dominence.. one way or another. Does this mean beating the animal. Nope.. it just means doing the staredown.. it means movement.. it means telling them to get the hell out of your way when you are coming. It means being a bully.. in a non abusive way..

Anyhoo... So here I am a psychic for people.. but I prefer to hang out with animals.

I am a natural musician.. I can pick up anything and start to play, and thats fun.

I talk with dead people.. and we jive pretty well, if the vibrational level is all good.

I love voodoo.. and hoodoo.. I am sorry.. ok, no apology there. I GET those belief structures.

I have 5 kids and they drive me nuts!

I am a liberal, even though the old guys I talk with can be some hard core conservatives.. as long as they don't know too much about what I really do, I can meet them on their level. I mean I spent half my childhood at a drag strip and the other half involved with animals and farming experiences. So, I know about cars, machinery, ranching, farming, growing and training livestock.

I once dated a guy who spent half his life living in Watts California.. he was a white kid.. the other half of his life, he lived out in Stagecoach Nevada training horses.
So here was this guy.. who listened to hard core gangster rap, but could really train a horse well!

 He was an enigma because he had that whole Irish Horse Whisperer thing going on.. I am telling you the Irish people are half horse, it's in their blood.  He was also a thug. Go figure. He told me he once walked by a pick up and just stole the dog that was in it. He did not fight pit bulls.. but he loved them.. and that dog went right along with him.. never looked back. He was magick.. but wrong in the same sense..  I will chalk that whole thing up to a learning experience.
I swear to God he was some kinda leprechaun or a fairy in human form.

Ok! I am putting the pics on now.. Enjoy!

Bo giving rubs backAways Ready to GO!Just a balanced little dude with BIG attitude!

Well, here is what I have been doing, See above.. This is "Mambo" His original name was Cowboy and there was no way I could keep that for him.  Mambo is an Estray Mustang, branded with an N on his neck to clarify him as a state gathered horse. What a Maverick! He didn't even get a decent Mustang Title! We call him "Bo". Now I have had Bo a week.. We had ridden almost everyday, and everyday he shows me something new about himself.

I was told that he was at a handicapped riding program once.. but knowing him like I do now.. there is no way this dude would be safe enough for that LOL! I LOVE HIM! But he is so studly that he cannot keep any of it in his shorts.. one minute he is squealing and parading around for the girls and the next minute he is gonna get a peice of the alpha gelding in the next pasture. This energy that Bo has, makes him an AWESOME endurance horse.. and the fact that I can run him for an hour straight before he gets sweaty at all, is a testiment to his breed. According to Shane, they guy I bought him from.. he pretty much sat all winter.

Yesterday we were getting used to the bridges near our barn.. we have one metal one and 2 wood ones, and we have a narrow one leading to River View Park in Carson City.. One day I will remember to take my camara.

So anyhoo.. Bo gets wind if the cattle herd in the pasture.. and he just CANNOT believe his eyes.. he can't tell if they are horses or what.. So he is blowing LOUD, like studs do.. let me tell you.. this guy was probably gelded like 7 years ago.. but you can't tell him that at all.

He's blowing, not snorting, not scared.. he was calling out a challenge.. bizarre.. so the whole time we are in practice he is blowing away and not prancing, not jogging.. but in a full RACK.. big prance of the war horse going on.  It was cool to look at I am sure.. safe.. probably not. Did I almost go into the ditch with him.. yes.. but we made it back to the small arena/pasture we use and I had to run the crap out of him to get him to calm down and center his attention.

At the end of the day, we were doing match races with Juju Queen to teach her that SHE CAN RUN!
She needs that if she is ever gonna be a barrel horse.

Well.. my diet has gone to the birds.. I mean.. give me a cookie! I have a MUSTANG! I am happy! And I am losing weight. Why.. because it's not what we eat.. but how we think.. And I think happy and happy and inspired = Thinness! I need to get ready, cause I want to do endurance rides on this guy.. we need to get it going. It snowed today.. so we need to wait for a dry up before we can hit the hills. but it is time!
This is why I haven't worked on the master key system either.. Sorry, I just am into this whole " I am in love with my horse" thing.  It'll settle down and Iwill be back to my committments again.
Erin Renee

Ok Guys.. here we go.. This is going to be the SLOWEST transcribing in history!

BUT, I want you all to get this. The Master Key System is about RIGHT THINKING. If you do not have controlled and directed Right Thinking, you are living by default.  Life by Default sucks, because you are just "waiting for life to happen".

#1 " That much gathers more is true on every plane of existence and that loss leads to greater loss is equally true."

( What you concentrate on as LOSS, or What you DO NOT HAVE in your hot little hands RIGHT NOW, will ONLY GET YOU MORE OF What you do not have. So.. the only way to counter act this crappy cycle is concentrate on what you WANT and WILL HAVE.)

#2 "Mind Is Creative, and conditions, environment and all experiences in life are the result of our habitual and predominant mental attitude"

( If you have a bad attitude, you will CREATE MORE THINGS that will make MORE of your bad attitude, more situations, more bad people, more bad news, more bad experiences. If you have a positive attitude.. all things come that are positive. Life is predominently what you make of it.)

#3 " The attitude of mind necessarily depends upon what we think. Therefore, the secret of all power, all achievement and all posession depends upon our method of thinking"

( As above, Think WELL, BE WELL. Feel Happy, have more happiness. Everything we THINK On Purpose will be in our reality. Some people are so damn happy all the time! These people, many of us view as the lucky ones. The truth is for them, that even if something that we perceive as bad happens to them; it becomes construed to them as a learning experience and they DECIDE to think of the BAD thing in GOOD terms. )

#4 This is True because we must "be" before we can "do", and we can "do" only to the extent which we "are", and what we "are" depends upon what we "think"."

( Simple enough right? not!  How many of us can come out of a BAD divorce and "BE" happy that we are "free"?! Not a lot, because we are thinking about a failed marriage, we are thinking about custody battles, we are thinking about child support ( for women) and not making it! We are living FEAR BASED, and in doing that we are being negative. Often times, this teaching is HARD to get. To BE is to be Zen, and if we say, "Hey! I am away from that JERK! I am not married to them, I AM FREE, and because I am FREE and Happy, the UNIVERSE will take care of me." Not many of us can get past the human condition and drama of a failed relationship, it often takes MONTHS to get past something as traumatic as the above described drama.)

#5 "We cannot express powers that we do not possess. The only way by which we may secure possession of power is to become conscious of power, and we can never become conscious of power until we learn that ALL power is from within."

( AHHH! My Mojo Guru Clients 'students' will totally get what is being said here. We must either be shown or taught our power. We have to be convinced of our own personal power, our own PERSONAL MOJO! We have to see past core beliefs we were taught, we have to want to change our status quo, we have to WANT to have Peace of Mind, we have to understand our own power. It IS within, it has to be awakened. We can DO this through coaching, or emulating our hero's, and surrounding ourselves with thoughts and teachings from successful people. We learn from examples, we also can do extensive meditation to find out our own power.. or we can do ALL of these things.. but we have to be STRONG! We have to KNOW we are our own Gods! We have to KNOW our creative power!) 

#6 " There is a world within-- a world of THOUGHT and FEELING and POWER; of light and life and beauty and, although invisible, it's forces are mighty."

( This is talking about the realm of creation. The very place the The Creator is IN. It is the world of thought forms. It is the world of The Akasha, the place of all known things, and all things thought of.

 In Thought is OUR Earthly Reality. Earth is a place of Manifesting in Matter. Earth is a place to MAKE things happen! So if The Creator can use this realm to create in Matter.. WE CAN TOO! We are no different than THE CREATOR. When you look at a piece of apple pie, you say "HEY! There is Apple Pie! YUM!" You don't say that the "piece" of Apple Pie, does not tast as good at that WHOLE PIE! If it tastes the SAME it IS THE SAME! Therefore.. this whole book and my ramblings are about you and me and everyone learning to CREATE like the All knowing Creator! The Creator WANTS us to have personal power, strength and it wants us to CREATE. Because when we learn to do this work, we are sending out JOY back to our SOURCE!)

#7 "The world within is governed by by mind. When we discover this world we shall find the solution for every problem, the cause for every effect; and since the world within is subject to our control, all laws of power and possession are also within our control."

( YEP.. like I said above. Live on Purpose. We CAN control our thoughts. But it's not always our thoughts, it's thoughts in conjunction with emotion and belief.
We have to BELIEVE in ourselves to get anything going.  It's very hard to have THAT belief when we have been told by the outer powers out there ie.. family, society, the government, controlling churches, schools, mass marketing and the like, that we have to live, think and do by what we are subjected to. So the only way to get through to most of us is for us to go through a Catalystic Change.

Sometimes this can be brought on by knowing a certain person, having a accident, near death experience, surgery, losing a loved one, or actually having and EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE... that makes you say "Hey this is nothing but BS!"

This is usually when people look around and see the Illusion for what it truly is, and begin to know that we can CHOOSE to create a better illusion and learn far MORE from it. Why not have creative FUN with life?! It doesn't all have to be about laws, rules and beliefs that have been put on us since our births! It's about seeing outside the box.. not just thinking out side the box.)

This concludes my first 7 paragraphs from Part One of Charles F. Haanel's The Master Key System ~ More later!
Many Blessings Always,
Psychic Medium Erin Renee

OMG. I ate.. a LOT!

My Mother comes with Paul Schatts Bakery Goods! I could have killed her. I ate ridiculous amounts of food on Easter. I had chocolate eggs, I had scrambled eggs and asparagus, I had some bacon, I had Chala Bread! That Passover Bread made with eggs and sesame. It was DAMN GOOD!

Then, I had carrot cake, whish is like 500 calories a slice. So needless to say, I crashed on my diet yesterday.

Today I am back up there.. doing a fast and all.. lots of water and vitamins.
Sigh.. I was really mad at myself.. but I am a forgiving sort when it comes to myself, so I am seeing today as a new day and living in the moment.

I watched "Fierce Grace" It was about Ram Dass and his Stroke.. or rather how he was "Stroked", and with the grace of his Guru Maharj Ji, he is finding his way through the stroke. I remember reading "Inspiritation" by Wayne Dyer and in the back of the book he urged people to help with Ram Dassm to send donations to help him get back in the saddle, so the say.

So, I bought "Be Here Now" On Ebay and I am just drooling for it, waiting for it to come in the mail. I have been needing some kind of awareness shift, and I think this book maybe something that needs to be on my path. So my hat off to you Ram Dass. You are a beautiful man, a beautiful soul and I hope to acquire some grace through your writings!

Here is my new plan!

I am going to slowly and methodically transcribe The Master Key System By Charles E. Haanel into regular old American Street Talk! But also make it so that a highly professional person can understand it too! LOL!

You'd think picking up the Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel would be easy! It's NOT EASY to understand this man who wrote this correspondence course in 1912. People spoke differently back then, and the smarter people really had a lofty vocabulary as well.

Nowadays.. you have to read one paragraph 3 times to understand what the man is saying. So as often as I can, I am going to work on it and make it so we can gleen the knowledge of Right Thinking.. but with more Modern Amercian analogies and familiar rhetoric.. I hope I have the stamina to do this!

So stay with me! I am gonna give it a hell of a try.. and I think Blogger has an option to make a book of your blogs.. so I am gonna do that too..
Maybe I'll make a Master Key System For Dummie book! That would be AWESOME!

Here's to the FUTURE!
Erin Renee

Hey Gang!
Well here we are the 29th of March. I am still eating pretty high protein/low carb foods. Sticking with Whole foods and all. I am eating Dark Rye bread when I do have some toast, so thats good.. Low Yeast is very goos stuff! I tried the Almond Milk and I could handle it for the first 3 days and then the thickness reminded me of milk of magnesia and I just had to stop. Of course all we have in this house is whole milk.. so I will have that until I can get some skim milk I guess.

I think I have lost a few inches, my pants feel better and I have laid off the colon cleanse and the diruetics until I need them.

Here is THE BEST THING! Flax Seed Oil! My skin feels amazing!

At a few points I cheated. I had a chocolate graham cracker once and a piece of pizza and some crust at a birthday party.. I DO allow chocolate once in a while too, and I still like wine. I know I can lose more weight faster if I cut out the wine, but I like it, so there!

I feel better, and I think thats what I really, really wanted. I think the bran cereal and the vitamins help me feel happier too. Plus with the stress of readings, I take liquid B-12, and I am much more easy going now! LOL!

Now for the EXCITING STUFF!!! I had a radio interview with one of my best friends ever! Shirley Airhart! Shirley is a psychic and a medium, she channels beautiful singing, words that have a higher meaning than in the human world, and carry a message of health and beauty. She is an Inspiriation to all she talks with and makes the best yeast rolls for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Shirley has been Spiritually Guided to move from her home in Washington, to LA and then to Reno where I met her at the spiritualist church, just recently she was called home to help her family in it's time of need.

As she is home helping, she is maintaining her services, and has begun a great blog on her site and a spiritual radio show as well.

Here is her link:

Our interview will air on April 17th, I believe and you can click on the link to find out what time, I thought it was 4 pm on Mondays but this seems to be different.

Shirley offers teachings in her show and half hour guided meditations.

So I invite you to hear our interview, it was great and a lot of issues were covered as well as some of my back ground on what I do, and how I got started in the Psychic Field.

My new plans for Vegas or HERE, if we do not move is to begin a new spiritual group.. this one will be Law of Attraction based, but also be about learning psychic arts, dowsing, and other fun things! Shamanism, The craft, the occult, divination practices, Right Thinking, Living Vibrationally, living Green. Being Responsible in this life and all lives, and the Validity of Selfishness. I hope that the ideas in this new group will soar, and I also want to have off shoot classes as well.
This will be a learning environment as well as a group and sharing environment.

I was hoping I start this in Vegas, as there will be a whole new group of people.
Here in Carson we are like an island, and no one seems to want to travel the 30 minutes to come to weekly meetings, and if they do, it's only for a short time..

So, I think I am ready to start something new.. there will not be specific links to paganism or any kind religion of any sort.. it will just BE SPIRITUAL, and all participants must be open and ready to move forward with abilities of the psychic nature and ready to be in a life changing environment, where they can learn to control thoughts and live on purpose.

So that's my goal until I have no time for the group because I am FAMOUS!

LMFAO! Well, not really, because that's the plan.. get people started.. work on a CD/Book set and get that marketed as well. Have a group, hopefully attract some professionals and get an intuitive business coaching gig, and get my public speaking going, and soon, be a psychic to the stars or something like that.

I think I want to get where Wayne Dyer is, but he has time to write, an I may not have time to write. I may have to have a ghost writer.. I DUNNO! "The Future is SO bright, I gotta wear shades!"

Onward to a thinner ME! Things are good! Protein, whole foods, sunlight, a good wine and Flax Seed Oil.. I may never look fabulous in a bikini, but I can be thinner and get this tummy under control...

Many Blessings,
Psychic Erin Renee

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