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So I was lying awake, with Emmy snoring on my arm and I had a great idea. Well really this all came about last night as I was doing an Energy Manipulation for a client. Sometimes as I am finishing up a work, I slip in some of my own wants and needs, or I focus on my future, or ask and receive the right kind of guidance for whatever project I am working on.

Last night I asked specifically for Madam Blavatsky. She is one of my historical heroes, but to my dearest friend Shirley Airhart and I, she is a real entity that comes to professionals like us to guide us, laugh at us and tell us to dump people in our lives so we can move on.. She's a bit of a meanie, but we love her for it. She is wise, strong and in charge, and she resonates with people who are attempting to carry on the same work she was doing.

Madam Blavatsky along with some others started the Theosophists Society and wrote "The Secret Doctrine", but her best work was "Isis Unveiled". She is a true founder of thought as change in our mostly modern world as well as Charles Haanel who wrote "The Master Key System" I read an excerpt from that book daily.

Since the project as of now for the past 3 years is about really pushing the messages that come through me to National Level. Mainstreaming Manifestation and building up the world en masse, I always figured I would hit the lecture circuit but now I see I can get to more people quicker with TV.

I mean maybe that's what the reality TV contacts where trying to tell me, that I was gonna be on TV.. I just didn't know how. I kept thinking guest appearances and stuff.

But now it's MOVE OVER DR. PHIL and OPRAH!

Here comes "Erin Renee and Make It HAPPEN!"

I came up with an idea for a show.. hosted by me a Professional Psychic Medium, and what we will do is have people on who really want to change their lives. What I will do is a public reading on them, we will discuss how they got to the position they are in and discuss their dreams. We will invite other Manifesting Professionals on to vary out my coaching on the Manifestation Practices that will bring about the guest of the shows wants and dreams. I will let each guest go with a parting reading and ways to focus on their dreams. We will also have the basic principles of manifesting on the screen as the show closes.

But you see as it is going on.. I get to be me.. I can talk all about my insane life and relate to the guests as well, we can laugh and make light of life.. We can discuss how really it's all an illusion anyway and that we are hear to have fun with our creativity.

I would put out there that life is just a big canvas waiting for us to paint a picture on it. And that we can change that picture several times throughout our lives. Is there a Blue Print? Yep there sure is, BUT we can paint the scenery for that Blue Print, we can put in the trees and a house and a million dollar bank account and great love too, all along our routes of life.

So you see, there will be NO end to the subjects of this show, because it is about real people and real human condition issues. We will take ideas from the public like other talk shows, but we mostly we will have 2 or 3 sets of guests that are looking to change their lives.
I feel this will be best as an hour show.

This is the way I feel about it. I have been getting the prompts to keep pushing forward. I have been receiving messages about getting on TV.
I was hoping to get ON Oprah at some point, but now I think I may end up LIKE Oprah which is great too. I think I may start out with a blog talk radio, but I have to stand out from the other Manifestation people.. The Secret Radio Shows.. about implementing the book's teachings... What makes me different is I am a Psychic and I can SEE what will happen when people try and either fail or try and succeed as manifesters and I can help them get on the right path for them.. it's a personal mission and coaching is the best way to go about it.

So that's my idea.. I had to hurry down here and write it while Emmy is still passed out.

So it's 8:36 on Wednesday October 14th, 2009

5 days ago I turned 35.

Welcome to my Dream, Welcome to my Future!

Blessings, Erin Renee

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