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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Hey all... Well what has changed since my last update...tap tap tap.. let me see...


Well, I found out, I don't mind it so much when I am not in touch with people and my friends have seemed to just go off with their own lives. I am completely unavailable to family or friends when I am in horse mode.

My clients are getting a lot of attention though and thats always good. It's not the money, I just figure people find me because they need help and I am there for them..

My family? I honestly don't think any of them really believe in what I do. I think they have a bit of an idea about what I am about, but I just don't think they are impressed. I guess I'll always be the sullen kid who hated all the others kids and ran off to be alone.. I preferred animals over people a lot growning up. I think maybe it was because animals didn't lie and they didn't throw all their wierd issues on me.

Think about it.. how many people had the odd cousins who would like to beat up on them and make them cry.. I see it now as a cry for themselves I guess. I can sit here and be the victim.. but really they all were insecure and would bully me to feel that they had power.

Since we have been adults, I have had apologies for the rotten kid behavior that was inflicted on me. I get it.. but it still is a stigma with the fam I think. Maybe they just all think I am really wierd. I also think they might think I am involved with a cult or something, which is really dumb.. cause if thats the case.. I am running said cult.. so I guess I am a cult leader LOL!!!!!

I got that same response from the office chicks at a car dealership I used to work at.. I lost a lot of weight and they assumed I was doing drugs. We started World Majick Circle and they thought I was in a cult... I'm sorry, I hope at some point those office girls read some of this stuff.

Not only am I living my dream, they did me a great favor by getting me fired, I am self made and they were just plain bitches.. you heard me.. bitches! People fear what they do not understand. All during the time I worked there my spirit Guide Taraho gave me a daily "Ass Handing". I was told I was soo above the issues of my work place and it was ridiculous to let base people have power over me.. that I had to remember who I really was and I needed to get out of there. So the Universe forced my stagnant butt and from what I have heard.. those girls got what their energy levels attrcted to them.. and it wasn't fun and games for a year after I left.

Basically.. if those who don't understand you give you flack.. then just walk away.. it's soooo not worth the energy to make yourself stay in an unhealthy situation.

Well this became a look behind not a look at now or the future...

So lets see, I am losing my friends.. or not, I just am not available right now.

the kids are crazy, but whats new. Oh! My mentor in Las Vegas got a call from CBS.. so yeah, she is manifesting her getting on with a killer production company.

I have not heard from Tarragon Productions... they are the Reality TV Horse Show people... but I did re-email my bio and clips to them again.. I guess they lost the first one.

I have watched the first 2 episodes of TrueBlood... I am almost on the last book.. Love my Sookie Stackhouse!

I rode Ju Ju.. she is my Perfect Princess! I LOVE her, I soooo am gonna spoil that girl.. just a PERFECT FILLY!

Dusty.. the other horse I am riding...well we finally got in a groove and he didn't trip and kill me in a fast gallop.. Jeez he is big.. 16 hander,,, I like smaller horses, he is getting over his gate sour ways.. I have a means to get into his mind and it has been working. I can't stand a tripper.. I swear horses who trip are far more dangerous than a horse that bucks.. you have a warning with a bucker.. a tripper will kill you in a second flat, you never will see it coming.

This saddle I bought off Ebay is a P O S!!! So I have had to really enforce it so it won't fall apart on me.. Thanks Mexico! You make GREAT saddles! Not!!!!!

Buyer be warned on ebay and you get what you pay for.. so much for my $100 NEW saddle... oh well, I'll use it till it falls apart.

Blessings! You know, this whole horse thing, is just to keep my mind off going on TV.. because really, when you think of it.. the life change that is coming, really scares the hell out of me.

Now you know my little secret.. I know it's coming and it's scaring me to death.


Really, Really Green Font this time around!

Here's hoping we get noticed. If you click on the Title above, the link will take you straight to the You Tube Channel.. or This will show you the four clips we took of the filly "Ju Ju". We named her that as she is our "Ju Ju Queen".. a real sweety who moves out great and works very well with me whenever I can get out there to give her the time.. So far it's only been twice a week, but on the 3oth she will be moved into our Ranch down the hill from us. That way I can see her everyday and suppliment her feed to make sure she grows into her head!

So Jessa and I got out there and I told the previous owner that we were going to be filming and why we were trying for the Reality TV show on training horses.. She thought that was a gas! She looks more like a trainer than I do..

With all the other filming I have done, talking about my Psychic Work, Manifesting work and Spirit Work, this was my most nervous moment. Animals will frequently turn people into liars. Well Ju Ju was pretty bad in the first clip of working her, she needed to burn off steam and work herself out a bit. She had been fed beet pulp everyday since they brought her in and thats like extra sugar on her.. but it's good carbs to help build on her weight and energy levels.

So anyhoo.. around she went in the round pen, burning off her energy and not paying attention to me.. it took 10 minutes of steady movement to get her into the Monty Robert's Join Up mode and she gave me all the queues perfectly.

By the time the third clip was started she had joined up and was doing well.

And by the 4th clip she had her bridle on and was giving easily to the pressure of te bit and reins while I worked her.

In a nutshell, Ju Ju did great.. It looked good on film and I had a hell of a spare tire going on!

I SOOOOOO am going to make sure I wear the right clothes the next time. It was just too hot for a sweater to cover up my belly.. that is all from the baby folks.. Even if I lost several more pounds, I'd still have baggy skin going on...

I have not heard anything back yet and I still need to film some footage of me working " Dusty" , the other Breeding Stock Paint I am riding. I am using his picture above.

Thanks for reading and I will keep you all updated!

Mean while work is going well.. I just need a bit more to pay for the board and I will be covered! Well and half our rent as well.. but I think we are gonna do well there too..

I hit a tack sale and I think I spent $42.00 total and got jumping boots, bell boots, a bridle with a nice low port copper walking bit, a saddle pad. A Surcingle, another halter, and two western cinches. Talk about a hell of a deal!


Thats our term... " Ooooooh Nice Manifestation! Awesome! Sweet!"

You wanna learn my technique? Shoot me an email and set up some coaching sessions!

Erin Renee

Super Green Font today! Tomorrow Jessa and I ( ) , are going to film a clip of me and the new horse. To send to Tarragon Entertainment. They are looking for Horse Trainers with a Twist and this is something I can do! I have that TV personality and it may be my foot in the door!

How is that for a manifestation?! Well, my Mentor in Las Vegas, found the listing on Craigs List on a fluke and now I have a chance to maybe make something happen in my career!

Meanwhile, The Readings and Manifestation Exercises keep rolling in to pay the bills. I have successfully paid for my horse, a saddle and the extra $50 to pay for her feed at the place I bought her from. Now all I have to do is pay for half the rent and tack on another $175 for the board for October. I CAN do this, because believe I can.

Now if I can just bottle my resolve and sell it I would be a Millionaire tomorrow!

Thats why I am trying to get recognised.. you see, I can TEACH people to make the most out of their lives. If you want change, you need a coach! You need a treacher, a trainer, someone to get you through the rough patches, and I am that chick!

Why toot my own horn! Because right now I have a few people helping me do it.. but no one is gonna do it louder than me.. I have a track record! I have great feed back and letters of success from my clients. I have great refrences! I've got a few books in the works, and I can talk to the masses. The spirits work through me, I can speak to the dead.. If John Edward and Sylvia Browne had a child with all of their talents it would be me.

One thing I am not, is bashful, and there are very specific reasons for this. The main reason is that so many of us are living really weakend lives.. and if you are weak, you are weakening those around you and it becomes a lose, lose situation.

So I feel part of my duty on this damn Plant... (AGAIN).. is to change that status quo. Wake up and find out what YOU are made of! You want happiness, I WILL HELP YOU FIND IT! Inside and out.

I want to have upbeat people around me, I want to create upbeat people who are learing to create the lives THEY want.. no one wants a downer around them.

SO! I am off the soap box today, I got some readings waiting on me.. ya know they are ridiculously cheap right now.. 3 questions for 8$.. talk about selling myself short.. but hey, it helps for now and I have to compete on Ebay. Now when someone walk up and says "Hi Erin I am Joe Blow from Oprah, or whatever else is on TV right now, and we want to talk to you about your philosophy, your book, your way of life and your manifestations..." Thats whan 3 questions is gonna go up to $300.

Check it ya'll! It's gonna happen, it's been seen. I'm not delusional.. I am in preparation!

Ok, back to work... changing the world, one client at a time!

I chose green because green is a Growth Color! This is a list of all the things I have manifested on purpose.. including the bad stuff. I want you all to know how we bring things into our existence and the best way to teach people about this is to show how things have happened in my own life.

Ok.. get ready because here it comes.

Starting with when I finally knew my own mind.. This happened when I turned 30.

Now I am only 34.. so I have only 4 years of true experience here. But thats enough, it's enough to teach you all a thing or two!

I manifested:

*My divorce. I truly knew I was not happy after 10 years of marriage and I knew that staying married was NOT going to help my children grow. I knew I was not teaching them anything by being a "door mat". So I got my way and I was ECSTATIC! I was free!!! Now all sorts of stuff happened after that.. but none of it truly bad.. I grew soooo much!

* A Knight in Shining Armor! He came in a saved my butt when I needed a place to stay, to have a good roof over my head and a place for my kids to learn and be safe and a place for us all to get closer. And then my Knight's time was over and he went on his way.. but the fact that he saved me! I can go into this later in a book. You guys would love this story.

* A man who lived off of me and taught me not to support others when he would not support himself. Once again, a good lesson for all of us.

*The Perfect Town House! I got the best place to live all by myself.. I put my mind to it and trusted and it all unwound just right for me! Perfection!

* Healing time.. I made time for me to get to know myself and to learn that I can't always pay my bills. I leaned that you won't die if you can't pay your credit card bills! I pass this knowledge on to my struggling clients ALL THE TIME! We can't always be good girls and boys.. and there is life with debt.. and then you move on.

* I manifested the perfect man for me. He was just waiting around for me. I listened to my Guides. They said "Get Thee To Myspace". Do this to boost your business.. and in doing just that. Ray found me... he came after me.. he was enthralled with me.. this was all new to me. I did some Manifestation Exercises on the fall Equinox to find the perfect man, the perfect mate for me. It worked! We married 2 months later.. It was THAT real. He is still here to this day.

* The perfect house for a family of 6 to move into. The right neighborhood, the right place for my kids to have friends, the right everything. This house was a safe place for World Majick Circle to meet every single Monday for 2 years. We had Holidays there. We had Potlucks, parties, fun and Spiritual teaching. We held Bellydance classes in the Circle meeting place.. we had a special place to be a group, a family, a couple and to work and manifest wonferful things! We did Spirit Socials there as well.

* I manifested a baby too. Ember Renee was worked on, planned and accepted into our family on December 6th 2007. I got what I wanted.

* I also managed to manifest myself getting fired from a car dealership because of my spiritual beliefs. But this was the perfect timing.. because.. during our nightly talks by the fire. Ray and I had manifested a special, special thing. We talked and talked of owning our own store. So next in line....

* After I was fired.. 2 months after that, I became the Owner of West Side Ink Used Bookstore and Cafe. I was made an incredible offer and we became the owner of our very own store.

* I worked and ran that store for 7 months and then the Economy collapsed and our little store was one of the very fist to go under. But you see, everything happens for a reason.

* The summer after the store was put to rest, I manifested the Spirit Socials. The Spirit Socials, got me ready for my career as a speaker, a guru, a fabulous Psychic Medium and a Manifestation Mistress. See my first Spirit Social clips on YouTube.

* I wrote a book.. I manifested any contacts possible.. found and listed my book with them and in time got listed on

Here is the link for my book,

* I manifested a way to make some money doing what I do best.. I actually really owe Jessa a shout out here.. she found out what ebay had to offer and showed me the way... I owe her BIG TIME!

* Somewhere along the way, we started talking about fame and fortune.. I thought about what I could do if I had sooo many faces in front of me. The messages that would come through from Spirit and how we could change the status quo of the human condition. The book was a start.. I gave it away, I gave out snippets, I advertised it. I did the best I could do.. It got sent back over and over form the publishers.. but I am still trying today.. I guess channeled works are hard to get published. But I am nowhere near the end of my quest to get noticed. It's not so much ME I am selling, I am selling the messages that come through me. Ruth Montgomery can do it, the spirits told her what needed to be done, and I get the same messages.. so it's a matter of time. I made Vision Boards, I focused. I did all I could do for 3 months straight. And then I left it lone for awhile. One year from that time...

* We manifested an Email from Asylum Entertainment. They were exploring a project idea for a reality TV Show that was faith based and wanted to talk with Witchy type people.. or those that manipulate energy. WE MADE THAT CALL AND EMAIL HAPPEN FOLKS! This is a big deal! Manifestation at it's best! I teach people how to do this... I assist them with manipulating things... Worlds can change! And now I have a new friend and mentor who was in the Entertainment business giving me pointer

Now.. some of the bad things were the people who have taught me a thing or two about trust and to follow my own intuition.

I've been used.. but not too abused, had some lies told to me and there are always people threatened by me. Men would shy away when they found out who I was and what I did. Most people are afraid of what they do not understand.

I was staying with Jessa for a while and was afraid I was going to bother the neighbors with the incense smoke and all of my focusing tools.

I was fine there ( at Jessa's).. but when we moved into this new place.. all of my neighbors had issues with me, what I stood for, AND my incense smoke! How stupid is that? But you see, I manifested that contrast because I worried about it.

I have a million stories like that, but I chose to focus on the positive. In short, whatever you worry about is gonna manifest and what ever you truly dream about will manifest. So get ready to see me on Oprah!

So, yeah, a psychic cannot see the Forest for The Trees sometimes, we don't see people who are dishonest right to our faces and we sometimes do not take queues like we are supposed to from our bodies. All of these experiences make me a hell of a life coach and reader.

And it just keeps going on and on.

I'll keep you updated if I remember anything else.


Well today as well as yesterday marked a change in the World Magick Empire. 9/9/09 ushered in a revamp of my entire business and a boost to my quest to get on Oprah!

Now, I know it sounds like I am a fame hound.. and maybe I am a little.

But really I am a Psychic Medium who has heard the "Word" so to say. I am not some great prophet, in fact a lot of the Channeling that comes through me has a familiar ring to it.

Lots of messages from the Other Side have to do with the human condition, us finding our joy and treating ourselves and our relationships with more respect. All we have in this world is each other and the lessons we teach each other and the joys that come from loving each other.

Well, I am off track here.. this is about Manifestation and Magick.. or what has a negative connotation known as Witchcraft.. But really there is nothing scary or ooga booga about Magick!

All it is, is a means to get what we want out of this world. There are numerous theories in why we are here on this earth. Now, you have to understand my side of things. I am a Psychic Medium. I see both sides of the veil and really it is not all that different except that they (over there) see our emotions much better than we do, they can read us better and they can see which way would be better for us to go when we come to a crossroads.

Now, to manifest is magick and magick is manifestation. So instead of calling myself a witch or a wiccan.. which I am neither.. it took me a while to figure this out.. but truly I am a Manifestation Mistress.

I am a Manifestation Professional.. I Co-Create with you the world you want.. I give you the tools and I Manipulate Energy so that the way is clearer for what you want to come to you "Like Moths to A Flame".

So! You can visit my Ebay site and see what I have put up there.. I have some life coaching stuff going on and some Manifesting Listings.. about Money, Love and Peace.. you know all the things we want more of in this life.

Blessings, Erin Renee

So, As I was writing yesterday.. we got a cute little filly. One way we are going to pay for her is this.. Ray makes motorized bicycles. They are really cool and customized. He can build them for people and he is in the process of making a Black Phantom from the 1950's. He's excited and he loves his projects.

So I thought I would share this here. Enjoy the pic! This is of our Fire FLame Orange Beach Cruiser. You don't even need a license to ride one! So we are hoping they sell soon. We also have a Cherry Red one too.

Today.. I did a KILLER MONEY MANIFESTATION for myself! As a result....All sorts of things are on sale on my Ebay store.. so I am including the link. You see.. it's the best time! When I am trying build funds toward something.. stuff goes on sale! YAY!

Help me give Juju (the horse a great home) AND fix your personal life! Oh yeah, and if you want a custom bike, this one is on sale for $600 and we can custom build one for about $700.. although the buyer pays shipping.. it can be done! Ray is great at what he does. I really am proud of him.

Manifestation Exercises and Readings on sale!

I wonder why it is, when things get slow, I finally remember to get back on here and report on my life. The kids are outside playing in the baby pool with Ember who is almost 2 yrs now. I am sitting here horse shopping and looking for tack.
I am a Manifestation Mistress for sure, I am a counselor and a psychic medium.. but my real passion has always been horses.

I have just purchased a rescued breeding stock paint from a girl who does rescue runs out to Fallon, Nevada. Well it looks like a breeding ranch for paint horses hauled out a bunch of babies all the way across the Great Basin here in Nevada to take the non colored babies to the sale. Fallon is where a lot of meat buyers go to purchase horses for human consumption. Real nasty stuff huh? People still believe horses go for dog food. But the truth is, their meat is a delicacy for the Japanese, People in Belgium and France. They like big fat quarter horses and especially long looking ranch horses. I guess the meat is the best along the rib and flank area..

Anyhoo.. so I got this filly, who is registered and has some Poco Bueno in there somewhere. I love her to death and she is the sweetest thing.. I think she's just now going on three.. still a smallish girl, but will fill out fine. She carried my daughter bareback today so it should be a breeze to train her up.

Now you know another secret about miss big, bad psychic medium know it all Erin! She is a horse trainer at heart and will always be.. I like to ride, but I love starting babies! I love to see how far you can bring them, especially if they came from a bad situation. So I think we will call her Juju... she has a really stupid registered name... but Juju is a magick name.. it's the juice behind the flow of energy in our known world and the Ethers! So the Juju Queen had arrived in World Magicks's family! She will teach the kids a thing or two and teach them about confidence and first steps.
Blessings! Erin

Well! It's the first week of the month and nobody is buying stuff right now. House and Rent payments are waiting to go through. Kids are going back to school and supplies need to be bought. So the online Psychic Medium waits for things to settle down so people can get back to their emotional problems that need to be settled with clear thinking and Manifestation!

It's not always like this.. last month I had a great beginning of the month! I was stoked! But then I over spent and had to pay for my jollyness! Such is the plight of people when they are on a great business high! Ya know this is my first year on Ebay.. I have been a Pro since I was in College. But this is my first year of steady business and I am having the time of my life.

We are spiritual people living a mundane life and trying to find they joy around every turn. And that can be said for just about any human being. But having most of my life revolving around the spiritual, leaves me to really get excited when new and fun stuff comes out of the mundane, leaving me grateful for most anything that happens to me.

Even when I have to become slightly depressed because business drops off. But you see?! This is what sets me up for my next business high and I live in an Attitude of Gratitude and I pass that off to all people that come in contact with me. Sometimes it can be sickening, being so positive. There are a lot of grumbly people, I have to deal with and being positive and straight forward with the truth either really bothers them or they snap out of the gloom and see what I am saying to them...

Well gotta run.. the baby is crying and I gotta make dinner for all 7 of us...

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