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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

This is me doing a Spirit Social at Comma Coffee in Carson City... I manifested this.. I needed to learn to do mediumship readings to the public.. I mean, I was suprised at how well the wisdom flowed.
In the sense of the Spiritualist, I gave addresses to 10 plus people everytime we did a session.
Ok, I am back.. sorry.  LOL. Business got slow today, so I will get back to working with Mr. Haanel's book, The Master Key System. The first set of 7 principles are 2 or 3 postes below this one.

#8 "The world without is a reflection of the world within. What appears without is what has been found within. In the world within may be found infinite Wisdom, infinite Power, infinite Supply of all that is necessary, waiting for unfoldment, development and expression. If we recognise these potentialities in the world within they will take form in the world without."

*** So basically the old magickal teaching of "As above So Below" applies here as well.. what we think within will develop on the outside as well. The are a million fakers out there.. They have all this prestige.. fast car, nice home, blah blah blah.. the American dream. But many of us look at this person with a smirk.. we know that a Yogi sitting on a mountain top is the richest man in the world because he knows himself.. he knows himself as a god as well as a man on a mountain. He does not need excess to prove it. So in a way, when we see someone with TOO MUCH STUFF.. it shows that they have very little intestinal fortitude inside.  So either way, if we think strong happy, complete, and at peace.. and truly feel those things, they will manifest on the ouside for all to see and appreciate.
I know we are talking about manifesting all that we want.. but we have to truly think about what it is we really want. Do we really want that huge mansion? I mean.. it's a nightmare! Too many rooms, not enough people to take care of it.. it becomes a money pit and does not give you peace. All us entities in a human body just want peace.. so we have to figure how to truly go about it. So what Charles is saying here is that We have to understand that there are no limit to our thoughts.. and if there are no limit to our thoughts, then there is really no limit to our realities either.

#9 " Harmony in the world within will be reflected on the world without by harmonious conditions, agreeable surroundings, the best of everything. It is the foundation of health and a necessary essential to all greatness, all power, all attainment, all achievement and all success."

**** What is being said here.. is that if we find our own greatness and revel in it.. all situations will manifest to reflect that wonderment.  I feel great! I wake up and say I am going to have a day a peace and yet excitement as well. Things begin to unfold well. I got on the computer and all of my clients are happy and chatty.. the kids all come home from school and help watch Ember so I can go to the Barn. Once at the barn.. we all help in cleaning stalls. Then we ride in the arena.. I find that my horse loves to go English, and he behaves well, then I decide to go for a ride off the property.. I walk him out because I know he is nuerotic about the bridge.. so we walk a quarter mile out with no fighting, I get on him and we ride through the desert. We get back to the barn and there is just a good warm feeling..
I get home.. Ray has dinner made, and we watch a movie.
This was a great day. I asked for peace.. I asked for easiness.. I decreed it so, and my Mustang didn't kill me on the trail! Anyday I come home alive from a trail ride is a good day!

#10 " Harmony in the world within means the ability to control our thoughts, and to determine for ourselves how any experience is to effect us."

*** That's an easy one. Like I said before. Think it out.. put the peace into things and accept nothing less!  If something were to go bad in your day.. put it off to where you can expereince this new occurance in a better light and do not react to it right away, until you are in the right mind to do so. Basically this is about slapping your inner child around and telling it to get a hold of it'self! Because all stress does is hurt you.
Here is a good example.. I will use yesterday again. I had a great day.. but in the course of that day, I found out that a saddle I was selling was not a G. S. Garcia made saddle. I found it had the name Garcia in it.. it was branded with the brand from the U Diamond Ranch and made by a maker called Garoia.. which LOOKED like Garcia. I was bummed. But I decided to change it all up.. this is on my world magick Ebay account.. and I am billing it as a unique piece of americana.. vintage and antique, and I still want $400 for it! Even if it is not a Garcia Saddle.. So you see.. We just have to make lemonade!
And think nothing of it.. in a way, I fixed this. I wanted it to be rare and awesome.. and the saddle IS.. it's just not made by the Garcia's.

#11 " Harmony in the world within results in optimism and affluence, affluence within results in affluence without."

*** Lets talk about the american big wig. The Corporate Executive. He got to his station by making distinct decisions and not taking any flack for it, and no apology. Let's hope he did not kiss any butts to get there either. Those men that are intimidating to talk with, because they ooze power. These men, most likely came from families that understood and knew about power. This is not always the case.. but they could have. They have been taught that they are affluent people, and if their fathers and mothers where worth their salt, they made these kids work for anything they wanted to instill that work ethic.
They understood the power of a dollar at a young age.. they understood saving, they understood what is was to make the dollar, to save it and to make it grow. These people are FERTILE! They excelled in college.. got excited about learning, got excited about expansion, growth.  Every situation is different.. this is kind of a fictitious man I made up.. but some of it is based on a man I know who owned his own sandwich company. He always had a harmony within because he just refused to be moved by Other People's Drama. I call this OPD.
He had no empathy for other people.. yet he was kind and generous. He did not take in OPD.. he worked because he loved to work. He hired only people that reflected his same values.. and in return, he had a thriving wonderful business and changed the lives of many of his employees, by helping with schooling, helping with families, by helping and being involved in his business.. being single mindedly a hard worker, employing hard workers, and being helpful. He became an affluent man in Oakland California.
He did not have too much in his house. He had a nice house, but it was not too large.  He had some nice things, but never too much of anything. He had one nice car, and one nice car for his wife. He had two small dogs and a quiet home life. He was at peace. He had harmony and he exuded affluence.

#12 "The world without reflects circumstances and the conditions of the consciousness within."

*** I think we may have already touched upon this one. Being a stable individual inside the body, will most likely yeild a stable condition on the outside. Like a Mama. Here ya go.. A Mom, is home to many. She is the hearth, she is comfort, she is home. A mom is stable because she has to be for her children. Children are gonna mess up, many often do on into their adulthood.. and MANY of thse kids go home to Mama, because Mama is stable.. she is stable for them and she has also learned to be stable for herself.  She is like a rock.

Ok, I think I am done for the day. The sun is shining and calling my name.. I only have one phone reading today and then I have FREEDOM!
I will be back and we will continue.. there is 45 principles in Part one of The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel.
WHEW! I am gonna be busy!
Erin Renee

Ember was tired of me drumming and was sitting on me trying to get me to stop.
These are some  guys there drumming.. the long haired guy is AWESOME! I don't know his name. And this is my daughter Lorelie with the hoop.. she is so small for 10 but she can get that thing whipping around!

Ok.. yesterday was Reno Nevada's Earth Day 2010~ It was FUN! I love seeing old friends at the drum circle.. I love perusing tie dyed clothes and hanging out with stinky hippies! Shout out! Ya'll know who you are! We had people from SF come on out to drum, we had some great dancers, we had local vendors and people from all over .

I will tell you, to be in the moment is the most beautiful thing. To drum is being in the moment. You have to listen to the other drummers. You have to keep the rhythm. You close your eyes, you feel the cone of power, you feel the other people getting in groove. The dancers are dancing faster and faster. The Hippie Hoops are twirling and if a drum is not being played, we will always share. Because in a circle there is nothing but Joy! I love to keep a bass line for the Soloist to pick up on.. and we can groove together. I am in my element in a drum circle. I have no fear. Let the fat rolls show! The more to shimmy I say! Let it all go! So above I am putting some pictures in.
It is my full awareness of happiness in that moment that I wish to pass to everyone if I can.

At some point, I wish all of you could understand the love in a circle. The sharing in the circle. How everyone is family, how we are all Sister's and Brother's! How it's ok to smoke! It's ok to stink! It's ok to dance, it's ok to BE. 

We had a didgery doo. Some one was playing a piano flute. We had conga's, and various rainbow instruments. We had a gong. We had Djembe's of VARIOUS shapes, sizes, colors. Djembe's made out of metal, gourd, wood, plastic, resins, and stumps. I mean.. it's the first festival in a big way for our area, and I enjoyed the love, the fun, the food, and the baby train for Ember.

Here is a link to my favorite Yogi. This is Yogi Bhajan. I found a book at a yard sale for .50 cents. As soon as I read the first line I was in love~  He made me laugh, he made me think, he made me spread his wisdom as soon as I read it. I think I even woke Ray up once to tell him what I had just read..   There is nothing but love and good thinking with this man. I will be off to Ebay in a bit to see if I can score another book. The one I read is "The Experience of Consciousness" (1977) . I think I will read it again.. because I JUST LOVE HIM!

So I am contemplating the vast strangeness of Erin Renee Psychic and Medium and Wisdom Teacher.. blah blah blah~

I love to hang out with old men. I mean we jive. I was a Military Police Officer in the US Army stationed at Camp Zama Japan.

I can talk old cowbow talk with anyone. I mean, I understand the old ways of training horses versus the new ways. I have been kicked, stomped, bitten, had my tooth knocked out and drug with horses. I have been there done that.  But it isn't all nice and sweetness. When you have a mustang that wants you DEAD.. then you are gonna have to get rough back! Thats all they know. The minute you sit and watch a horse herd interact, you will know. There is herd dynamics... just like human family dynamics. The first time you are too nice.. someone is gonna run rough shod over you.. so you HAVE assert dominence.. one way or another. Does this mean beating the animal. Nope.. it just means doing the staredown.. it means movement.. it means telling them to get the hell out of your way when you are coming. It means being a bully.. in a non abusive way..

Anyhoo... So here I am a psychic for people.. but I prefer to hang out with animals.

I am a natural musician.. I can pick up anything and start to play, and thats fun.

I talk with dead people.. and we jive pretty well, if the vibrational level is all good.

I love voodoo.. and hoodoo.. I am sorry.. ok, no apology there. I GET those belief structures.

I have 5 kids and they drive me nuts!

I am a liberal, even though the old guys I talk with can be some hard core conservatives.. as long as they don't know too much about what I really do, I can meet them on their level. I mean I spent half my childhood at a drag strip and the other half involved with animals and farming experiences. So, I know about cars, machinery, ranching, farming, growing and training livestock.

I once dated a guy who spent half his life living in Watts California.. he was a white kid.. the other half of his life, he lived out in Stagecoach Nevada training horses.
So here was this guy.. who listened to hard core gangster rap, but could really train a horse well!

 He was an enigma because he had that whole Irish Horse Whisperer thing going on.. I am telling you the Irish people are half horse, it's in their blood.  He was also a thug. Go figure. He told me he once walked by a pick up and just stole the dog that was in it. He did not fight pit bulls.. but he loved them.. and that dog went right along with him.. never looked back. He was magick.. but wrong in the same sense..  I will chalk that whole thing up to a learning experience.
I swear to God he was some kinda leprechaun or a fairy in human form.

Ok! I am putting the pics on now.. Enjoy!

Bo giving rubs backAways Ready to GO!Just a balanced little dude with BIG attitude!

Well, here is what I have been doing, See above.. This is "Mambo" His original name was Cowboy and there was no way I could keep that for him.  Mambo is an Estray Mustang, branded with an N on his neck to clarify him as a state gathered horse. What a Maverick! He didn't even get a decent Mustang Title! We call him "Bo". Now I have had Bo a week.. We had ridden almost everyday, and everyday he shows me something new about himself.

I was told that he was at a handicapped riding program once.. but knowing him like I do now.. there is no way this dude would be safe enough for that LOL! I LOVE HIM! But he is so studly that he cannot keep any of it in his shorts.. one minute he is squealing and parading around for the girls and the next minute he is gonna get a peice of the alpha gelding in the next pasture. This energy that Bo has, makes him an AWESOME endurance horse.. and the fact that I can run him for an hour straight before he gets sweaty at all, is a testiment to his breed. According to Shane, they guy I bought him from.. he pretty much sat all winter.

Yesterday we were getting used to the bridges near our barn.. we have one metal one and 2 wood ones, and we have a narrow one leading to River View Park in Carson City.. One day I will remember to take my camara.

So anyhoo.. Bo gets wind if the cattle herd in the pasture.. and he just CANNOT believe his eyes.. he can't tell if they are horses or what.. So he is blowing LOUD, like studs do.. let me tell you.. this guy was probably gelded like 7 years ago.. but you can't tell him that at all.

He's blowing, not snorting, not scared.. he was calling out a challenge.. bizarre.. so the whole time we are in practice he is blowing away and not prancing, not jogging.. but in a full RACK.. big prance of the war horse going on.  It was cool to look at I am sure.. safe.. probably not. Did I almost go into the ditch with him.. yes.. but we made it back to the small arena/pasture we use and I had to run the crap out of him to get him to calm down and center his attention.

At the end of the day, we were doing match races with Juju Queen to teach her that SHE CAN RUN!
She needs that if she is ever gonna be a barrel horse.

Well.. my diet has gone to the birds.. I mean.. give me a cookie! I have a MUSTANG! I am happy! And I am losing weight. Why.. because it's not what we eat.. but how we think.. And I think happy and happy and inspired = Thinness! I need to get ready, cause I want to do endurance rides on this guy.. we need to get it going. It snowed today.. so we need to wait for a dry up before we can hit the hills. but it is time!
This is why I haven't worked on the master key system either.. Sorry, I just am into this whole " I am in love with my horse" thing.  It'll settle down and Iwill be back to my committments again.
Erin Renee

Ok Guys.. here we go.. This is going to be the SLOWEST transcribing in history!

BUT, I want you all to get this. The Master Key System is about RIGHT THINKING. If you do not have controlled and directed Right Thinking, you are living by default.  Life by Default sucks, because you are just "waiting for life to happen".

#1 " That much gathers more is true on every plane of existence and that loss leads to greater loss is equally true."

( What you concentrate on as LOSS, or What you DO NOT HAVE in your hot little hands RIGHT NOW, will ONLY GET YOU MORE OF What you do not have. So.. the only way to counter act this crappy cycle is concentrate on what you WANT and WILL HAVE.)

#2 "Mind Is Creative, and conditions, environment and all experiences in life are the result of our habitual and predominant mental attitude"

( If you have a bad attitude, you will CREATE MORE THINGS that will make MORE of your bad attitude, more situations, more bad people, more bad news, more bad experiences. If you have a positive attitude.. all things come that are positive. Life is predominently what you make of it.)

#3 " The attitude of mind necessarily depends upon what we think. Therefore, the secret of all power, all achievement and all posession depends upon our method of thinking"

( As above, Think WELL, BE WELL. Feel Happy, have more happiness. Everything we THINK On Purpose will be in our reality. Some people are so damn happy all the time! These people, many of us view as the lucky ones. The truth is for them, that even if something that we perceive as bad happens to them; it becomes construed to them as a learning experience and they DECIDE to think of the BAD thing in GOOD terms. )

#4 This is True because we must "be" before we can "do", and we can "do" only to the extent which we "are", and what we "are" depends upon what we "think"."

( Simple enough right? not!  How many of us can come out of a BAD divorce and "BE" happy that we are "free"?! Not a lot, because we are thinking about a failed marriage, we are thinking about custody battles, we are thinking about child support ( for women) and not making it! We are living FEAR BASED, and in doing that we are being negative. Often times, this teaching is HARD to get. To BE is to be Zen, and if we say, "Hey! I am away from that JERK! I am not married to them, I AM FREE, and because I am FREE and Happy, the UNIVERSE will take care of me." Not many of us can get past the human condition and drama of a failed relationship, it often takes MONTHS to get past something as traumatic as the above described drama.)

#5 "We cannot express powers that we do not possess. The only way by which we may secure possession of power is to become conscious of power, and we can never become conscious of power until we learn that ALL power is from within."

( AHHH! My Mojo Guru Clients 'students' will totally get what is being said here. We must either be shown or taught our power. We have to be convinced of our own personal power, our own PERSONAL MOJO! We have to see past core beliefs we were taught, we have to want to change our status quo, we have to WANT to have Peace of Mind, we have to understand our own power. It IS within, it has to be awakened. We can DO this through coaching, or emulating our hero's, and surrounding ourselves with thoughts and teachings from successful people. We learn from examples, we also can do extensive meditation to find out our own power.. or we can do ALL of these things.. but we have to be STRONG! We have to KNOW we are our own Gods! We have to KNOW our creative power!) 

#6 " There is a world within-- a world of THOUGHT and FEELING and POWER; of light and life and beauty and, although invisible, it's forces are mighty."

( This is talking about the realm of creation. The very place the The Creator is IN. It is the world of thought forms. It is the world of The Akasha, the place of all known things, and all things thought of.

 In Thought is OUR Earthly Reality. Earth is a place of Manifesting in Matter. Earth is a place to MAKE things happen! So if The Creator can use this realm to create in Matter.. WE CAN TOO! We are no different than THE CREATOR. When you look at a piece of apple pie, you say "HEY! There is Apple Pie! YUM!" You don't say that the "piece" of Apple Pie, does not tast as good at that WHOLE PIE! If it tastes the SAME it IS THE SAME! Therefore.. this whole book and my ramblings are about you and me and everyone learning to CREATE like the All knowing Creator! The Creator WANTS us to have personal power, strength and it wants us to CREATE. Because when we learn to do this work, we are sending out JOY back to our SOURCE!)

#7 "The world within is governed by by mind. When we discover this world we shall find the solution for every problem, the cause for every effect; and since the world within is subject to our control, all laws of power and possession are also within our control."

( YEP.. like I said above. Live on Purpose. We CAN control our thoughts. But it's not always our thoughts, it's thoughts in conjunction with emotion and belief.
We have to BELIEVE in ourselves to get anything going.  It's very hard to have THAT belief when we have been told by the outer powers out there ie.. family, society, the government, controlling churches, schools, mass marketing and the like, that we have to live, think and do by what we are subjected to. So the only way to get through to most of us is for us to go through a Catalystic Change.

Sometimes this can be brought on by knowing a certain person, having a accident, near death experience, surgery, losing a loved one, or actually having and EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE... that makes you say "Hey this is nothing but BS!"

This is usually when people look around and see the Illusion for what it truly is, and begin to know that we can CHOOSE to create a better illusion and learn far MORE from it. Why not have creative FUN with life?! It doesn't all have to be about laws, rules and beliefs that have been put on us since our births! It's about seeing outside the box.. not just thinking out side the box.)

This concludes my first 7 paragraphs from Part One of Charles F. Haanel's The Master Key System ~ More later!
Many Blessings Always,
Psychic Medium Erin Renee

OMG. I ate.. a LOT!

My Mother comes with Paul Schatts Bakery Goods! I could have killed her. I ate ridiculous amounts of food on Easter. I had chocolate eggs, I had scrambled eggs and asparagus, I had some bacon, I had Chala Bread! That Passover Bread made with eggs and sesame. It was DAMN GOOD!

Then, I had carrot cake, whish is like 500 calories a slice. So needless to say, I crashed on my diet yesterday.

Today I am back up there.. doing a fast and all.. lots of water and vitamins.
Sigh.. I was really mad at myself.. but I am a forgiving sort when it comes to myself, so I am seeing today as a new day and living in the moment.

I watched "Fierce Grace" It was about Ram Dass and his Stroke.. or rather how he was "Stroked", and with the grace of his Guru Maharj Ji, he is finding his way through the stroke. I remember reading "Inspiritation" by Wayne Dyer and in the back of the book he urged people to help with Ram Dassm to send donations to help him get back in the saddle, so the say.

So, I bought "Be Here Now" On Ebay and I am just drooling for it, waiting for it to come in the mail. I have been needing some kind of awareness shift, and I think this book maybe something that needs to be on my path. So my hat off to you Ram Dass. You are a beautiful man, a beautiful soul and I hope to acquire some grace through your writings!

Here is my new plan!

I am going to slowly and methodically transcribe The Master Key System By Charles E. Haanel into regular old American Street Talk! But also make it so that a highly professional person can understand it too! LOL!

You'd think picking up the Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel would be easy! It's NOT EASY to understand this man who wrote this correspondence course in 1912. People spoke differently back then, and the smarter people really had a lofty vocabulary as well.

Nowadays.. you have to read one paragraph 3 times to understand what the man is saying. So as often as I can, I am going to work on it and make it so we can gleen the knowledge of Right Thinking.. but with more Modern Amercian analogies and familiar rhetoric.. I hope I have the stamina to do this!

So stay with me! I am gonna give it a hell of a try.. and I think Blogger has an option to make a book of your blogs.. so I am gonna do that too..
Maybe I'll make a Master Key System For Dummie book! That would be AWESOME!

Here's to the FUTURE!
Erin Renee

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