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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
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I wonder why it is, when things get slow, I finally remember to get back on here and report on my life. The kids are outside playing in the baby pool with Ember who is almost 2 yrs now. I am sitting here horse shopping and looking for tack.
I am a Manifestation Mistress for sure, I am a counselor and a psychic medium.. but my real passion has always been horses.

I have just purchased a rescued breeding stock paint from a girl who does rescue runs out to Fallon, Nevada. Well it looks like a breeding ranch for paint horses hauled out a bunch of babies all the way across the Great Basin here in Nevada to take the non colored babies to the sale. Fallon is where a lot of meat buyers go to purchase horses for human consumption. Real nasty stuff huh? People still believe horses go for dog food. But the truth is, their meat is a delicacy for the Japanese, People in Belgium and France. They like big fat quarter horses and especially long looking ranch horses. I guess the meat is the best along the rib and flank area..

Anyhoo.. so I got this filly, who is registered and has some Poco Bueno in there somewhere. I love her to death and she is the sweetest thing.. I think she's just now going on three.. still a smallish girl, but will fill out fine. She carried my daughter bareback today so it should be a breeze to train her up.

Now you know another secret about miss big, bad psychic medium know it all Erin! She is a horse trainer at heart and will always be.. I like to ride, but I love starting babies! I love to see how far you can bring them, especially if they came from a bad situation. So I think we will call her Juju... she has a really stupid registered name... but Juju is a magick name.. it's the juice behind the flow of energy in our known world and the Ethers! So the Juju Queen had arrived in World Magicks's family! She will teach the kids a thing or two and teach them about confidence and first steps.
Blessings! Erin

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