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So, As I was writing yesterday.. we got a cute little filly. One way we are going to pay for her is this.. Ray makes motorized bicycles. They are really cool and customized. He can build them for people and he is in the process of making a Black Phantom from the 1950's. He's excited and he loves his projects.

So I thought I would share this here. Enjoy the pic! This is of our Fire FLame Orange Beach Cruiser. You don't even need a license to ride one! So we are hoping they sell soon. We also have a Cherry Red one too.

Today.. I did a KILLER MONEY MANIFESTATION for myself! As a result....All sorts of things are on sale on my Ebay store.. so I am including the link. You see.. it's the best time! When I am trying build funds toward something.. stuff goes on sale! YAY!

Help me give Juju (the horse a great home) AND fix your personal life! Oh yeah, and if you want a custom bike, this one is on sale for $600 and we can custom build one for about $700.. although the buyer pays shipping.. it can be done! Ray is great at what he does. I really am proud of him.

Manifestation Exercises and Readings on sale!

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