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Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
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Really, Really Green Font this time around!

Here's hoping we get noticed. If you click on the Title above, the link will take you straight to the You Tube Channel.. or This will show you the four clips we took of the filly "Ju Ju". We named her that as she is our "Ju Ju Queen".. a real sweety who moves out great and works very well with me whenever I can get out there to give her the time.. So far it's only been twice a week, but on the 3oth she will be moved into our Ranch down the hill from us. That way I can see her everyday and suppliment her feed to make sure she grows into her head!

So Jessa and I got out there and I told the previous owner that we were going to be filming and why we were trying for the Reality TV show on training horses.. She thought that was a gas! She looks more like a trainer than I do..

With all the other filming I have done, talking about my Psychic Work, Manifesting work and Spirit Work, this was my most nervous moment. Animals will frequently turn people into liars. Well Ju Ju was pretty bad in the first clip of working her, she needed to burn off steam and work herself out a bit. She had been fed beet pulp everyday since they brought her in and thats like extra sugar on her.. but it's good carbs to help build on her weight and energy levels.

So anyhoo.. around she went in the round pen, burning off her energy and not paying attention to me.. it took 10 minutes of steady movement to get her into the Monty Robert's Join Up mode and she gave me all the queues perfectly.

By the time the third clip was started she had joined up and was doing well.

And by the 4th clip she had her bridle on and was giving easily to the pressure of te bit and reins while I worked her.

In a nutshell, Ju Ju did great.. It looked good on film and I had a hell of a spare tire going on!

I SOOOOOO am going to make sure I wear the right clothes the next time. It was just too hot for a sweater to cover up my belly.. that is all from the baby folks.. Even if I lost several more pounds, I'd still have baggy skin going on...

I have not heard anything back yet and I still need to film some footage of me working " Dusty" , the other Breeding Stock Paint I am riding. I am using his picture above.

Thanks for reading and I will keep you all updated!

Mean while work is going well.. I just need a bit more to pay for the board and I will be covered! Well and half our rent as well.. but I think we are gonna do well there too..

I hit a tack sale and I think I spent $42.00 total and got jumping boots, bell boots, a bridle with a nice low port copper walking bit, a saddle pad. A Surcingle, another halter, and two western cinches. Talk about a hell of a deal!


Thats our term... " Ooooooh Nice Manifestation! Awesome! Sweet!"

You wanna learn my technique? Shoot me an email and set up some coaching sessions!

Erin Renee

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