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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

I chose green because green is a Growth Color! This is a list of all the things I have manifested on purpose.. including the bad stuff. I want you all to know how we bring things into our existence and the best way to teach people about this is to show how things have happened in my own life.

Ok.. get ready because here it comes.

Starting with when I finally knew my own mind.. This happened when I turned 30.

Now I am only 34.. so I have only 4 years of true experience here. But thats enough, it's enough to teach you all a thing or two!

I manifested:

*My divorce. I truly knew I was not happy after 10 years of marriage and I knew that staying married was NOT going to help my children grow. I knew I was not teaching them anything by being a "door mat". So I got my way and I was ECSTATIC! I was free!!! Now all sorts of stuff happened after that.. but none of it truly bad.. I grew soooo much!

* A Knight in Shining Armor! He came in a saved my butt when I needed a place to stay, to have a good roof over my head and a place for my kids to learn and be safe and a place for us all to get closer. And then my Knight's time was over and he went on his way.. but the fact that he saved me! I can go into this later in a book. You guys would love this story.

* A man who lived off of me and taught me not to support others when he would not support himself. Once again, a good lesson for all of us.

*The Perfect Town House! I got the best place to live all by myself.. I put my mind to it and trusted and it all unwound just right for me! Perfection!

* Healing time.. I made time for me to get to know myself and to learn that I can't always pay my bills. I leaned that you won't die if you can't pay your credit card bills! I pass this knowledge on to my struggling clients ALL THE TIME! We can't always be good girls and boys.. and there is life with debt.. and then you move on.

* I manifested the perfect man for me. He was just waiting around for me. I listened to my Guides. They said "Get Thee To Myspace". Do this to boost your business.. and in doing just that. Ray found me... he came after me.. he was enthralled with me.. this was all new to me. I did some Manifestation Exercises on the fall Equinox to find the perfect man, the perfect mate for me. It worked! We married 2 months later.. It was THAT real. He is still here to this day.

* The perfect house for a family of 6 to move into. The right neighborhood, the right place for my kids to have friends, the right everything. This house was a safe place for World Majick Circle to meet every single Monday for 2 years. We had Holidays there. We had Potlucks, parties, fun and Spiritual teaching. We held Bellydance classes in the Circle meeting place.. we had a special place to be a group, a family, a couple and to work and manifest wonferful things! We did Spirit Socials there as well.

* I manifested a baby too. Ember Renee was worked on, planned and accepted into our family on December 6th 2007. I got what I wanted.

* I also managed to manifest myself getting fired from a car dealership because of my spiritual beliefs. But this was the perfect timing.. because.. during our nightly talks by the fire. Ray and I had manifested a special, special thing. We talked and talked of owning our own store. So next in line....

* After I was fired.. 2 months after that, I became the Owner of West Side Ink Used Bookstore and Cafe. I was made an incredible offer and we became the owner of our very own store.

* I worked and ran that store for 7 months and then the Economy collapsed and our little store was one of the very fist to go under. But you see, everything happens for a reason.

* The summer after the store was put to rest, I manifested the Spirit Socials. The Spirit Socials, got me ready for my career as a speaker, a guru, a fabulous Psychic Medium and a Manifestation Mistress. See my first Spirit Social clips on YouTube.

* I wrote a book.. I manifested any contacts possible.. found and listed my book with them and in time got listed on

Here is the link for my book,

* I manifested a way to make some money doing what I do best.. I actually really owe Jessa a shout out here.. she found out what ebay had to offer and showed me the way... I owe her BIG TIME!

* Somewhere along the way, we started talking about fame and fortune.. I thought about what I could do if I had sooo many faces in front of me. The messages that would come through from Spirit and how we could change the status quo of the human condition. The book was a start.. I gave it away, I gave out snippets, I advertised it. I did the best I could do.. It got sent back over and over form the publishers.. but I am still trying today.. I guess channeled works are hard to get published. But I am nowhere near the end of my quest to get noticed. It's not so much ME I am selling, I am selling the messages that come through me. Ruth Montgomery can do it, the spirits told her what needed to be done, and I get the same messages.. so it's a matter of time. I made Vision Boards, I focused. I did all I could do for 3 months straight. And then I left it lone for awhile. One year from that time...

* We manifested an Email from Asylum Entertainment. They were exploring a project idea for a reality TV Show that was faith based and wanted to talk with Witchy type people.. or those that manipulate energy. WE MADE THAT CALL AND EMAIL HAPPEN FOLKS! This is a big deal! Manifestation at it's best! I teach people how to do this... I assist them with manipulating things... Worlds can change! And now I have a new friend and mentor who was in the Entertainment business giving me pointer

Now.. some of the bad things were the people who have taught me a thing or two about trust and to follow my own intuition.

I've been used.. but not too abused, had some lies told to me and there are always people threatened by me. Men would shy away when they found out who I was and what I did. Most people are afraid of what they do not understand.

I was staying with Jessa for a while and was afraid I was going to bother the neighbors with the incense smoke and all of my focusing tools.

I was fine there ( at Jessa's).. but when we moved into this new place.. all of my neighbors had issues with me, what I stood for, AND my incense smoke! How stupid is that? But you see, I manifested that contrast because I worried about it.

I have a million stories like that, but I chose to focus on the positive. In short, whatever you worry about is gonna manifest and what ever you truly dream about will manifest. So get ready to see me on Oprah!

So, yeah, a psychic cannot see the Forest for The Trees sometimes, we don't see people who are dishonest right to our faces and we sometimes do not take queues like we are supposed to from our bodies. All of these experiences make me a hell of a life coach and reader.

And it just keeps going on and on.

I'll keep you updated if I remember anything else.


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