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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Dig the double chin YO! I was working in this pic and smoking my pipe... Yeah it's a corn cob Merschaum
I swear I look fatter than I really am! LMFAO! Bed head too! This is the real ME!
And you Guessed it! Big Mama Truck! Read Below~

And you should check yours as well.. for better or worse.. for good and bad..
We bring it all on ourselves!
I have one back in the archives from last year.. so this is my new and expanded list.
From 2010.

* I went straight to readings and still made as much money as direct casting because I was tired of it.. and STILL DID WELL ON EBAY working from home.  I am the Reluctant Witch! I will cast but only if it is really needed and if nothing else has worked.

* I got this huge home after waiting and waiting. I had been saying for years that we needed a bigger house.
We ended up having one kid move out and getting that almost 3000 sq ft house.  So there is a LOT of room now! Thanks CraigsList!

* I moved my horses in and found out what was safe and not safe. So in effect I went through a large change up.. with lots of tears. I got Bo when I asked for a strong mustang that was good on the trails. He was.. just not alone.. he was dangerous alone.. and I got thrown and hurt my hip.. jolted my lower back. So you see watch what you ask for.

* I finally did get that kids horse.. who is awesome for me too.. and that is my Le Brooks. She is from the Brooks Quarter Horse Ranch.. she even has the I Heart brand on her shoulder. She is loving and protective of people. This is what I should asked for in the beginning. But with all great manifestations.. she came with a "but". She was in an accident with barbed wire and this has her gates off at a lope. She can still run those barrels.. but her lead changes are not great and she cross fires a lot. STILL! She is a true gem.. safe and loving and good and I could not be happier with her.

* I manifested a boarder.. a riding buddy who also provides half the hay I need to keep everyone fed and fat and happy. Here is the "but" on that one. We have Harmony. Whom I love.. i really do.. but she is a nervous ninny.. and creates all kind of havoc when she is not comfortable. Like if I take any one horse for a walk.. or one horse gets locked in the back yard. She gets all worked up and sweaty and her eyes white all out.. she is like 16.2 hh too.. huge mare! Huge! Still the good out weighs the bad there.

* We got Ray his job.. This was an awesome feat with the economy the way it is. He works a lot of hours and is getting about $24 an hour. So I do not need to be swamped with work, unless I want it.. like around Festivus and Yule. We needed present monies! This gives me time to think and time to listen to that which is around me.. ie.. spirits and dead people and the FLOW of things.

* Asylum Entertainment wants us. The Real Witches has struck again! They want to see us casting.. see us with our families and collecting materials for spell work. They want to see how crazy it can be around here.. and with Jessa. They want us.. because well, we are real and are not afraid to share ourselves.
I always knew I was gonna be on film.. and I knew I was gonna live in So Cal... which I hate.. but I can ride .. have my animals and still work and make a lot of money. I have no idea how any of this will happen..
I just know it is coming.. and Asylum is the first step.. here it comes! I may be able to quit ebay this year if a network picks us up.  All those fakers on Ebay saying they are International stars. If that was the case they wouldn't be slumming it on Ebay. They would be making bank off their own websites and store fronts.
I can understand the HooDoo people.. because they are selling hand made stuff as well as spells and readings. PapaHoodoo also has the VooDoo Magick shoppe in LA 9 I think that's what it is called).. so he is all over the fricken place. I think he is just smart. He will sell anywhere he can.  I know, I am rambling~ We still have some more building to do on that site.

* I got Big Mama. Big Mama is our 1978 3/4 ton Green Monster Machine Chevy Truck. She is jacked up and large and in charge. She leaks.. she sags.. she sputters. But she has some tunes now.. a new power steering pump, new breaks in the front and an "8 foot bed that never has to be made".  Gotta love Joe Diffy and his "Pick Up Man" song.  Big Mama moved our entire house. She hauls hay for me and she goes to the dump too!
I love Big Mama and she was only a whopping $1850.00 cash.
by the time she is all made over she is gonna be worth at least $4000 or more. I even had some cute cowboy try to buy her off me.. and that is in her current condition.

* We all stayed healthy in 2010.. the only hospital trip was when Willie got shot in the face with a BB gun. It is still lodged under his right eye. They didn't want to remove it for fear of messing with his tear duct.
Good times.. we shall see how he does in a metal detector now. I worked on that with spell work and gratitude..

* We got Arty Farty. Artemis is our Border Collie/Aussie shephard mix. My daughters manifestation. She wanted a dog.. and I bitched and moaned about it.. and then well, I decided we needed something to help round up the chickens.
So I drove to Fallon, NV and brought home Arty at 5 weeks old. I waited for the right ad to come up.. somewhere... whether in the paper or online or where ever.. and I didn't just want any old mutt.
Well I saw an ad for Border collie/Aussie crosses for like really cheap.. I saw both parents and picked a tri colored female with no tail. After missed calls and emails.. she was STILL THERE!  I wanted her.. and looked for her and waited and there she was.
Mixed blessings right! Ok.. I got what I wanted. At 8 weeks old Arty popped 2 chickens with her milk teeth.
She attacked them.. and put them into shock, but they did not die.. I nursed them back over night by the fire and they were fine. So now Arty can't be trusted with the birds alone.. On the flip side. Calypso, my mustang fillie puts the fear into Arty and chases her all over the pasture. So what comes around comes around. After some rough starts with Arty, she is a stinky part of the family. Always gorging herself on horse poo and chicken poo and whatever left overs she can find from the kid's food droppings. She puked something up yesterday that was just horribly fowl. Willie decided to not pick it up and it set in the carpet... good times!

What do I want for 2011?
I might as well put it in writing now.. because I am gonna forget and more will come up as life goes on.. so let's get to it:

I want either good shoes or some good rubber shoes for Brooks so we can get some good riding in for this year. I am afraid of contracted heels on her. Horse people know what I am talking about here.

I want to be on TV. I want us to get picked up by a network. I want the good stuff from being on a Reality TV show. I want sales to pick up from our websites. I want to be a household name and I want the Miller Brewing Company to pick Jessa and I as spokes people for thier High Life brand of beer.
We are The Real Witches ! And we drink Hight Life! Gotta love that High Life Witch.. she is so darned cute!

If we are on TV.. I want the crazy Christians and Uber traditional Witchy people to leave us alone..
Let Tolerance Reign! I know this is wishful thinking.. but I gotta put it out there.

I want to be an advisor to the stars.. why the F not right? I always had this wierd fantasy.
Ok, I do like Christian Slater, but have not really paid attention to his career ever.. but I always use this analogy.. Would I be comfortable walking up to Christian Slater and saying "Waaazzzz AAAUUUUPPP"... I am a witch and a psychic... what have you done lately?" "Nice to meet you and I loved you in Pump Up The Volume, Boy did I love you in that movie...": Droollll

So yeah.. I wanna be at some parties with these people.. Am I thinking they are all going to be great conversationalists? No.. some are gonna be down right bizarre and megalomaniacs.. but in time that could be a very nice stream of income working for these people.
Jeanne Dixon did it.. and she was the first and the best. But I could offer spells and spiritual coaching as well.
It ain't all about readings.. Why not be the next witchy guru to the stars! Why not cross that line? I think I could handle it? Do I wanna be on call to them?? No.. and I know I will have to deal with that.. I already had a taste of it with a business owner in LA.. someone who just thought I was at their disposal all the damned time.. and trust me.. $20 a pop for each time I had to pick up the phone for her was not great. Put a real fee on that and I may do it.. I really might be on call to anyone who needs it.

I want to be on that scene.. AND have a nice ranch north of LA.. so Ray could have a work shop.. the kids could go to a small town school and I can care for rescue animals if need be.. without being an animal horder.. or I may be on another show??? LMFAO!

I want to be able to maybe buy this house.. or at least know for sure if my future does indeed lie in California so that I do not buy it. ??? I am conflicted here.

I want to be in a new tax bracket for the better in 2011.

I want to be out of debt. Completely. One way or the other.. I should most likely file for bankruptcy.. but if I make enough this year, I will have my accountant hash it out with my creditors.. work on some deals and get those accounts closed.  As it is now, we cannot pay rent and bills, and pay on all the debt we have from when Ray was laid off.. ya see what I am saying. I am in the same boat as most Americans. This makes me a good person for advice in how to deal with the emotionally scary shit of being in debt. I have helped hundreds of people out with thier thoughts on this issue.

* I want a Hemi. I want a big ass Dodge truck that will haul anything I want it to haul.. and I want it in white with tinted windows.. and I want men to drool over my big bad ass truck and matching horse trailer. RAM 5500 SLT CHASSIS QUAD CAB® 4X4 164.5" WB~ GRRRRRRR!!!!!
Yeah, that would be awesome. Might as go large right? If I am manifesting/dreaming...

*I want a Ford 9N tractor to clean up my property.. I want it to be vintage so Ray can have fun fixing it up and making it pretty. He loves shit like that.

* I wanna play my bass really well.. But with all my other stuff it is hard to find time to pick on it. I will do it thought if I really get the urge..

* I want to at least be a size 10 this year. That is just 1 to 2 sizes down.. I can do that.. looks like I may have to forego the tractor so I can haul shit loads to the manure pile.. this is my exercise.
I look good as a 10.. anything lower and I look anorexic..  Plus women don't like skinny bitches.
They want to be around people they can relate to and are not in competition with.. this will make me a favorite with the skinny celeb crowd. See there is a method to my chubbiness. :)

* I want a healthy family for 2011. I want to be able to pay all Health Insurance CO Pays in full at the time of service.

* I want no more Bobcat or Coyote attacks on my chickens. They will live happy and strong and give us many good fresh eggs!

* I want Ray to be happy in his work and all of us happy with the money he makes and all of us comfortable and living well with the money I make.. and Boy I want it to be a LOT this year!
I am not greedy, I just like security. I do not buy a lot of stuff..  I just like a FAT savings account.

* I want to be able to afford to send Ember to a pre-school the year so she can learn how to share. LOL! She is a little Hitler that one!

* and Lastly, I want to be the best at what I do. I want to blow away Sylvia Browne and John Edward out of the water. I want to amaze people and make them feel better. I want to be the voice of reason, the voice of inspiritation, the voice of upliftment, The Voice of Spirituality for people who might have lost some of their personal Mojo. I want to be the best coach I can be.. I want Spirit to speak through me. I want love to ooze from me.. and I want to be that cool cat girl who is not too chubby or too thin that people love and want to be around. The mom, the older sister.. the younger sister.. the fatasy lover.. the ego stroker.. anything I can be for people that helps them make it through. Anything I can do to get people to see this life as a better place.. to help them make it a better place.. and to see the future as a better place.


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