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Bo giving rubs backAways Ready to GO!Just a balanced little dude with BIG attitude!

Well, here is what I have been doing, See above.. This is "Mambo" His original name was Cowboy and there was no way I could keep that for him.  Mambo is an Estray Mustang, branded with an N on his neck to clarify him as a state gathered horse. What a Maverick! He didn't even get a decent Mustang Title! We call him "Bo". Now I have had Bo a week.. We had ridden almost everyday, and everyday he shows me something new about himself.

I was told that he was at a handicapped riding program once.. but knowing him like I do now.. there is no way this dude would be safe enough for that LOL! I LOVE HIM! But he is so studly that he cannot keep any of it in his shorts.. one minute he is squealing and parading around for the girls and the next minute he is gonna get a peice of the alpha gelding in the next pasture. This energy that Bo has, makes him an AWESOME endurance horse.. and the fact that I can run him for an hour straight before he gets sweaty at all, is a testiment to his breed. According to Shane, they guy I bought him from.. he pretty much sat all winter.

Yesterday we were getting used to the bridges near our barn.. we have one metal one and 2 wood ones, and we have a narrow one leading to River View Park in Carson City.. One day I will remember to take my camara.

So anyhoo.. Bo gets wind if the cattle herd in the pasture.. and he just CANNOT believe his eyes.. he can't tell if they are horses or what.. So he is blowing LOUD, like studs do.. let me tell you.. this guy was probably gelded like 7 years ago.. but you can't tell him that at all.

He's blowing, not snorting, not scared.. he was calling out a challenge.. bizarre.. so the whole time we are in practice he is blowing away and not prancing, not jogging.. but in a full RACK.. big prance of the war horse going on.  It was cool to look at I am sure.. safe.. probably not. Did I almost go into the ditch with him.. yes.. but we made it back to the small arena/pasture we use and I had to run the crap out of him to get him to calm down and center his attention.

At the end of the day, we were doing match races with Juju Queen to teach her that SHE CAN RUN!
She needs that if she is ever gonna be a barrel horse.

Well.. my diet has gone to the birds.. I mean.. give me a cookie! I have a MUSTANG! I am happy! And I am losing weight. Why.. because it's not what we eat.. but how we think.. And I think happy and happy and inspired = Thinness! I need to get ready, cause I want to do endurance rides on this guy.. we need to get it going. It snowed today.. so we need to wait for a dry up before we can hit the hills. but it is time!
This is why I haven't worked on the master key system either.. Sorry, I just am into this whole " I am in love with my horse" thing.  It'll settle down and Iwill be back to my committments again.
Erin Renee

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