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OMG. I ate.. a LOT!

My Mother comes with Paul Schatts Bakery Goods! I could have killed her. I ate ridiculous amounts of food on Easter. I had chocolate eggs, I had scrambled eggs and asparagus, I had some bacon, I had Chala Bread! That Passover Bread made with eggs and sesame. It was DAMN GOOD!

Then, I had carrot cake, whish is like 500 calories a slice. So needless to say, I crashed on my diet yesterday.

Today I am back up there.. doing a fast and all.. lots of water and vitamins.
Sigh.. I was really mad at myself.. but I am a forgiving sort when it comes to myself, so I am seeing today as a new day and living in the moment.

I watched "Fierce Grace" It was about Ram Dass and his Stroke.. or rather how he was "Stroked", and with the grace of his Guru Maharj Ji, he is finding his way through the stroke. I remember reading "Inspiritation" by Wayne Dyer and in the back of the book he urged people to help with Ram Dassm to send donations to help him get back in the saddle, so the say.

So, I bought "Be Here Now" On Ebay and I am just drooling for it, waiting for it to come in the mail. I have been needing some kind of awareness shift, and I think this book maybe something that needs to be on my path. So my hat off to you Ram Dass. You are a beautiful man, a beautiful soul and I hope to acquire some grace through your writings!

Here is my new plan!

I am going to slowly and methodically transcribe The Master Key System By Charles E. Haanel into regular old American Street Talk! But also make it so that a highly professional person can understand it too! LOL!

You'd think picking up the Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel would be easy! It's NOT EASY to understand this man who wrote this correspondence course in 1912. People spoke differently back then, and the smarter people really had a lofty vocabulary as well.

Nowadays.. you have to read one paragraph 3 times to understand what the man is saying. So as often as I can, I am going to work on it and make it so we can gleen the knowledge of Right Thinking.. but with more Modern Amercian analogies and familiar rhetoric.. I hope I have the stamina to do this!

So stay with me! I am gonna give it a hell of a try.. and I think Blogger has an option to make a book of your blogs.. so I am gonna do that too..
Maybe I'll make a Master Key System For Dummie book! That would be AWESOME!

Here's to the FUTURE!
Erin Renee

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