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Manifestation Stories

This is from a friend and client of mine who was sooooo generous to share his manifestation story with all of us! Thanks Ken!


11/20) I bought a new house ... the entire process was "Like it was meant to be". The house is perfect! 6 months before I did a short exercise where I decided what "MY HOUSE" would look like, where it would be, etc etc etc ... then I just forgot about it ... 1 week after my last vacation my mom said "you need to buy a house". I got smartassed and said .. OK mom ... Which one? She said that a freind of hers had just moved into the old folks home and I should look a the house ... to humor mom I looked at the house ... HOLY SHIT ... it was the house I "Asked for" ... within 24 hours we had a signed deal, and 3 weeks later I was moving in.

Hey Erin,

Here is the story of how I got my house ...

One day I sat down and did an exercise ... it took about a day of thought, and 30 minutes of bringing the thoughts together ... the question was ... "If I moved to another house ... what would it be like? Where would it be? What would it look like? What features would I want? And WHY?

I did the exercise and forgot all about it ... I told no one that I was looking for a house ... because I wasn't ... it was just an exercise ... no need to tell anyone ... Right?

6 months later ... I'd been back from vacation for a week ... my mother comes to me and says "You need to buy a house!" Being a smartass I said "OK Mom ... which house would that be?" ... She just happened to know of a "Perfect" house ... owned by a friend of hers' who had just moved into a Senior's Center.

Mom said that she had some money from her Mother's estate, and she would lend me up to $15,000 for the down payment. I always had a very strong dislike for my grandmother, and didn't want any money that came from her in any way shape or form. In addition I knew that my father would have issues with me accepting the money ... in my family there would be great shame in borrowing money from family for such a venture ... especially after living the free lifestyle of spending all of my money on travel, partiying and adventure ... I asked Mom if she'd discussed this with Dad ... she said she had.

So to humor Mom I went to look at it ... I stood in the front yard and with a "deja vu" moment said "It's MY HOUSE!"

I called the realtor, looked at the complete property ... it was indeed MY HOUSE... within 24 hours of having first looked at MY HOUSE we had a signed deal.

I went to the bank ... Wilma took my mortgage application ... everything looked good ... except that the square footage of the MY HOUSE was smaller than the bank would issue a mortgage for ... I told Wilma that this was MY HOUSE, and asked her to find a way around the rule. Like she was talking to a little kid she says "Ken if you don't get this house there are others, it's not the only house in Wetaskiwin!". I leaned forward, looked Wilma in the eye and said "Wilma, there are other houses in Wetaskiwin, and they don't come into the equation ... this is MY HOUSE, and if you won't make this mortgage happen I know another bank will. You should know that whoever holds my mortgage also holds all of my other accounts as well. She promised she would see what she could do.

In the meantime Dad is making no bones about is displeasure over this deal ... he is pissed that I would accept charity after 3 years of wasting my money traveling the world and partying ...

Two days later Wilma phoned ... the mortgage was approved ... I went to the bank to sign the papers ... Wilma asked how long ago I'd sold my last house ... it was 4 1/2 years ago ... She smiled and announced that because I sold my last house more than 4 years ago, I was eligible for a "1st time homebuyers program" that the government was offering ... I could borrow money from myself (from my retirement account), and pay it back (interest, tax, and penalty free) to my account over 15 years.

I signed the papers and told her which account the money was coming from ... she made it happen.

So now I have MY HOUSE, the money for the downpayment "appeared" not once but twice ... and the paperwork is off to the lawyers .

I told Mom about the grant. I thanked her for the offer, but I didn't need to borrow any money ... the house deal was going through with out it. I also thanked her because if she had not told me about the house I never would have looked at it. Mom had a look on her face that was pleased not to have to part with the money (Mom is VERY frugal), but even more because she could tell my father some version of "I told you so."

Mom told me that I shouldn't spend my entire Retirement Account on the house, so I told her ... "Mom ... I've got $80,000 in my Retirement Account ... it's just all locked in until I'm 55 years old." Now the "I told you so" look she had for Dad was growing and I was actually feeling sorry for Dad ... he was going to have to eat some crow on this one.

OK ... back to the house ... 3 weeks after I first looked at MY HOUSE, I moved in ... MY HOUSE is perfect ... a month later I am still discovering cool features I didn't know about when I bought it ...and there were NO unpleasant suprises.

Everyday I walk around my house singing ... "My house ... my pretty pretty little house...." If you can imagine this 48 year old guy doing that.

For the 1st time ever I am living in a house that feels like it's mine ... it's a house and a home ... I've lived in many houses ... but this one is my first "home".

The biggest bonus is that my Dad has come around ... there is a new respect ... or at least acceptance.

From the moment I decided that it was MY HOUSE ... I set that as my intention ... I let nothing get in the way ...


My dislike of my late grandmother and her money,

The Banks' lending policy,

Even my Dad's disdain (which normally would have made me fold).

Once I decided it was MY HOUSE it was ... and it all started with a few hour exercise one afternoon 7 months ago.

So Erin, this is the story of how I manifested MY HOUSE ... I guess Watching "The Secret" and listening to the teachings of Abraham planted seeds that did take root ... I didn't intentionally manifest it ... "Just did a silly little exercise one day", and as a result ... I now have a home.

I decided to do the same exercise for a spouse ... trouble is ... even after many days of thought ... I have no idea what I want in a spouse ... LOL ... is it any wonder I don't have one ...

I forgot to mention ... at the time I did the exercise of what my house would look like ... I had no reasonable expectation that I would be able to swing it financially ... in fact ... with my lifestyle choices, and unwillingness to change them ... I would have thought it to be impossible.

I made no changes in my behavior, or savings patterns, or anything else ... IT JUST HAPPENED!!!!

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