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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Bo Sleeping in the sun
Welllll.... summer hit and I got slammed like EVERYDAY! In this economy busy is good.. so I am learning to not complain.. since I am the only one working in my household right now.

So I would appreciate any and all positive thoughts sent our way for Ray to get a job soon. He is applying all over the place and went for a few interviews. One was all the way in Vegas. This week he went to Sparks, NV to talk with some people around cleaning oil from soil.. so these people need a plant mechanic for their filtering system, I think..

I have been teaching a lot of classes and this is a big shout out to all of my students.. I have having a great time with the classes because the energy with them flows so much more easier than doing readings.  You see when you read for a love obsessed client and they want good news, want good news, want good news...

 And they keep buying readings to talk about the same love situation.. it can really get you down energetically and it is frustrating because people get obsessed with finding out about the love target that they have in mind.  Often times this stalking of the person whether psychically or physically just has bad results.. Most people do not understand that by throwing too much thought at a love interest, you chase them away..  Whether they see it on the ouside in the physical realm or not.

So, I think after Ray gets some work going here, I am going to expand my work with more of a metaphysical store in mind. On my worldmagick account on Ebay I offer a LOT of metaphysical books.. stones, crystals, sage, Offering bags for the gods and Spirit Contact bags.. built custom for people.  I offer classes on metaphysics in general. I have a Tarot Class, Manifestation Class, Mediumship Class, Spirit Guide Contact Class, Life coaching Courses. Mojo Self Empowerment Courses.. this is where my true goal is with people, to teach them how to live better and achieve the results psychically that they want.
Here in the next few months, I am going to lessen readings and maybe up the prices or just go with phone readings.. because the email stuff is fun and cheap for people.. but it can be draining for me in general.

All my links go though this site, if you want to hook up with my ebay accounts..

Basically, I have some big decisions to make.  The kids are fine.. school is out, everyone is home.. they are eating like pigs and making messes where ever they go. We have one in summer school and then she needs a job too..

Mambo the Mustang is great. I make time for him and Juju everyday. Yesterday I worked on getting Juju more supple again.. I love the girl I sold her to.. but now the horse needs "12 year old girl" worked out of her. We have some bit issues.. some rearing.. some fighting and head throwing. So that was fun.. be she actually is collecting more.. to non horse people this means she looks great with a rider.. good head tuck and all.. small sweet jog.. very very pretty.

So that's the news here..  I gotta get back to those email readings I just blew off to update the blog. Don't get me wrong, my energy is good.. better today at least. Somedays I live on Lithia water and b-12 vitamins to make myself happy. I need to start getting paid what I am really worth..

Here is another big update! I am sending a bunch of my business cards to one of the owners of The Griddle Cafe in West Hollywood CA.. This is the breakfast place of the stars! Most people who live in LA know about The Griddle. Jack Black has been seen there enjoying some breakfast chow.. and many other bed headed celebs go there for some awesome breakfast food! So here is hoping I get some great clientelle out of LA! Thanks so much to the owner who is a good friend of mine!

Namaste.. many blessings and may we al live more in peace!
Erin Renee

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