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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Erin and Ray after a Ghost Hunt in Virginia City, Nevada. I love my Djembe!

Here is the link for the Psychic Fair put on by The Reno Psychic Institute.

This is that annual Fall Fair put on by Laura Peppard. She is sort of a Megalomaniac like Yours Truly. I mean her name is on everything. Magazines, The Institute , and she is a Teacher, etc...

At first I didn't want to pay the $10.00 to get in. In years past I paid $5.00 and I am a cheap ass. Pardon my language, but this is my blog and I can say what I want. Like I said folks!

Delightfully Abrasive! Thats the best way to describe me.

Now before Ray and I went in, I heard this in my head: "Go In, you will be happy with what you find and what you learn." So I did.

Now I almost never go to a psychic fair to have a reading. This is because I am a Psychic Medium. A lot of the readers at this fair are returnees and some were new.

I met a wonderful man by the name of Alan Hardman. He has a website that is just fabulous. It is He is a Toltec Teacher.. his main Motto here is "Live Passionately Without Attachment To The Outcome!" I really jived with his energy and he gave me some great pointers about my small business adventures. So I hope I get to explore his website a little more and maybe some day.. money and time permitting I'll get to do one of his Mexico trips.

So as I was saying above. There were beautiful souls there and it was neat to see the truly glowing people there!

But there were also the burnouts. Yes folks.. shoot me if I ever get like this.. a person of any age.. They have this washed out look.. they sit and wait and wait for a client to read for. They do not smile, they stare right through you. They have outdated signs and they charge $2.00 a minute, they have timers and just look hollow. I sooooo never want to be like that.

At a psychic fair it is Dog Eat Dog. You need to outshine the others. You talk and sell yourself. You have to be like a Peacock! The bigger and brighter your sign the better, you have boards showing all of your media fan fare. You are either the best local pet psychic, or the best local Medium, or you are the best in the west coast because you have a big pink stage and your own Tarot deck that you made and published with your own money. And despite all the looks of success you have all around you.. the truth is you are at a psychic fair in Reno Nevada.

I know it's a great Venue... but

There is just something that has always turned me off about doing the fair there. Each year I think maybe I out to try it out.. but then I think of the cost to get a table.. and how you may get cut a deal with Laura IF you volunteer.. or even a better deal if you were one of her students.

I'm not being too negative.. it's just the way it IS. This is the Reno, Carson, Minden/ Gardnerville Area.. We have one Psychic Institute run by one entity. It sort of over shadows us people who are self made. We didn't need classes to understand our abilities. We didn't need someone to tell us how to be psychic.

On To Brighter and Beautiful Things.... now lets talk about Isabelle Choiniere-Correa! I loved meeting her. She is an intuitive consultant who works one on one with clients as well as businesses. She gave me a numerology self assessment test and I loved talking with her. She has a beautiful smile and gorgeous way about her. She works in the Bay Area, Her website is Check her out. I really enjoyed getting to know her.

The last person I talked to about business and thier gift was Tom Feutsch. An Intuitive Life Coach here in the Minden area just south of Carson City. Nice enough guy. Seems he was a long time student of Laura's at the Psychic Institute and went on to write a book and record a CD. He took the time out to talk with me even thought I did not purchase a reading. He is a personal coach as well as a business coach. Tom does what I do and is a Success Coach.. it's nice to know another worker locally.

Ok, here it Is in a nutshell. I love the pychic fair AS a patron, it brings all sorts of readers and local merchants together. As a client, if I needed a reading and didn't have a personal psychic, I would go there. I would enjoy myself.

As a reader myself I picked up a lot of desperation of trying to do better than break even after all fees are said and done. I feel the unfairness of some having to pay full fees while others got a break for being local and giving back to the psychic institute, either by blood and sweat or by association because they spent big funds thier as a student.

You see what I'm saying? Maybe it's like that all over and I am just ignorant.. who knows. I tell it like I see it.

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