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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

So I was sitting here smoking my corn cob pipe and lighting my Success Candles on New Years Day and I got this idea of something I want to do.

I would love to put on a Witchcraft Seminar. Not about Wicca.. not about paganism.. but about the craft.
How to use the craft for everyday people who do not know what can be done for ones self using magick and specific thought forms. I would love to let people know who do not fear such things that it can be used for good things in ones life.
I mean, why not? We have positive thinking seminars. Manifestation Seminars.. Religious Seminars...

I was poking around on the internet and I have not really found anything on this subject.

Maybe if we billed it under "The Real Witches Tell All". Or "An Evening with Erin Renee and How Magick Can Tranform Your Life."

A book can only tell you so much, if I ad attitude, smiles, stories and love in every talk I can get across more to the average person then say any one of the Llewellyn authors can ever dream of doing.

I am going to continue looking around and see what I can find. There has to be some kind of metaphysical conference somewhere that covers this.

I just think it would be cool to headline in a way. Not just be a part of a psychic fair or over all metaphysical seminar.

I know I poo pooed the witch thing for like a year..(I still practiced it)  this was because I didn't think I could mainstream it. I didn't think people would be accepting. but if they are thinking there are thousands of pagans or people of alternative beliefs in one Southern California County.. that are not documented. Then that means there are thousands and thousands all over the world who are not willing to come forward with their beliefs because of fear. Why not make it a household thought that there are people who are just as normal as the next person who deserve to have an arena of acceptance and to have a place to share with others who would like to learn what we already know?

Never mind The True Christians.. who scare the crap out of me because they are bizarrely extreme...
The majority of people are pretty middle of the road.
Except the woman who was behind me once on hwy 50. She saw some of my bumper stickers and actually crossed herself while driving directly behind me. Really? Like I am gonna jump out of my moving vehicle and hex her ass.

I KNOW there are a lot of closed minded people out there.. but I am feeling that they are becoming the minority.

The Burning Times are no more.

Did you all know that The True Christians have not LEGALLY killed a witch on their property in 20 or so years?
Wow?! What the hell does that mean? They also say they will cut off ears and fingers and bust out teeth of children who watch Nickelodeon or The Disney Channel or play video games.. they also tell the parents to not feel sad that they abused and hurt their little Blasphemers.

So who is the real children eaters now days? Maybe it is Satan living in the hearts of the True Christians??
That's some true fricken evil!

So you can see where I feel that that kind of thinking is scary, wrong and morally unacceptable.

People who are in the craft revere animals and children. We do not hurt them.. I LOVE my chickens! I may dance with one here or there.. and you can be damned sure I am not going to spill their blood in the name of magick.. even with my tendencies towards Voodoo, the living religion and Hoodoo the magickal off shoot of it.

So Anyhoo.. that is my idea for a Seminar or Traveling Lecture for the average person to understand magick on a different level.

Spells are like prayers.. they are a concentrated thought.. thought over and over again. The only difference here is that we are not praying to an all knowing god to make our lives better, healthy or more abundant. We are willing those wants to be that way with drive, belief in ourselves, belief in the universal flow of energy and love. We acknowledge the seasons, we acknowledge nature and in a way we accept that which is not meant for us.. but we can be accepting when that success comes in a different form. We still count our blessings and live in a state gratitude.
It is not that different from other beliefs.. it is metaphysics.

I will always stick to my thought that Manifesting is the same as Spell Work, the same as Prayer and the same as Ritualistic Actions we take to change our thinking.

Esther Hicks and Abraham are always talking about making A.. and ...B come together.
They talk about shortening that avenue of thought and result and about letting go of the outcome..

When we do spell work, we put our thought into the want, we put a ritual into the want.. with reverence for the materials we use.. and then when the ritual is over, we ground the energy and FORGET WE EVEN DID IT!
When that happens, we have released the energy to manifest and we trust in the good work we have done and the connections with the Universal Flow of Energy.  Then BOOM! In like 3 to 6 months stuff has manifested!
Like I have previously said in the Archives of this blog..
We got Ray his current job,
We got this house that way.
I got my horses,
We have Asylum Entertainment working with us
I got my book store that way
I got Ray that way
I wanted my Ember, and I got her.. I saw my baby girl in my mind and I decided to try for her and she came when, of course, I took my mind off of getting pregnant..

There are many many other wants and dreams that have come to pass as well.. I mean. The more I list them, the more I am grateful for my work in getting what I want.

I work from home, I take care of my kids.. take care of my clients, take care of my animals and am doing my best to put some good thoughts out there.

This was just one of them!

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