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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Here is a nice Gift For My Heckler~
Eshu Rei
King Eshu... Ya
don't want him on your bad side!
This is actually a book cover
But it has the Sigil!

Ok.. when I FIRST started out online.. like I was a freshy silly newbie working online with people... this asshole comes to me out of nowhere.. Through Youtube email and asks me for a FREE reading because his sister had died. Me being the silly ass sap goes for it.. Here is the kicker.. have any of those people out there thought that this guy might have made all of this up? Like maybe he never really emailed me at all????

 Here is my side of it.
So I hook up with an energy of a loved one passed on for him. I know it was a female entity and I know also that there were guides there as well. Guides love us no matter how much of a jerk we are to people.. so this should make us all feel better.
What I did not see, and non of us psychics ever do, is the evilness behind this guy's ideas.
He was debunking me. Debunking a FRESHY Online Psychic.. who knows better not to do free readings anymore. I could not believe this when I found it on Youtube. I have worked my can off for a long time doing this work.. I have NEVER EVER said I was 100% and I damned sure do not hurt people.. at least not on purpose anyway. Keep in mind I have been reading for the public and doing group readings for a long time before all of this happened.
So this guy got hit by a VoteBot and he had 10 people in the last 3 years like this video and 52 dislike it.. because he is trying to make himself big as some kind of James Randi Wanna Be.
It has been sitting there.. under all of my youtube stuff all the damned time and I wish he would just fade to nothing cause that's all he is gonna be.

Sigh.. anyway.. I felt like I was someone because I at least had a damned heckler! Someone must have thought I was gonna be big someday and someone thought he could start the rotten veggie throwing early.
My son is that nice William boy who is sticking up for me on the comments.
And guess what Asshole UnmaskedMagician! If I was not doing this for some kind of money I and my kids would be living on the street. I am no fake... and my people all know it. You can follow who I really am in the archives, and looking at my feedback on Ebay and if I have to I will add all my damned testimonies on here. All I have to do is ask my hundreds of repeat clients.
Anyhoo.. now you have seen me mad and maybe at some point.. he can read about this. Sorry Charlie. You did not debunk anything because I have almost gotten on TV twice.
Well I am a Witch too... so hmmm... humbug a nice fat hex may even the score!
Blessed Be And Many Blessings to all! :) Erin Renee

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