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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Holy Crapoly! We did it! Sorry the quality sucks on the pic:)
On Thursday the 13th of January 2011, in the near afternoon, Grant, our Camera buddy showed up. He is adorable.. just a cute young dude with a camera and a good personality. He is also a SLAVE DRIVER! But he knows his craft and he made us get our lines right and for us to keep our eyes on the camera or on him and then I got busted for chewing gum.
Sorry Teacher!

It started with some technical difficulties, one of his camera's got messed up when it was checked by the airline.. so that bit the royal big one.. but we still got up and running.

Jessa and I got to sit on my grandmother's visiting couch, in front of my massive Voodoo Alter. Ember was running around with Gina's camera taking filmage of every one. Gina was Jessa's sitter for her spell.

We talked about how we got into the craft, about our families and we had to say the opening lines for the sizzle shot for the networks. I mean the whole thing is going to be shown like a preview for a movie. So they had to make it hit hard.

I was very comfy in front of the camera.. and by the way when I said I really was not that fat in the last few posts.. well guess what.. I really am. I am not supposed to be a size 12. My body looks much better as an 8 and my face REALLY shows how I carry my fat.
Soooo... I am hopeing my personality really makes up for it. I dropped 5 pounds for this shoot too.. and I really didn't notice the change at all on film.. and YES! The camera really does add 10 pounds.

I really liked working with Grant. He feels like family in a way.
That first day was my day.. where I did my family shots and stuff.
So after Jessa's Spell work with Gina, We got changed up and went to the cemetary to film me getting grave yard dirt for my spell that I was doing for Debi. Debi was having a hex/curse done on her went like UUUBER well because we actually cracked and broke the plate that had her spell on it.. the energy was HUGE!

Before the cemetary though, I had my mom scene, where I made everyone Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and apple juice with chips.. and I got in a butt bumping fight with Willie.. cause he is always in the way and he is like 6'1 now.. I am the little mama.. my kid towers over me at 14.

So after we did the cemetary and I changed for the spell work, Grant interviewed the kids. That was funny. I appearently did spell work for Dusty to have better grades.. I am not sure when that happened but ok! I am sure it looked good for the camera. My kids also remembered that I gave them animals spirits that were on parallel courses with them.. they let the camera catch them saying them. That was damned cute!

So after that, we all went to bed.. cause I was WIPED OUT! Grant went to stay at the Court Yard at Marriott, down at the Fandango Casino Resort.

The next morning, January 14th, 2011, after the school run and picking up Jessa. Grant showed up here and we filmed Jessa and I drumming and dancing, We filmed us doing a money spell together, We then went to Comma Coffee here in town and I did a reading with my friend Lorie W. The Pony Lady and Jessa read for Gina's sister and her friend. They had the day off.

After that, I finished up my interview and repeated the written material.  Then we went to Vitamin Villa here in town where we shopped for Witchcraft Supplies. Then back to the cemetary for Grant to take some more pics..
Then I started to feel pretty sad because I did not want it to be over..
I LOVE DOING THIS! I want to do it all the time! I love the CAMERA!
I love to talk, teach and be ME in front of it!
Just an all around good time!
Grant and Jessa went back to her apartment and filmed her mom stuff.
Then he was gone.. like a puff of incense smoke.
I hope we get to see him again and I hope

Or any one of those awsome networks wants  us!
We have so much to share!
Thanks for stopping in!
Erin Renee

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