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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Hey Ya'll! I know the Asylum Ent. Thing is a huge coup for me and Jessa.. but I gotta move on and be me. Last we heard they hadn't even had time to get to editing our material.. so this may take some time.
They have some awesome projects going on right now and ours is just one of many.

Things that have happened since my last post:

 Stuff happens here in this house.  Many things that make me think this house has more to it than we thought.. and that includes a dead guy living in Will's room. He hated the renovations here and makes sure we don't do anything to this house.. he is not mean.. just grumpy.
Weird noises... a water heater with a mind of it's own, rooms that are freezing. The list goes on.

My computer finally took the biggest crap on me known to computer users.. it literally burnt up. So, $600 bucks later I have the G62 HP Biscotti. It's a sporty model and I really only paid $479 for it from Best Buy. You gotta ad the anit-virus stuff in there too.

This is what happens when you use your computer past 3 years 7 days a week almost 8 hours a day.. it becomes antiquated and TIRED. It finally said.."Erin, I am leaving you.. and you didn't heed the warning signs so you lost files.. and pictures.. too bad for you!"
So.. Dern.
That receipt so went into the tax receipt bag! I will be claiming all that next year.

I went on a DIET! I know I tried this before.. I have been this size for over a year and last year I even started a blog on it.. It was no DICE!
I am happy.. when people in my family are HAPPY, they are chubby. There REALLY is something to this "Fat and Happy" thing.
The last time I dropped a ton a weight.. I was depressed and nervous. That is how I get thin. I am a non eater when things are bad.  
So I did a Pseudo Atkins and low caloric intake for 2 weeks. As in I only ate 1000 calories a day.
I was sickly, sad, mad and I got sick twice with some kind of flu.
I lost some weight.. I was in my skinny jeans and happy and then the monthly hormones hit.  
So water weight snuck back in a depressed me. I will be chugging water and walking another 2 miles today.
I did a weight loss spell for my friend Todd and I and it came to me that I DO need carbs.
I mean I walk a LOT... I clean the house a lot, I am outdoors a LOT.. It was like 10 degrees here this morning. Atkins will make you cold. Try being cold internally as well as externally.
So I am back at it... eating light meals, whole foods and exercising.  We shall see how it goes.

Now! As for the pictures above. This is my 5 string Bass that Ray modified for me. It is like Getty Lee's bass from rush. We put a nice customized pick guard on it.. it has Spurzel parts on it.. and a bunch of other stuff I know nothing about.. but he keeps telling if we ever sold it.. it would go for a lot..
It even has the worlds best strap holders on it.. I dunno! Ray seemed to think of everything with this bass as well as strings that hold the tune. 
It is a Fender.. and I love it.

I have found when playing this bass or the Mojo Box he built that I tend to make up my own music and it makes sense.. like when I play the Djembe as well. Sure I was taught a few of the basics.. but then BOOM! I start getting all creative and stuff.
Among the things I know how to play are Ozzy's Iron Man... Ted Nugent's Strangle Hold.. and that was stupidly EASY, and Ray hates it because bands use it as a warm up diddy... but it's so simple it is actually GENIUS... I mean.. the lyrics are a bit weird.. how can a man come at you like a "Dog in Heat"? I mean Female dogs come into heat? So how does that make sense?
Who Knows?! But I like that song and I like to play it on the bass.

I learned how to play some other metal songs too as well as some of the old surfer tunes.

But I REALLY dig the Blues Riffs... You can really get all over that board with the blues.

So I thought I would show this bass off again. I think I have an old post on here from when he first made it.. I know I have his bicycle creations too from way back.

Ray has some great talents.. I personally think the Mojo Cigar Box Guitars were his winning moment, but he down plays it.
We now have a classical bass from Russia he is modifying and his old 1962 bass that he is rebuilding.

As for me.. Spell Sales went off the hook in the last few weeks.. I am casting everyday and I listed some New Moon and Full Moon spells for real cheap cause you gotta wait for the moon cycle to move through before you can get casted. I also am only casting once.

Usually if someone buys a regular spell it will come with a 3 times casting.

So Yeah, I am witching it up again... and it feels good! I am running out of candles fast and I should buy stock in Satya,, cause I burn a LOT of Nag Champa. 

The kids are ok.. Ember was sick as many times as I was this last month. Must have been a killer flu. We did not get flu shots this year.. 
I am determined to be thinner before my butt is on TV. And I am playing the bass or drumming each day as I cast. Playing a musical instrument grounds me.
Long Live The Mojo Shiznat!

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