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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

And I will tell you why.. Because on my walk yesterday I was in deep channel with whomever it is that talks with me and I had this thought about this jump in between the third and fifth dimensions. I, once again was thinking in a linear way and realized that the 4th dimension is not necessary to understand to begin living in the 5th dimension. I was trying to figure out how all of this worked.. and I was thinking that maybe the 4th dimension was getting us ready for the fifth by our own technology.  Meaning, that the internet taught us that we can converse, love, know, understand and all together share energy with people all over the GLOBE.. making us a global society and not just national societies. I think the old saying used to be " God, Family, Country".. for me now it is Myself as God, My Family in Light and Love and My Earth as the place I live and love Universally. 

So anyhoo.. I wanted to look up what has been written about the 4th and 5th dimensions.. and what I now understand is that the 4th was maybe skipped in a way as another lesson, because in the 5th, we now need to BE without our technology. We will be telepathic, and we can converse in the mind and heart of all things.

What I understood from my walk.. is that each time we have a psychic experience.. when we know someone will call before we pick up the phone, or we think of someone and we see them that day at the post office. Which I did see happen in front of me one day between two parties who thought of each other and were both at the Post Office at the same time. We are stepping in and out of the fifth dimension and this means that everyone is truly psychically connected. 

This is what they means when they say a strand of DNA that we all have is being activated.. and soon, we will not be what we once were.  What I know now, or am beginning to understand.. little by little and bear with my radical swing now.. is this. What IF! The stuff got so bad on earth.. and will be getting bad enough, that the human race begins to be able to blip out of earth's 3rd dimension.. into the 5th dimension to avoid cataclysmic destruction. ???? I dunno! I just got to thinking that this might be what the light workers have been doing. They have been channeling in the messages that people will soon be able to consciously skip in and out of dimensional realities.. and soon, we will take a final step? I mean talk about a huge spiritual thought, mixed with metaphysics, with UFOlogy, mixed with psuedo science... I mean my mind is blown. People keep writing about this ascension, and how we do not have to DIE to move from this plane. Maybe I did not want to grasp onto that yet.. but I think I will. I actually think I threw out the Family of Light book channeled from the Pleides.. Boy, I would love to have that book back! 

What I want people to do is go to YouTube and check this video out.

It was a huge wake up call for me, because it SHOWS how the UFO's are blinking OUT of OUR DIMENSION! This is huge. It shows how they use our atmosphere for propelling the small craft and it shows the blink in and out of our world back into theirs. There is no harm meant in anything that has happened with them. I am not sure who the hell was doing to testing on us in the 60's through the 80's, but I think they were searching for the DNA and I think that the animals mutilations, were to see if the animals were going to evolve as well.. many of the animals were our farm animals that we eat and interact with. But now.. I see the signs are there, they shows us patterns in the many sightings.. and the crop circles are also showing us patterns and messages as well..

I KNEW that they were showing us the blip in and out of what we SEE and what existence there really is. I think part of the lesson is to know and understand that dimensions are not just theory! They are there and we live in many onion layers of existence.. and if we wanted to, with all of our hearts.. we could cross that veil.. cross the dimension and make new homes over there.. because that is where they are, OVER a threshold.  So.. telepathy, no technology as we know it.. understanding the earth and living WITH her.  The possibility of just walking away from earth on the third dimension and living with her in another dimension. I dunno about you.. but I am ready for New Earth. It makes my heart leap with joy to think of New Earth and the peace that exists there. 

Many Blessings always, Erin Renee  Read Below for a 2005 Channel from The Family of Michael.


Living in the 5th Dimension and Releasing the Illusions of the 3rd Dimension

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

February, 2005

Dearest Ones, this channel comes to you after requests from Lightworkers to understand the nature of the energy right now, and why you are finding it so difficult to cope with life. Nothing seems to work anymore. You feel unsupported and abandoned in many cases. You are exhausted and anxious, and you feel as though you cannot go on any more. Well, this is quite true. You cannot go on any more living in a way that is primarily third-dimensional. The Earth has made her transition and is now firmly anchored in the Fifth Dimension. And yet most of you continue with your third-dimensional lives as though nothing had happened.
We know that most of you are expecting that you will wake up one day and see and feel the changes. But no, part of your role as lightworkers is that you will create the changes yourselves. It is up to you to start living the truth and the reality of the Fifth Dimension.
Maintaining the illusion of the Third Dimension is what is causing the stress and exhaustion among you. The shaky and disintegrating structures of the former Third Dimension are no longer enough to hold your lives together. Money and economics no longer support your lives as they once did. Relationships no longer provide the security and support and safety that they once did. Your physical bodies are tired and feel as though they can no longer keep doing this. And we would say to you, yes indeed, it is time to let go and fully embrace your new reality.
But what is even more exhausting for many of you as lightworkers, is the constant swing between dimensional realities. You live your new reality, and yet you are constantly being pulled into the old reality frame that is being lived out by those around you. The constant shift of frames and perspectives is another contributing factor to your exhaustion, anxiety, and feeling of being unsupported.
Dearest Ones, we realize that most of you are a little bewildered about your new reality, and wish that you had some kind of "instruction manual" to help you along. Well, we will offer some guidelines here, but primarily we ask that you be understanding of how unstable and erratic your reality is at present. People are confused and uncertain. Those who are not conscious of the ascension process have no explanation for what is happening in their lives, and are feeling the most stress and anxiety because they see only the evidence of disintegration and chaos. They are becoming increasingly confused and unhappy. But understand that as they feel these emotions, they are coming increasingly closer to "waking up" and understanding what is real, and to begin to create the new reality with you.
Here we would offer to you an understanding of Fifth Dimensional reality very briefly. The most important difference between Third and Fifth Dimensional reality is a change in the nature of Time and Space and how they are perceived by you. Time and Space were fixed realities in the Third Dimension. In the Fifth Dimension they are fluid and are understood to be largely illusionary.
Time in the Fifth Dimension is perceived as the Eternal NOW or present. The cycles of day and night are understood to be mechanical markers of cycles of being, but have no real effect or power over the creative potential of the Now moment. This means that what you feel and experience in the present moment is the only essentially important experience. The past and the future have no relevance as such. What you create and experience in this moment is who and what you are and what you will be, unless you shift your intention.
Once you understand this principle fully, you will understand how to cope with your sense that there is never enough time to accomplish what you need to do. Focus on the present moment, experience it fully in its immediacy, and you will find that time will stretch for you into an eternity. Yes it sounds magical, but the Fifth Dimension is a magical place! And know that what you focus your attention on will become increasingly powerful and will manifest in your life, as you become increasingly aware of your power as creators within the Fifth
The same is true for space. You will increasingly see that space and distance are only illusions of the material plane. You are always and immediately connected to others who are your soul and heart family, no matter where they may be on the planet. The Internet has taught you in a physical way how the illusion of space can be bridged. You will soon understand that within yourselves you have the ability to maintain these links telepathically with those to whom you are connected.
And after this understanding will come the understanding that every human is always connected to every other human on the energetic level, and that what you call a "planet" is no more than a great co-creation of all the beings on that planet, including the animals and the non-sentient beings. In fact a planet is really a great creative "node" where many creator "gods" work together to produce a "consensus" reality. Once you understand this fully, you will begin to understand how to utilize the Paradise Matrix that has been set up in order to co-create the Paradise of the Fifth Dimension that was your original plan for the planet.
Once you understand these principles, you can move forward into the Adventure of the Unfolding of the Creative Now Moment! Understand that your reality will seem to move quicker because your vibration is now higher. Events will unfold rapidly. Things will change rapidly. You will need to be fluid and flexible and open to rapid changes. You will have to have absolute trust that your Higher Aspect in tandem with Spirit knows what you need and where to take you, and that you can follow this unfolding with confidence and trust.
And finally, you will need to be in touch with your Creative Passion! It is the only thing that will move you forward at this time. Otherwise you will stagnate. In the Fifth Dimension you are no longer moved forward along the "tracks" of career and work that once supported you. Now it is the energy and movement of your creative passion that will take you forward. Are you willing to let go of the old structures and move into the flow of new creations and new realities? The extent to which you hold on to old structures will be an exact correlation to the extent of the anxiety and stress that you will feel. It is only when you connect with the flow of Creative Passion that you will move forward in your own Creative Unfolding. And this is the true essence of the Multi-Dimensional experience of Who You Are that is the gift of your New Fifth-Dimensional Planet.
It is our hope that this message will help you to understand the challenges of your present time and to move more rapidly through this transition into full Fifth-Dimensional creative joy.

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