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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
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I will tell you something I know from Source.
Manifesting in the physical plane or 3rd dimensional world.

We title it The Law of Attraction.. but it is really so much more than that. It is a thought, a chemical emotional reaction, positive thinking and time travel in the sense of memories from the past to the future. So it is like a formula if you want I suppose.

What we have to DO is get you to innately remember how to use this formula. With the movement of the 5th dimension, We can manifest 10 times faster than in the past. I have done this so many times, I have lost count. It is happening faster and faster.

So the working of spells by a practitioner is not really needed in future times and I am contemplating taking them down off of Ebay again. This is one reason I send the optional offerings to the gods.. because this awakens the primordial ritual task master in all of us.  The Ritual makes us go into the equation of making things manifest. I think this is what is meant by the Golden Mean as well.

Here read on it in Wikipedia:

We intuitively know what the Golden Mean is. When we Baptize someone or be Baptized. When we ritually plant a seed, whether thought or an actual plant seed, it is the same thing. The intent in the growth of the thought or the seed. The expectation and the waiting for conditions to be right.. and the TRUST in the right conditions as well.

It is all around us, in the learning, in the things we see and are taught. There is always a time where the information comes together into a cognitive sequence and Boom! We get it.. The miracle of life occurs, the spark in the seed that sprouts, the thought is finally integrated into the mind and spirit. That which is thought becomes manifest.

We smile and know that it is Good! Then we move to the next miracle. It is a never ending thing.
So in a sense. What I am saying, is yes, I can work a spell in moving energy to help a person in the human form exact an outcome. but it is FASTER and healthier to have the person do it themselves.  Teach a man to Fish and he will Never Go Hungry.

Thank you Jesus! He has been saying all along over and over again.

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