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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

I know I said before that the workers have been trying for a long time to rebalance the earth.. but really too much is going on and it is still my main belief that we need to be apart of this cleansing.. Not only is it a physical cleansing of our Earth Mother.. but it is a spiritual cleansing for us as well.

I have been watching Steve Rother do his channels of The Group. I have bought a few of the books and I am all into it. I sit on pins and needles for the end of the month to roll around so I can receive the next message from The Group. Ok.. I admit it, I am addicted to Angels.

The Group is from the Family of Michael in the Angelic Realm. And yes.. there are a lot of realms.. I have been in contact with several of them and realize that my book was channeled from the Angelic plane.

So in a way, I feel honored.. but really that is where I am from, so it ain't no thing. Remember that all planes are vibrational and we have to resonate with the vibration to gain access.. and the same goes for receiving messages here on the earth plane as well. There is no race to get there.. we all started there.. and in the process of living a ton of lives, we tend to resonate lower.. so we end up in the astral plane where we rotate from back into earth, until we get to the resonation we need to get to the outer levels.  And really, we cannot think of it in linear terms anyway. Rarely do things move in a line.

I still find it amazing that man lives in squares for the most part.. when the circle is a better shape to live in.. the wind goes over it.. energy moves in it better.. energy does not get stuck in corners. Heating a dome is easier.
Maybe it is because of some of my visions of domed settlements, but I look around and am amazed at how we live.

Here in Nevada, our winds are very strong. Yet, with construction, they build on how streets are to be.. and this screws the family home all up. First off, front door facing north??? Bad IDEA! North wind in winter! Cold, mean, blustery and down right frigid.. all that would blow in the house!
Dog houses and horse shelters opened to the north? Cruel and unusual punishment for our animals we love.
Too many windows to the west! HEAT! Hot hot hot! Hot house in the summer! Talk about Frying!
 Too many windows at all! Or bay windows. When we live in a rough weather area, too many windows spell too much cold, too much heat, too much light, Don't forget about the wind. Our house had newer windows, but because of the intensity if the weather here.. in the last 10 years, they sagged and there is no proper seal on them..

I can go on and on. My point is, is that we live on earth like she is a friendly place.. and for the last 2000 plus years she was.. now she isn't. If I had my way.. and all the money in the world. I would buy some land not too far from town, with a river or all year stream through it. But not living too near it.. cause of water seepage.. maybe on the side of hill.. on the Lee side.  Dig down 4 feet into the ground, have a few of these circles and find a way to have domes built over them with sky lights. In a way, I want to live like the natives.. and if that means I hunt and gather then I do.. as well as farm and raise goats.  A home is for shelter. I am not a couch potato, I work outside all day..  I prefer to be outside.. and to be inside only when necessary, like bad weather and at night.  I would love to have a living space of about 2500 sq ft.. in these domes with the kids splitting smaller domes for rooms. A well for water source as well as using water power from the stream or river.  I keep seeing this idea.. for living on earth in a way that works with the winds and the sun, I see white domes and I see patios and I see peace and quiet. So maybe this will be some kind of a dream for me.. who knows. I want to try it out, I want to design it myself.. and I want it to be a place of wonder and of fun, and coziness. Maybe something like pueblo... with the door facing east... 

Well I totally got off topic. Anyhoo.. a lot of our wisdom comes from the angelic realm.. and this is our true home.. I have a lot of it in my book and sometimes I have to re read it.. Because sometimes, it is like news to me too. Our human brains just do not retain info like they should!
Many Blessings, Erin Renee

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