We sure are smart!  We use fuels that don't just cause some problems now but also we go to ones that will create problems for years to come. Today we have the ability to build coal fired generators that have scrubbers and use bacteria so that there is little or no waste pollution we don't need nuc generators or wind where they cause a problem. Have you ever been in a field of wind generators? 
( This is Erin sneaking in... I live in a place with ONE turbine that powers a house in our neighborhood. It is scary and noisy and the guy has horses right underneath of it, I am surprised Brookes did not dump me when we rode by a few weeks ago. She is a great solid horse thank the heavens, but the turbine unnerves ME.) The noise and the vibration are just bearable for a little while. We have access to geothermal. Yes we might mess up a portion of a pretty view but would that not be better than killing ourselves off with things that we have no idea how much or how long they will stay safe. We had cars that met standards of today years ago but they got put aside. It costs more to make corn based fuel, it has less energy than oil therefore you use more and give off more emissions.  In 1965 I drove a Mercury Comet that got 25 or better miles to a gallon and  carried 5 to 6 people. For the most part, we deal in the here and now, we must start looking at the future. Yes the climate is changing but it has done that from the beginning of time. Is it warming up, yes it could be, but at the rate we are going with nuc stuff it will not matter. The whole idea of working with the EARTH MOTHER is to use what she gave us coal, oil, natural gas and  geothermal energy. We have the ability to use oil products that cost a lot less  to make than they do now. 
(Well, we do not always agree. Cause I feel at some point we are going to deplete everything and we need more creative thinking, I like the magnetic energy listed below and I am all for geothermal. One thing we will always have is lava, heat from the Earth Mother's core and hopefully we will have enough water to steam off! Erin)
There used to be lead added to fuel to lubricate it, when they took the lead out, they charged more. Wake UP!  Don't be a lemming and just follow. I am so sad to see so many of the World's people so misinformed about what really is happening on this planet. I lived in southwestern Ohio, met families who for generations had not gone farther than a hundred miles from home. They said "We have everything here why should we worry or care what's out there?" what's the answer? Maybe SHIT DISTURBERS like me are needed for speaking out! You don't  need to agree with me but start learning for yourself! Do not just follow one side of things. Look at as many ideas as you can!  We can make some changes to save the EARTH MOTHER  if you want. There are those who say it has gone too far, not yet,  it has let Japan be a wake up call for all of us. I could go on and say this will happen or that,  what I am saying is that right now it is a choice. Soon it will not be. You can not be a hoarder and make it work, people attempted  to save everything it all has its time.  You must let it pass so other things may take its place. By saving one thing you may be killing another. 
For the record, I feel that yes, we can do a lot to save the planet.. but we cannot completely pull us back to where we were when the population was smaller and we had less impact. I still feel Mama Earth is gonna be doing her laundry and a lot of us are going to be like so many specks of dirt of her white sheets! She is gonna whip out the Clorox and totally get her whites the whitest! Not all of us.. but a good sum.
Here is something Ray found on youtube.. it talks about Magnetic Energy, It is a new way at looking at energy creation.