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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Well, howdy all! It is raining here in Nevada.. not just your average rain, more like wind and storms and ick. I am also not horribly busy with clients and in a way I am glad. One reason it that burn out is tough on us practitioners. Some people might think that a lot of business is good.. well it is. In increments. If I did 5 readings a day at one or two questions, that would equal out to 2 hours worth of work and if I was paid the right amount for each of those readings I would be happy. As it is right now, I am pretty cheap, mainly because I have to be competitive on Ebay. One thing that does bug the hell out of me is that there are really great readers out there and there are crap readers out there. And some times the crap ones are ridiculously expensive. While the REALLY good readers are the stay at home moms trying to make grocery money and cannot see to make their own hype fly. 
So anyhoo.. it is a strange world we readers live in and that is why I LOVE my friend Lisa Barretta for writing her book:
Now I have these few moments this morning before I do my Zumba DVD... so I think what I want to think about is the passages I have been reading in Yogi Bhajan's book: "The Experience of Consciousness".
I will copy a passage here.. jeeze I love this guy~
"If you are a holy man, you are still a selfish man, but if you are a holy man and you go out and clean the garbage of others, plug up their holes and make sure that everything is ok, then you become a plumber, And when you are a plumber, you can get into every household and then they pay you ten dollars and hour."
LOL! I love Eastern thinkers, they are funny, smart, childish and wise. 
Ray ( My husband/other)  went to Disneyland with a church group when he was a kid and somehow got separated from the pack of kids he was with. He ended up in a line for another ride and was in line next to a Buddhist Monk like straight off the boat. And he was jolly and fun and there to experience joy. He passed that on to Ray and he never forgot it.
Sometimes we just have to take time out to learn to enjoy this life.
I have so many clients and they are all in some sort of state of pain. Love is painful, especially when it is not returned. The main lesson with everything is that time must be given.
When we are doing spell work for clients, I always read on it first to see if it is worth the time for me to put into it.. and worth it for the client to spend some cash on it. I HATE taking money for something that I am sure is not going to work.
This is why I bill myself as the Reluctant Witch. I will only take cases where I feel the extra energy will push the want over the hump of fruition. There has to be enough energy on both sides for things to come about. The eastern thinkers may say.. "Why push anything? What is IS and one must accept". But for me it is some of both, Shamans throughout time have listened to the earth and the energies, have accepted certain things, but have also set to change things when it was deemed needed. Like a healing or the protection of children and important persons. Love is one thing that can be selfish.. For me, I have to decide if it is blind selfish love with harm mixed in.. manipulative energies, or just bringing the right kind of good love to someone. 
I have my ethics.. all witches should.

Now.. what about the future.. I have decided to not talk about the TV thing because stuff is changing and time is going to be longer.
What I want for us is to be household names. I want us to have fun doing it too.
Jessa had a dream where we did a Real Witches Make Overs. Where we took a struggling new Wiccan and or Witch and turned her into a mega witch like we are. We got her thin, in charge of her life, we got her into a working relationships with her goddess's and gods, we got her as a functioning and practical Pagan who is a WitchsStar of her own life.
We had our own dance class, it was a fitness/grace type of class, and we were both fit and thin. I mean we are on the trail to being fit and thin. I do Zumba everyday that I can and walk everyday and I am finally seeing the results. It has taken some time.
I also want you all to know that around January we did weight loss spells. Both of us have and we do them for our clients as well..
I did the spell for me to be for dedication and to be strong and powerful in my body as well as healthy and at least a size 8/10. I am almost down to a juniors 11.. so that is good and I have good muscle definition.
So you see, it is working.
Spells are rituals that speak to the primordial inner being.. if you can get it all to agree, the inner and outer beings, then you have success. Whether it be in weight loss, health, or bringing about your own death, It all has to be in agreement.
I say this because I know a man who wants to die. He would come to me and ask when he would die, and all I said was January.. but which January is the key. He has not made the agreement between his inner being and outer being coincide on things.. so thus, he still lives to this day. In his 90's.

Well enough for today. I am in building mode again. I got The Real Witches Facebook page going, as of now we have 27 LIKERS. I want more.. I want us to be known more, and to be seen for the unique entity we are.. that includes production companies as well.

Blessed Be, Erin Renee

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