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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

I want to talk about things the way I have seen things in the last week and for a few days now, I have been wanting to write about it.

Usually when we hear Shamanistic Messages as well as Channellings it all about the same stuff.
The reason it is all about the same stuff is because NON OF US ARE LISTENING! An example of the channeled work would be about Global Warming, Carbon Foot Prints, Disrespecting our Mother Earth, 2012, Oncoming disasters and Prophesies, and Aliens/Star People who have most likely tapped out DNA and have been enhancing us from the beginning. I seriously could talk for hours with George Noori on Coast to Coast.

I have been hearing Chief and Little Grandmother and others.. and I know that I myself am
The Keeper Of The Sage. I know my time is still coming to speak. I am just formulating it all still and we are in the contemporary as The Real Witches. Shamans have been working the energies forever.. they were there before Prostitutes..  Prophesy and treating the tribe was there long before what they call the oldest profession ever existed. 

As A Sage Keeper. I collect the desert sage each July and August. I walk to each plant and talk with it's Numen. This is the Italian word for spirit that resides within. I ask it's permission and I am thankful. I walk in a sacred way. I walk in a Sacred Manner, and before I leave the house, I set my intention before me so that all who know energy will know my intent. This is Shamanism. I may be a witch and a psychic and a belly dancer and a mom and a wife and a counselor and a teacher. But The Way has had me long before any of it. I was told by spirit people to hear my horses, to understand them.. to be one with them..  And I headed the message and I was training horses at 12.. winning trophies and also pulled away from the other girls that were around me. I became one who knows my mind at a young age. Other young people did not understand me. Still to this day, my closest friends are people in my soul family and this includes Jessa.  All others are acquaintances and clients whom I adore.. but they will not know me in my way of closeness. I do not trust regular people with my heart.. so I do not give it. I am safe and strong within myself. Dependence on others for fulfillment is a folly and this I learned at the age of 6 or 7. Be your own best friend, be your own love and the world walks and loves with you.  It is a simple lesson. But Seriously I have had clients in their 60's who are still searching for their joy in other people. It is all in your temple Dear Ones.. all inside of you.. The God inside, The Goddess inside. The Blessed One ness inside.

Which Brings me to the purpose of this post.

Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, Red Tide, Nuclear Disaster, Tsunami....
I am not a fear monger. For years now, people have asked me what I feel is coming for 2012. My first answer was always, that since I was a part of this world, that I could not look at the happenings as an objective reader. I thought to myself that is was going to be a spiritual awakening and all will be well.. and this I still feel is so.. but the only way to get into our weak and feeble human minds is to make
It is part of our humanness, When we get our hand slapped, we know not to touch the Faberge Egg. When Earth Mother slaps us around the head and shoulders like some kind of rag doll, then we may wake up and see WTF we have done. I am going to be vulgar, I am going to use power words to get the point across! That is why anyone cusses in the first place.. to get the point across with vulgarity or with flair.. and we need both here.
Maybe this is why I have been guided by old dead Indians since I was a kid. Do you all want me to say how loving and great my experiences are with the Spirit World, and how blessed I am and the like. Well.. ok, I am blessed to see and know them, but I have been slapped out of my boots by my own Spirit Guide. Figuratively speaking of course, but a vision came upon me where I was shown myself in a life as a Spiritual Acolyte for a Pharaoh of  my time, and I had huge power. Of course I pissed it all away. So in this life I was blessed by somewhat eloquent speaking, a mother who corrected me all the time, a father who was honest in his was of knowing things, Three Witches at the kitchen table in the middle of the night reading Tarot Cards, smoking cigarettes and playing Trivial Pursuit.

I have always had the freedom to think, the freedom to know spirit, the freedom to be in The Way. So now with all I have learned in the past so many years and the 20 plus years as a reader and medium.. I ask us all to listen to this Earth Mother who feeds us, clothes us and whom we emulate by trying to recreate her wonders, we need to hear her.

We need to see that we share the same air! I mean, people have been chronicling the sudden showers of fish, frogs, locusts. We look at tornadoes and water spouts, the jet stream and the like.


Nation after nation after nation. How dare we try to separate ourselves from our brothers and sisters in other countries and continents.
One thing the Internet has taught us is that we are all super linked now. The idea of Oneness has never been more apparent. We just need to take it a step further.

I do not have the answers. But I will tell you that there is a shift underway that we cannot change. The Light Workers are working on this as we speak and have for the last 25 years or so. They have been working with our Earth Mother, Attempting to talk with her and enter in their own prayer energy. Attempting to align the energies to soften the blow.

I seriously think the blow cannot be softened. It will be and we will adjust and thousands will die.
In the Midst of all the crap that has gone down in the last 2 years as well as the last 2 weeks, I just have this odd creeped out feeling that things are just going to keep on happening, and that we are going to have to adjust, and people need to go to the good spiritual leaders and listen. And to send out love to our brothers and sisters everywhere. In the true Christ Like way.. In the Way of Eastern Thought. In the Way of our Native Brothers and Sisters, in the Way of the Healers and Practitioners.

We as a human race, at the root of us.. at the fundamental bottom of our core, are.. GOOD PEOPLE<>
Sure there are a few Power Hungry fools who have found their way in charge of certain places.. but good thought for the most part does reign in the hearts of man.

My message here today is not about hope for a bright and loving future where we are all at peace.. although in the long term future I feel that will be so. No my Lovee's. This is more about the fact that we are on course, one that has been written, Many of us will live through it and many of us will die. I personally would welcome death.. but then again, I see it different that most people do. To me it is a return ticket home. But I want my kids to live and grow and learn and teach and find joy on the Earth Plane. So that means, I guess, that I better try and stick around and help ease them into the New Earth Mother.

My main feeling is that this is not all gonna crash into us next year, but for the remainder of my natural life, I am going to see so many changes my head is gonna near explode! That goes for a lot of us. May we heed the warning, love our brothers and sisters. Send loving thoughts their way and be gracious in our time of need as well.

We are a very large human family living here. And it is a dysfunctional family as well. We have the Alky siblings, the chemically enhanced siblings, the insane siblings, the big brothers and sisters trying to hold it all together, the Dad in jail and the Mom being everywhere at once trying to keep it all balanced out. But This too shall pass.. we may lose a few siblings to their addictions, we may not see Dad for a long time, and Mom is running out of gas fast. Hopefully we will all grow up and move into our new lives as balanced and stronger people. "For what does not kill us, makes us stronger!"

So.. shit be happening, How we flow with it will show us how we are as a people, and remember,
"Only the good die young"
Just this week, I had a few people come to their deaths that I knew and knew about,. and some come close to death. To me this is a sign.

I also saw a red orb and I watch the birds as well.. more on this later as it comes to me.
Blessed Be, stay safe and stay strong.

Erin Renee

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