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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
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This is one of my clients. Her name is Pippi and she traveled all the way from Mallorca, Spain to see American Working Ranches and she had time to visit me as well. Our local heard of Wild Mustangs is behind us. This is off of Deer Run Road in Carson City, NV.

I want to explain some things about energy.
I am reading my friend Lisa Barretta's book. She is the Street Smart Psychic and she wrote a book about getting a good psychic reading.
What I have been reminded about is that I am not grounding myself before I take any phone readings and thus made myself VERY sick in the last 2 weeks.
It has taken me till NOW to completely figure this out. I knew I was having crazy anxiety again about taking a look at my InBox on yahoo because my ebay sales were like CRAZY!
Most people would say.. "Well Erin, isn't that good? Business is BOOMING!" But for me it was making me very ill. When people choose you over other readers.. and have the power over you to expect a reading within 3 days and they expect it to be accurate, they expect you to be happy and full of Moxy and they expect good time frames for their questions and queries, it becomes a lot to shoulder for $7.99 per one question.
With Lisa's book she talks about working on the phone lines and in person psychic readings.  Lisa says that phones are good for her because there still is that energy barrier with the client. They are not in front of you messing with things on the table.. they are not staring at you in expectation, they are somewhere else and the reader can concentrate on the question.
For me.. A lot of my phone psychic readings go over time. Some people are drunk, half crazy, delusional, and some can be very sad.
Let's face it..people come to psychics when there is a problem. We as readers are trying to show a decent path for them.. but MOST people want fast answers and they want them to be good answers.. good news, good outcomes. If a psychic reader is a good reader they will shell out the good, the bad and the very ugly.
To be honest.. I try like hell to get that good outcome.. but sometimes it is very elusive and I have people that do not like what I tell them. As a people pleaser.. this is very hard on me. 
So there in lies my anxiety with doing readings.
On top of it.. there are 6 people living in this house. Try doing a reading on a Saturday morning.. with kids following you everywhere. If I go hide in my bedroom and a reading goes overtime.. I have kids, my mother and Ray telling me I got to wrap stuff up for a shopping trip. Then.. after I finally DO get to hang up.. I do not have time to ground.. I hit the floor running. So my energy gets messed up.
I also have not been grounding before readings either.
The flip side to all of this is that one would think Email Psychic Readings would be easier.. there is an energy distance there as well right?
No. I read energy in the TYPING of the sitter. I do not need to hear their voice to know what stuff is all about. 
So I am still running energetic risks. Before I even turn on this computer, I should be grounding.
I was told by a woman from Sweden who came to me for a class that she thinks I am nuts for jumping out of bed and right into reading for people. She says she needs her damn coffee and a few hours to wake up.

She has a point. So, I have a feeling I am going to be doing this for the rest of my life.. so WHY am I chasing the minutes of the day with trying to cram as many readings in as possible? It is not healthy! It just ain't safe!
For me grounding is taking a sage shower and actually maybe belly dancing before I go to do any kind of energy work. 
I am a being of energy and I am a goddess incarnate! So is each and everyone of you.. whether gods or goddesses.. we need to see our worthiness to have a few moments in the day to take some time out for our health.
I used to work a regular job, with regular hours and I am treating this sacred work just like the job I had at a car dealership. Get to work, clock in, get my coffee and turn on the phones. Get to WORK WORK WORK!
Spiritual work is not supposed to be so  stringent and we as Americans forgot how to enjoy life.. and take the day as it comes. 
So far in the last month I have been pretty darned sick! I had some kind of flu twice. I got something stuck in my eye.. and it got infected.. this is a direct result of not wanting to look at my work. I have some weird things on my tonsils.. probably from the infection in my eye.  And now I have a bladder infection.. WTF?! What else is going to go wrong?
Well.. from as little as a few days ago, I have decided to take my health into my own hands and take better care of myself.  I have decided to not over work myself. I have decided to dance each day.. or walk. I would be walking today but there is like 2 feet of snow out my door.
So I remembered some basic belly dance stuff and shimmied my ass off in front of the mirror today.. I also bought two new Kuchi belts. Just a heavier belt with Kuchi tassels.
So yeah. There it is.. just thought I would share. And I will pass on Lisa's message. PLEASE if you are in search of a psychic reading.. find a way to ground yourself before you sit for a reader.. or even send that email.
If you are a reader.. remember that the Delphic days are over and we can now take our time getting to people.  We will also not be burned on a stake for doing the Great Work.
Many Blessings, Erin Renee

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