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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Ember was tired of me drumming and was sitting on me trying to get me to stop.
These are some  guys there drumming.. the long haired guy is AWESOME! I don't know his name. And this is my daughter Lorelie with the hoop.. she is so small for 10 but she can get that thing whipping around!

Ok.. yesterday was Reno Nevada's Earth Day 2010~ It was FUN! I love seeing old friends at the drum circle.. I love perusing tie dyed clothes and hanging out with stinky hippies! Shout out! Ya'll know who you are! We had people from SF come on out to drum, we had some great dancers, we had local vendors and people from all over .

I will tell you, to be in the moment is the most beautiful thing. To drum is being in the moment. You have to listen to the other drummers. You have to keep the rhythm. You close your eyes, you feel the cone of power, you feel the other people getting in groove. The dancers are dancing faster and faster. The Hippie Hoops are twirling and if a drum is not being played, we will always share. Because in a circle there is nothing but Joy! I love to keep a bass line for the Soloist to pick up on.. and we can groove together. I am in my element in a drum circle. I have no fear. Let the fat rolls show! The more to shimmy I say! Let it all go! So above I am putting some pictures in.
It is my full awareness of happiness in that moment that I wish to pass to everyone if I can.

At some point, I wish all of you could understand the love in a circle. The sharing in the circle. How everyone is family, how we are all Sister's and Brother's! How it's ok to smoke! It's ok to stink! It's ok to dance, it's ok to BE. 

We had a didgery doo. Some one was playing a piano flute. We had conga's, and various rainbow instruments. We had a gong. We had Djembe's of VARIOUS shapes, sizes, colors. Djembe's made out of metal, gourd, wood, plastic, resins, and stumps. I mean.. it's the first festival in a big way for our area, and I enjoyed the love, the fun, the food, and the baby train for Ember.

Here is a link to my favorite Yogi. This is Yogi Bhajan. I found a book at a yard sale for .50 cents. As soon as I read the first line I was in love~  He made me laugh, he made me think, he made me spread his wisdom as soon as I read it. I think I even woke Ray up once to tell him what I had just read..   There is nothing but love and good thinking with this man. I will be off to Ebay in a bit to see if I can score another book. The one I read is "The Experience of Consciousness" (1977) . I think I will read it again.. because I JUST LOVE HIM!

So I am contemplating the vast strangeness of Erin Renee Psychic and Medium and Wisdom Teacher.. blah blah blah~

I love to hang out with old men. I mean we jive. I was a Military Police Officer in the US Army stationed at Camp Zama Japan.

I can talk old cowbow talk with anyone. I mean, I understand the old ways of training horses versus the new ways. I have been kicked, stomped, bitten, had my tooth knocked out and drug with horses. I have been there done that.  But it isn't all nice and sweetness. When you have a mustang that wants you DEAD.. then you are gonna have to get rough back! Thats all they know. The minute you sit and watch a horse herd interact, you will know. There is herd dynamics... just like human family dynamics. The first time you are too nice.. someone is gonna run rough shod over you.. so you HAVE assert dominence.. one way or another. Does this mean beating the animal. Nope.. it just means doing the staredown.. it means movement.. it means telling them to get the hell out of your way when you are coming. It means being a bully.. in a non abusive way..

Anyhoo... So here I am a psychic for people.. but I prefer to hang out with animals.

I am a natural musician.. I can pick up anything and start to play, and thats fun.

I talk with dead people.. and we jive pretty well, if the vibrational level is all good.

I love voodoo.. and hoodoo.. I am sorry.. ok, no apology there. I GET those belief structures.

I have 5 kids and they drive me nuts!

I am a liberal, even though the old guys I talk with can be some hard core conservatives.. as long as they don't know too much about what I really do, I can meet them on their level. I mean I spent half my childhood at a drag strip and the other half involved with animals and farming experiences. So, I know about cars, machinery, ranching, farming, growing and training livestock.

I once dated a guy who spent half his life living in Watts California.. he was a white kid.. the other half of his life, he lived out in Stagecoach Nevada training horses.
So here was this guy.. who listened to hard core gangster rap, but could really train a horse well!

 He was an enigma because he had that whole Irish Horse Whisperer thing going on.. I am telling you the Irish people are half horse, it's in their blood.  He was also a thug. Go figure. He told me he once walked by a pick up and just stole the dog that was in it. He did not fight pit bulls.. but he loved them.. and that dog went right along with him.. never looked back. He was magick.. but wrong in the same sense..  I will chalk that whole thing up to a learning experience.
I swear to God he was some kinda leprechaun or a fairy in human form.

Ok! I am putting the pics on now.. Enjoy!

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