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This is the Carson Station.. LOL! It's a Best Western!

Hey Gang!

It's now the 20th... I have been peeing and pooping for 2 days.. non stop..

I am cleaning out my system. I FEEL a lot better.

I have successfully avoided salt and sugar.. Ok, I DID cheat and eat ONE french fry and tried a Funyun.. and that was gross. Once you cut salt out and you try something too salty, it just tastes WRONG.

We went out to the Carson Station.. one of our little local casinos.. and it's kinda full of older people.. whom we call Carsonites, as they like to wear the odd flannel. My sweet grandma is a true Carsonite.. she would wear her little jeans, and her keds shoes and have one of my grandpa's blue, green or red flannel over coats on.. with her purse, and a cigarrette in her mouth she would be sitting at a slot machine..

Thats about right for here.. The older casinos have that kinda crowd.

So anyhoo, The Station has a decent coffee shop and I like their salad bar, and I GO CRAZY at the salad bars.

Now, mind you, I have a very small amount of dressing, just enough to barely wet the leaves. I love beans, so I have a lot of kidney and garbonzo beans. I love the tomato vinegrette.. but we must be having a shortage of tomatoes in this town, because they had NONE at the salald bar, and when we went to Walmart after.. there was only Romas... but I will eat Romas on a sandwich too.. so no matter to me.

Well, I had like 3 salads.. because, I was starving. I have been having just some eggs and toast for my main meal during the day, and I have been eating fruit, drinking herbal tea, and water. Taking some diuretics to get any remaining sodium induced bloat out and so forth.

So, I go to put on my pair of Cruel Girl jeans.. at a size 12.. mind you, and of course.. they are still tight.. UUGH!

It's ok, I know I have to keep going! and I will.. this was my 2 day update!

Many blessings!
Erin Renee

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