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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

ALTHOUGH! THIS, Is a FAB picture!
Dude! Ok, So here is a weird story I wish to tell you all about..

It's my relationship with John Mayer... ya know THIS GUY ...

So it starts like 5 years ago.. I have this blonde woman come to me for a reading. And she starts asking me about this guy she is in love with, she goes on and on about what he looks like, how he is a professional performer and stuff right. So she asks me if she is gonna finally be with him and they are gonna be a great couple. The cards were so stupidly positive, that I honestly thought she WAS gonna hook up with this guy.

So THEN, she tells me.. It's John Mayer~ So I go "Um..... WOW, I would have thought not.. but the cards are pretty sure you are gonna get what you want!"
Of course I am thinking.. "what a kook right? I mean you live in Carson City NV.. I know he plays Tahoe or Reno every once in a grand while.. but REALLY???"

So anyhoo, that passes and I go on living my life.. not even really liking,"Your Body is a Wonderland"..

So then like 3 months ago.. I have this dream that there is a knock on my little condo door, and there stands John Mayer with his assistant..

and I am like "Hey S'Up Dude! Nice to know ya! Come on in, I'll make you a drink!" John sits at my kitchen table.. and I am rumbling around in the kitchen looking for the Wine opener.... I am waiting for the other guy to show up too, but I don't know who it is, because John says "My friend is gonna be here in a minute and then we can talk.." I say "sure man whatever.."

Then I tell him.. "OMG! I had this woman come to me a few years ago and she was OBSESSED with you, said she was gonna marry you and stuff, and The weird thing is that the cards were like Right ON with it!"

And John and I were snorting laughing over this right? Like ya know when you get something really funny with a friend and you have that moment of like " I LOVE YOU MAN!"

There is a knock at my door : And you are never gonna believe this.. but..
It's Jay Leno.. ad he has 2 assistants with him and they have a LOT of beer. Unbeknownst to me, I was having a party at my place.. a laid back BBQ for celebs.. and I was like "RIGHT ON!"

I FELT like I was with MY PEOPLE! and we were all sitting around BSing and I was doing readings and stuff..

Jay and I were talking cars.. I was raised at a drag strip, so we had something in common, and John was like some kinda ice breaker for me.. though I still don't know why.

In my dream, I was gonna call Jessa and her friends and stuff, but I didn't ( Sorry Jess)..I think it was because I thought she would be too scared or something. But I LOVED all of these people! We were having FUN, and they were just plain cool, not wierd.. or snobby or anything.. and I felt like I was HOME! Like I know I am one of them in a way.. like they were gonna show me how to be famous and they thought I was cool... just like shooting me some pointers so I don't get messed with too bad.

So that was John Mayer Dream #1.

#2 I have no idea waht happened in this dream, but I think it was sooo ridiculous, I chose to forget the happenings in the story.. I think there was sex, and a country road somewhere...??? Whatever.. I can't seem to recall it, as I remember dismissing the whole damn thing, but remembering John Mayer was in it and going "AGAIN? REALLY, dude!?"

I had just read something on someone he was dating, or my mom saying hey 'I LOVE John Mayer, but he's being a real jerk right now' I thought he was acting like some kind of megalomaniac.. but it was just a passing thought or rumor..

I seriously DO NOT HAVE AN ATTACHMENT HERE! To me, people are people.. Hey, I am glad he made it to American Royalty.. but I seriously could give a *$%@. He is just another guy.. I mean if I read for him, I would be reading for John Mayer.. the guy who needs guidance in his relationships.. maybe he should listen to his mother more. Not John Mayer the Mega Celeb.. look at me I am SOOO fricking excited to meet him OMG! I am a silly teenager...! That is soo not me.

Why JOHN! Why are you coming to my dreams, Seriously... I am not even attracted to you!!!! Or maybe I am underneath, I DO NOT KNOW!

#3 John Mayer in the French country side? He was like staying there to chill,, like a Bed and Breakfast type thing.. and I think I was a local or something.. but it was like a movie.. cause I go up to him and I say..

"Why the hell are you here again! This is like the 3rd dream I have had with you!"

And he goes " I dunno, but I LIKE IT!"

And then I start chasing him around the bed room cause I wanna climb up his LONG legs... so I am like trying to trip him onto the bed..

Then there is some drama because like "Charlise the Milk Maid" was all hot for him and she is throwing a fit because we are playing chase in the bedroom..

And I say "Who the F cares? This is MY dream and we are gonna have some fun!"
Then I proceed to attack him and begin to have my way with him..


My daughter wakes me up and says she is late for school, and I have to haul my butt up to get her across town.. ASAP, so she can get there on time. She had missed the bus.

SIGH! So, there it is in a nut shell.

John.. Honey, Sweety Pie, I am sure I have some deep sexual attraction to you that I am not experiencing on the outside here.. If I ever meet you, please forgive me.. it's my open bizarre mind I am dealing with..

I am sure you are funny, and can be kind when you want to.. and I DO like some of your songs.. but I do not own a CD or MP3 download.

I think I like you in my dreams because you are something I have obviously created.. you are FUN in my dreams, someone I can talk to, and I wanna basically hump our leg there too...

So thanks for that.. maybe we'll continue to have nightly adventures!

Psychic Erin Renee
Carson City, NV

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