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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Living the HIGH LIFE! Gotta LOVE The Miller Witch!
So Here Is The Skinny:

Stuff be changin. It looks like we have a really good chance of moving down to Las Vegas. Sin City! For all the Sin I DO! Ya know.. Psychics are evil.. to some Evangelical Sects of Christians.. and ESPECIALLY being a VooDooists, I am sure I am going to their percieved HEll.. not to mention anyone that dabbles where I dabble.. isn't thought of too highly by a lot of people. I AM getting used to it.

SO I guess I am going "home".. Just kidding!

I figure it's a hop, skip and jump over to the Santa Monica.. ya know to all the Productionm Studios. So if per chance they call again.. I'll be close.

I am not sure what Vegas has for us.. Ray would be getting on as a Heavy Equipment Instructor, if this all works out.. We could afford a bigger place, and all. I could still bust my ass on the computer like I do now.. and I even have an idea for a store... someday.. I have already owned a used book store once.. so the pain of that is still fresh within me.

A retail store becomes another child that you love and nurish and grow. And right now, I just don't think I could take on another kid LOL!
I mean the 2 Ebay stores are enough.

I want to send a shout out to all my newly met fellow readers out there. We are a great back up and support for each other. Especially when our personalities really jive. Sometime you just gotta laugh!

This full moon spell has brought me some issues with some clients and it has not been all roses and cherries. This week I have had more people hate to get bad news.. mad that energy manipulations have not worked out like they would have liked and it seems they want to shoot the messenger. Jessa says the word "Uppity". We just have days where the clients get Uppity! And then things seem to slow down.

It's like Police Stations and Emergency Wards! When the Mother Moon Be Full! She Turn Her Children LOOSE!

So this is my check in.. I am finding Ju Ju a new home.. a girl who is helping at the barn has a real interest in her, and if I am leaving Carson City, then my girl needs a new fam. I think I got just the place for her. How is that for finding a rescued horse a new home?

Kids are fine. Ember is running us all ragged.. I am pulling 9 hour days online. Ray is going to Vegas on the 3rd for his interview with the State NDOT office, and then I'll know if I have to go on Ebay Vacation and pack this house away!
Many Blessings!
Erin Renee

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