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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Ray, Erin, Lulu, and Ember..eyes only LOL!

So this is like one of my new stores on Ebay.

Since I opened this one, all hell has broken loose in a very ,very good way.
I mean it's 40 plus emails everyday and thats just on one account.. add about 20 on the other and then the 2 smaller accounts as well and it makes me back logged constantly..

This is all really good, because it's teaching me that I can't get to everything everyday, and it also hopefully teaches my clients some patience.. although I exert more energy telling them when I will get to their stuff than just getting to it! LOL

Let me tell ya foks, I have heard and seen it all! I am sure there is a lot more to that ALL as well..
I don't think that I've nearly seen the end of it but I try to help where I can.

Here are a few things I have probems with and I hope some future clients catch this so we can get down to the issues ASAP with them as well...

Pregnancies... I see people, dead people and not alive YET people.. sometimes I can't tell if a spirit IS infact alive.. sound wierd? Well it is, for me and the people I read for, So I try to stay away from pregnancy issues because.. one moment that soul wants to live and in the next 30 seconds it can decide if it wants to take that door out and it decides to vacate a zygote, fetus or even a new born. Therefore you see about SIDS.. I mean spirit/ souls have that option to jump out until they are like a year old or something. So, I can read the soul path and the spirit and what it wants and stuff.. but, pregnancies are a no no with me.. It's just easier to go to the doctor and see if indeed that person IS pregnant.. I just am uncomfortable with that.

Medical stuff.. Ok, I am a pretty good medical intuitive, but I do not bill myself as such. So I can tell if someone needs more leafy greens like spinach and sunlight, or is they need to lay off of milk and stuff, but I just don't let myself get too far into bodily needs and functions.

Death.. I can't see death.. Ray can see death.. maybe I will put a death reading on there so people can have that option and I will have Ray do it for me. I read the soul and spirit.. so those things are never ending. The human body ends, and I do not see it totally connected to the spirit. Thats why astral travel is so popular amongst us sleeping folks. Our spirits need a break and thats what happens.. we take a walk in our sleep. But when the spirit crosses over to re-form back with the over soul, thats all we truly are. We are energy.

Money.. boy is this a bad one, almost over half of my readings are about money. With the economy in the state it's in, who doesn't have problems.. this is a pretty easy subject for me. I help out where I can and hope people take the advise I give. It's all a game anyway.

Love! Thats 50 to 55 % of all of my work. I think I am a relationship professional now. I have seen it all.. Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Straight, TranSexual, TransGender... All relationships are explored. I am very comfy with relationships, in all forms.

The future... I can see a year or more ahead.. but I can't do it generalized! I need hard core questions here. You see, it's like trying to give someone this broad view of events in the next year.. I mean, you can have a problem with a sibling, a fight with a spouse, see your kid go all the way through to specialized drama school from an outstanding performance in a school play, to having your dog die, and going to a wedding, all in one week! How am I supposed to pick out all kinds of really cool and interesting shit out of a generalized over all psychic reading for the year. So Yeah, I need solid questions for stuff like that.

Wanting me to Agree: Uh NO.. I am not here to be a client's BFF, I am here to give a clue to whats coming up. I am not going to agree if someone thinks their co-worker is the devil, when I am seeing this person has a lot of issues at home, and is being left by her husband, and there is a lot of pain surrounding her and thats why she is being a total bitch to him or her. So you see, maybe if we looked a little deeper, we could maybe understand each other better. With a little love for one another, we could empathize and find a different way to co exist in different environments that we all have to be in.

Well thats just some of the stuff I endure daily...
Here is another favorite of mine.. "Erin, I don't understand this reading, you were way off, I don't get it, and I don't agree" Hmmm.. well there is a good chance I could be ok.. but then there is a good chance that the client does not want to hear what is being read, and is having a hard time with the truth of the situation.

Delusional behavior is another good reason why someone would not want to see whats going on with their reading. I've had people INSIST that some man or woman was the right person for them. That some celebrity was going to be their soul mated lover and that they insisted they were gonna hook up in two weeks after some rock concert or something like that. It's very hard to handle those types of people and I have had to become a master at the right kind of wording. I also have refunded money for situations that WERE hopeless.. and if I thought the client was too delusional as well.

Well this world takes all kinds right! I thought I would share!
Blessings and thanks for looking!
Erin Renee

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