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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

Not sure if you all know. But when you went to sleep last night the world ENDED as you knew it  when you woke it was different. This is a simple fact, one we forget all we have is now. Not tomorrow not yesterday but now we have changed. so should we not live as if this is all we have . Rejoice in what we have live with a smile on your face embrace life. that means all that surrounds you hug the Earth Mother thank her be thankful of those around you. Do it in your way do it for yourself rejoice in what is work toward what can be. Allow your self to grow in to the best you can be. Don't judge yourself by others standards but set your own no one knows you better than you, Trust your heart!    Is it a want or need its ok to have both. Care about what you do and how you do it. there are many false profits out there. So who do you trust only you can answer that some are there just for the money. I was told about a lady that does the medicine wheel she wanted 400 a head and had to have well over 20 people. Her reason was you had to charge this much to make sure people were really interested. I know its not in my ball park but I would be interested in what she had to say. Grandmother Twi never would charge more than you could afford. Guess thats why I don't like price tags on what is done. For some 10 dollars is like 1000 to an other. Is it the amount of money that you have that makes you worthy?    thanks Chief

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