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Spiritual Consultant Erin Renee

Erin Renee of The Real Witches!
The Craft, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Messages and Earth Changes. Welcome All!

OMG! I have to write in BLUE.. for peace and serenity. I have to share this with you all.. the few and precious followers I have.

I am admitting that I wake up EVERYDAY with ~~BAD ANXIETY~~about logging on to my email and checking to see what I sold and what clients were happy and not happy with my readings and or services.

In this last month alone, I have offered to refund several people, because no matter what I did, how I did it, what free services I offerred and how often I was there for them DAILY, they were not happy. Or that I just felt no matter what I said, I wasn't helping them.. even the energy work I was doing.. things were not moving FAST enough.. nothing is ever fast enough.. or people have sabotaged all the work I did and the energy manipulation was not going to work.

I have become a FREE life coach to at least 10 people who need to talk with me EVERYDAY, and I put myself out everyday to answer questions, console, say the right words to and perform AfterCare.. so they can keep on going. All to my own exhaustion and now I don't even want to sign into my email. Sometimes I have 60 plus emails a day to answer.. including the people that have hung around for months.. whom, I DO care for, but are killing me too.

It's killing me people! I am also sadly.. not alone.. it seems we psychics.. the true ones who offer these services, we care waaayyy too much, we try like hell to make people happy, and want them to have the right information to be strong and secure in their lives. We give them RIGHT answers, and some hate us for it.

They want to know if a husband or wife is cheating on them.. hoping they are wrong, and when we say that the energies DO show there is some lying and cheating.. we are the dangerous messenger and we need to be SHOT on sight for bringing bad news.

On Ebay alone, we are attacked by our own competition trying to debunk us and say that we do not belong on there selling our services.

We have people who can't take any kind of news well. It's not possible to be happy, it's not possible to have stuff go really bad with bad decisions, and then ther are the addicts. The Psychic Junkie, goes from reader to reader to reader, to make sure that some kind of information jives.. Unfortunately it does not stop with 2 or 3.. sometimes they are spending THOUSANDS of dollars on ONE question.

When I sense an imbalanced situation like that, I try to say something helpful.. something HEALTHY.. and boy, do I become the bad guy.

So it's hell out there! Don't get me wrong.. I have some FABULOUS clients! And they DO number more than the imbalanced ones.. but it's the negative stuff that chaps my ass. I could have a ton of great updates and feedbacks.. but the moment someone says " Erin sucks, how dare she call herself a psychic, I have more ability in my own pinky toe.... She didn't connect with me, she lies, she's a phony and a fake..." Thats when I crumple up and wanna die.

So I think the lesson here is I Gotta get over IT! I know I am not going to have great experiences all the time! I am going to run into people who are going to wanna butt heads all the time, I am going to run into crazies... but I will have many more who will be able to hear me, will be able to hear whats coming through, who will be able to gleen the true answers they need.

By the way, I am not really doing any energy manipulations anymore.. except for what is on the worldmagick page in Ebay. And I am charging a LOT of money for them.. it is primarily in the form of a Voudon working, for love for my clients and it is extensive and drawn out..

I AM however selling Psychic Classes, Mediumship Classes, Manifestation Classes and Life Coaching on ErinReneePsychic on Ebay. I am far more comfortable teaching the ways of my craft.. an I think I would like to start giving talks again.. I am not trying to do massive readings..

I would love to just totally be a Guru! The moment I find, "How to Become a Guru for Dummies" I will let you all know.. maybe I'll write it.. but I'll have to talk to Deepak Chopra first... so he can give me his personal skinny on the whole thing!

Well, I just wanted to share how I FEEL everyday. I guess we are all desperate in one form or another, and I somehow have lost my PEACE in what I do. I think I may have to take a break, and sleep it off?! Or just move it all around and teach classes, my students so far are ecstatic with the stuff they are learning and are applying great techniques to getting what they want in life.. to doing well with the Psi ability and talking with the dead. So I KNOW I am doing some good!

Many Blessings, Erin Renee

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